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  2. Bonjour je vais répondre aux questions : @Caladrius : Effectivement, j'aurais dû retirer l'améliorator car il ne sert à rien. x) @K3npachi : Il n'y a pas de talent caché à proprement parlé dans mon jeu. J'ai mit aux Pokémon comme talents systématiquement les 2 meilleurs parmi les 3 possibles en fonction de ce qui éxiste en 3G. Par exemple Brasegali possèdera comme Talent normal "Turbo" qui dans le jeu d'origine est un talent caché. A contrario un Pokémon comme Noacier ne pourra pas avoir "Epine de Fer" car cela n'éxiste pas en 3G. Je lui ai mit "Peau Dure" pour se rapprocher le plus possible de l'effet du talent "Epine de Fer" Certains Pokémon comme Chartor ne possède qu'un seul Talent qui sera le plus puissant pour m'assurrer que les dresseurs ennemis possédant ce Pokémon aient toujours ce Talent. Ainsi Chartor possèdera toujours "Secheresse" et jamais "Ecran Fumée" ni "Coque Armure".
  3. A beat-em-up for the SNES, this game features two styles of fighting genre: one-on-one fighting (like Street Fighter) and side scrolling brawling (Like Final Fight).

    Golden Fighter is very camp and colourful: the player's character can best be described as The Ultimate Warrior (the 80's wrestler) on LSD. Locations too, are very bright and tacky: comprising of strip clubs and casinos.
  4. An updated version of Hiryu no Ken S: Golden Fighter which adds a choice of turbo speed levels to increase the speed of the combat.

    In the Story mode, the main storyline involves a demon named Dargon who has been revived with the sole intent to destroy the Flying Warriors, who are a team of superheroes. Dargon sent in his Tusk Soldiers to raid Shorinji and they ended up stealing the secret scroll of Hiryu-no-ken and a sacred sword. They also offer a challenge to anyone who wants to reclaim these artifacts, that they would have to have a showdown at the World Tournament. It is now up to Rick to enter this fighting tournament and win back these priceless artifacts.

    During story mode, players control Rick in a side scrolling beat 'em up. Occasionally one one one boss battles will occur. Players will also be able to find healing items called miracle water which will restore depleted health.

    In the VS. Tournament mode, up to 8 players can fight each or computer opponents in one on one battles to win a tournament. Players can choose to play as one of twelve fighters, each with their own special martial arts technique. Options include setting the turbo mode speed, turning on or off cosmic saucer (knocking the opponent out of the ring), the time limit of a round of fighting (1, 3, or 5 minutes, or no time limit at all), and the level of a handicap to put on a fighter.

    In the Battle mode, players get to fight a one on one battle against a computer controlled boss opponent of their choice.

    The Animation mode plays out similar to the Story mode except when it comes to the boss battles. Boss battles in this mode turn into turn based affairs. Players can select from different attack and defensive moves, or can even have the computer fight their battle automatically.

    The game also has two different fight control settings. The Fighting option is how most fighting games are controlled while Expert involves target circles appearing on the player and the opponent during a fight. Players have to attack where the target circles are on their opponent and defend against attacks when the target circles are their own body. There are also 8 difficulty levels for the player to choose from.
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  6. Saralinnea


