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Privacy Policy

When registering, the user accepts that his email and IP address are collected and stored. Other optional data such as gender or date of birth can also be provided by the user if desired.

Registration data is only used for the technical and administrative operation of the site. The data provided is kept in a secure technical environment, for the duration of use of the site and the services offered.


The user can at any time modify or delete the personal data provided through his user space and thus exercise his right of access.


If for any reason you no longer wish to keep your account, express your request via the form accessible from this page. A legitimate request must be made with the account you wish to delete. If you cannot identify yourself with the relevant account to confirm your identity, your request will unfortunately be ignored for obvious security reasons. Finally, note that any Premium access associated with the account will be permanently lost.

The site uses a system of cookies for its operation. These cookies may contain data relating to the identification and navigation of the user on the site and the services offered. The site also uses a system of cookies and advertising pixels from third-party partners. This system of cookies and pixels allows the distribution of advertisements selected according to the preferences and affinities of the user. The data used by this system is anonymous.

The user has the option of blocking or deleting cookies through the options presented in their browser (For “Google Chrome”: Ctrl + Shift + Del; for “Internet Explorer”: Alt+X then select the menu Internet option; for “Mozilla firefox”: Firefox tab then select the Options menu). Blocking cookies may, however, alter the operation of the services offered.

It is the user's responsibility to ensure the confidentiality of the password(s) used. In the event of loss or illegitimate use of these elements, the user is invited to notify us.

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