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Mario & Luigi : Superstar Saga

Console : Gameboy Advance

Language : GermanEnglishSpanishFrenchItalianPortuguese

Genre : Action - RPG

Multiplayer : 4 players

Year : 2003

Developer : Alpha Dream

Publisher : Nintendo

Popularity : 147 Growing popularity

Par JoJoPlatinum75 :


4 /5

Princess Peach's voice has been stolen by Cackletta and replaced with explosives! Mario and Luigi with the help of Bowser follow her trail to the neighboring Beanbean Kingdom, where they interact with a new cast of characters in their quest to stop her.

Battle gameplay further continues the Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario traditions. Rather than merely making selections from a menu as in many RPGs, timing your button presses correctly can inflict or defend from extra damage.

Tips :

Choose Spanish language will put texts in Portuguese. Partially translated game.

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Retour utilisateur

J'ai eu ce jeu en cadeau pour mes 10ans..

En ayant 25 maintenant, je peux assurer que quand j'ai commencé, impossible de m'arrêter !

j'ai fait plus de 50 parties terminées, et je ne m'en lasse toujours pas..

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