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FantradNESTransformers: Convoy no Nazo

Transformers: Convoy no Nazo

Console : NES

Language : French

Genre : Action - Platformer

Multiplayer : 2 players

Year : 1986

Developer : Isco

Publisher : Takara

Weekly games : 1 Steady popularity

By TompouceGabriel :


3 /5

Probably the first game to be based on the Transformers toys, Convoy no nazo pits the player as Ultra Magnus, who must find out the secret of Convoy (known as Optimus Prime in most of the world). To find it out, Ultra Magnus must travel through a set of platform-style worlds and fight a range of bosses, ranging from the Megatron, through the combiner series to a flying Decepticon emblem(!).

Ultra Magnus starts out in robot mode, where he can jump far but his shots travel only halfway across the screen. Press down, and Magnus transforms into a trailer. In trailer mode, he can pass below the planes as well as shoot upwards. When a plane is shot down, it transforms into a robot, which must be killed with the forward-pointing shot. Later on, the game becomes more platform-oriented.

Further information :

Translation version 1.00

Thanks to Kazan for this translation.

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User Feedback

il y a une heure, woudiwoud a dit :

injouable et tellement pas logique, le grand transformers la qui meurs en une seule fois par n importe quoi 


Je confirme que ce jeu est difficile de part sa mécanique de jeu qui consiste à tirer droit devant soit en mode "robot" et de tirer au dessus en mode "camion" (transformé).

Il y a cependant un mais car pour passer le 1er niveau il suffit de courir et sauter afin d'éviter les ennemis, surtout que effectivement on a du mal à voir les tirs ennemis qui sont bleu. 😅

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