RomStation is a simple and intuitive interface facilitating emulation of many game consoles.

PS2, GBA, GameCube, PS1, Saturn, Dreamcast, N64, SNES, MegaDrive, NES, Master System, Neo-Geo, Arcade, ... RomStation centralizes your favorites emulators into a single program.

You manage so your game library more simply, without worrying about different emulators supporting each game.

However, you can modify more freely each emulator, delete some or add others, allowing you for example to use several for the same console.

With a suitable search engine, you instantly filter all your games according to the selected criteria: title, console, language, genre, number of players, ...

RomStation also offers a fully automated space to confront or collaborate online with other players, on a selection of compatible games regularly updated.

You enjoy so a modern online Multiplayer mode on games once limited to the privacy of living room.

Our Multiplayer mode is also suitable for some more actual PC games, in LAN by VPN or on our persistent servers.

Finally, if the visibility of your parties allows everyone to join you in one click, you remain of course free to restrict access at any time to play exclusively with friends or get rid of an unwanted player.

Install RomStation and join us now!
Windows x86
Romstation 2.3x86 (32 bits) Download

Romstation 2.3x64 (64 bits) Download

Windows x64
Romstation 2.3x64 (64 bits) Download