    rty från ervill ladda ner monopoly påJaggan
  7. Aronaar

    Code Lyoko

    Et qu'est-ce qui le rend bien ?
  8. Aronaar

    Resident Evil 4

    Il y a toujours au moins une petite part de subjectivité pour juger qu'un jeu est difficile ou non, mais moi qui suis un gamer moyen en général, je ne considère pas RE4 comme très difficile. Le titre a justement la bonne idée d'inclure des drops s'adaptant en fonction de la situation du joueur, qui recevra alors plutôt des soins, des munitions ou des pesetas. De plus, il existe plusieurs modes de difficulté. Après, de ce que je peux lire, cette version semble la plus ardue de toutes.
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  10. j'ai commencé ce jeu sur romstation mais il n'a pas le même goût que sur console, il a mal vieilli, j'en ai fait des cauchemars de ce jeu (que j'ai quand même fini) et qui à surement dû finir à easy cash.
  11. Bonjour, lorsque que j'arrive au bout de mes 3 vies je n'arrive pas a continuer en remettant des crédits, pouvez vous m'aider ?
  12. ✔ Mise à jour des fichiers de jeu par GambierBae : Suchie-Pai Adventure: Doki Doki Nightmare (Disc 2)
  13. Il y avis et avis, entre ceux qui mettent juste quelques lignes et ceux qui prennent le temps de construire un argumentaire permettant de comprendre les forces et faiblesses d'un jeu. Mais je comprends ton sentiment.
  14. Shinpi no Sekai: El-Hazard is based off of an anime with the same title. The protagonist of the story is a young high-school student boy, Makoto Mizuhara, who finds himself, due to various circumstances, tossed into the fantasy world of El-Hazard. While the main character and the setting is based on the anime, this is a completely new story with certain changes and new characters.

    The game plays like an enhanced visual novel which is fully voice-acted and displays protagonist and other characters on the screen during dialogues. Event scenes and animations are quite common, and character poses depicting their current disposition is displayed in portrait images which are also animated. Unlike typical visual novels where the player is limited to dialogue and choices, players can explore various locations on the map and try to perform actions outside the dialogue window, such as initiating a talk to other characters, or look around the area or go someplace else.
  15. Eternal Champions: Special Edition is a gameplay overhaul of the original game from 1993. Features Include:

    -A Rebalanced Inner Strength System
    -Lower difficulty for Contest mode
    -Easier overkills on ALL stages
    -Revamped hitstun to allow for more stylish combos
    -A few character tweaks to better balance the roster
  16. Beyond Oasis: Extended a mod that provides support for widescreen and other features not available in the original version of the game. Here are the changes that the mod brings to the game:

    -Removed garbage from the sides of the screen in the epilogue scenes.
    -Fix the disappearance of sprites at the edges of the screen.
    -Expanded some rooms to fit the widescreen format.
    -Some places are available where it was previously impossible to get (find yourself).
    -Fixed bugs with scrolling of some screens (castle on top of the mountain).
    -Fixed a bug of exiting the location (to the right of the 100-story pit in the forest).
    -Fixed a bug where an enemy could push the hero through an ice stoble (Bow's temple).
    -Fixed location rendering bug when loading a saved game.
    -Changed the priority of shadows from the castle walls to the left of the swamps (now shadows on top of the character).
    -Increased number of colors for HUD.
    -Added advanced difficulty mode (enter the name "ALI").
    -Added a new hero status if you complete the game on advanced difficulty.
  17. Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki da yo - Zenin Shūgō! is a Japanese-only sequel to the classic beat 'em up/rpg hybrid Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari aka River City Ransom.

    The game takes place in the Edo period of Japan, making it a prequel really, as you take control of an ancestor of Kunio (also named Kunimasa) tasked with saving the life of his ill friend. Kunimasa must traverse the Japanese countryside beating the collection of gang members and other assorted baddies in the same way as in River City Ransom. Each location is represented by a side scrolling level filled with enemies, which you must take down using a collection of attacks and special moves that can be purchased from shops scattered through the levels.

    The game uses the same engine and Super-Deformed character design, only changing the sprites to reflect the new setting. Unlike RCR, you can freely select which stage to tackle at any time, making it a more non-linear experience. And while money is still used to buy items, weapons and moves, you now also gain experience directly by defeating enemies, which is used to enhance Kunio's base stats.

    A two-player mode is available and, even if you play the game solo, the game provides help in the form of an AI-controlled partner who can be change as you gain more allies thorough the game (including former enemies).
  18. In 22th century, mankind has left the Earth. A new space epoch began, called the Isis era. Human beings built an oasis in deep space, a space station called Lagrange Point. From there, they could send expeditions to remote planets and to explore the space. You control a young pilot named Jin. One day, when you descend into Lagrange from your space ship, you are attacked by mysterious robotic invaders. Your task is now to travel through space and to find out the cause of the assault. But you don't even suspect you'll soon be involved in a deep mystery that was destined long time ago...

    Lagrange Point is a Japanese-style RPG set in a science fiction environment with space flights. The combat system requires you to use special points (called BP) in order to perform simple attacks, cast spells, and use various techniques that will cost you your HP. You fight random monsters and bosses in turn-based combat viewed from first-person perspective, like in the Phantasy Star series.
  19. ✔ Mise à jour des fichiers de jeu par RomStation : Pokemon Nameless (v5.06)
  20. lopyt57

    Gran Turismo 4

    Je passais mes journées dessus, merci Romstation.
  21. Ce jeu me rappelle grave de souvenirs.
  22. Zaito

    Metal Slug XX

    Pour moi les Metal Slug se ressemble tous.
  23. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 continues the four-player mayhem of the previous Marvel Ultimate Alliance and, before that, the X-Men Legends series. It is based on the Secret War and Civil War storylines from the comics. After Nick Fury leads an unauthorized super-hero assault on Latveria and a fight gone wrong kills hundreds of civilians in Connecticut, the government passes the super-human registration act, which requires all super-powered individuals to reveal their identities to the government. At one point in the story, you have to choose the pro or anti registration side and certain heroes will always be on one side or another, locking them out if you choose the other path. The game after this point changes depending on the storyline you choose.

    You start with a handful of characters and can unlock more by completing bonus simulator missions, which will give you a special task like blowing up cars. There are four heroes active at all times during the game, unless they get knocked out. Each character has a health meter and a stamina meter. You can use SHIELD access points, usually at the beginning and middle of each level, to switch out characters. The stamina meter recharges on its own and controls use of powers. Each hero has a jump (which can also be used to double-jump, fly or web-swing, depending on the character), grab, quick strike and powerful strike. These can be used in combination to do things like jumping attacks, pick up an enemy, then punch them, etc. Combining these with a modifier button allows you to use powers. Each hero has a wide variety of powers. Leveling up gives you points to spend on improving the powers. You can re-assign the points and change which powers are active at any time.

    Defeating enemies and smashing environment items gives you health refills and points that can be spent upgrading statistics for each hero. There are also items that you can carry that will give stat bonuses like increased HP or a bonus to a specific type of damage.

    The big change over the previous game is the addition of fusions, which are two-character team-up attacks. This is controlled by a meter of four stars. You fill this by defeating enemies or finding an item that instantly fills the whole meter. You can spend one star to revive a fallen teammate or all four to perform a fusion attack. Any possible combination of two characters has their own unique fusion. There are three basic types:

    There are targeted fusions, like having Things throw Mr. Fantastic at someone. These do high damage to a single target and are good for using on bosses. There are also clearing fusions, like having Storm bounce her lighting off Wolverine. These damage all enemies in a given radius. Clearing fusions are good for clearing out a clump of enemies. Finally, there are guided fusions, like Iceman and Human Torch shooting their powers at each other, then running around mowing down anyone who gets between them. These are good for clearing out scattered enemies.
  24. Tien, pourquoi mon message a disparu ici ? Bah c'était pour dire que pour moi le jeu est impossible a lancer. PS: il y a des nouvelles versions du jeu sur internet.
  25. Ah rampage ... total destruction et total defouloir, ce n’est certes pas la série du siècle mais de temps en temps ça fait du bien Et tiens on a Georges dans Rampage, Donkey et ... Miguel !!! Et qu’est ce qu’il aime Miguel ? Je vous le demande et bien c’est simple :
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