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Assault Wing
6 Growing popularity English Action - Shoot'em up | 4 players | 1998


3 /5

Assault Wing is a fast-paced multiplayer action game. Up to four players fly their ships in cave-like two-dimensional arenas and shoot each other. They can choose from 10 different spaceships, many arenas and dozens of weapons to blow friends away with. No AI opponents are provided. Arenas feature ...
Island Hopper
8 Growing popularity English Action - Shoot'em up | 2 players | 1998


4 /5

Classic style plane shooter. Move up a vertical scrolling environment and shoot anything that moves.
0 Steady popularity English Action - Shoot'em up | 2 players | 1995
Tyrian is a shoot 'em up with a complex plot. You play the role of Trent Hawkings, this galaxy's ace solo fighter-pilot, whose luck forces him to save the galaxy, one time after another. Again and again, Trent must fight off MicroSol, a company with the evil intent of taking over the galaxy. Through...
Black Box (1987)
0 Steady popularity English Action - Pinball | 4 players | 1987
Russco produced several pinball games using Pinball Construction Set. Here's another one, always playable for up to four players. This time, the theme is a treasure box, right in the center of the playfield.
CHAMP Centiped-em
1 Growing popularity English Action - Shoot'em up | 2 players | 1997
Champ Centiped-em is a variant of Atari's Centipede. One or two players must get rid of all the insects invading a mushroom patch, including Fleas, Spiders, Scorpions and the Centipede. The game includes different difficulty levels and two modes: Classic (similar to the original arcade version) or C...
All-American College Football
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 2 players | 1991
All-American College Football is a football simulator allowing the player to coach a college football team. The game is officially licensed and features over 140 statistical categories for over 80 teams. There are five game modules included: 1.College Head-Up Football: Play a game head to head again...
Pinball Fantasies
3 Growing popularity English Action - Pinball | 4 players | 1994
After the success of Pinball Dreams on several systems, a sequel featuring four new tables was created. The gameplay is much the same as the first game, with realistic physics, multi-player options and a high score table to aim for. The tables are Partyland, Speed Devils, Billion Dollar Gameshow and...
0 Steady popularity English Board game | 4 players | 1989
Pachisi is an ancient game thought to have originated in India. Modern western variants include the board games Sorry! and Ludo. The game is played by rolling a dice and moving counters around the outside of a cross shaped game area. Pachisi is for four players and in this shareware version the comp...
3 Growing popularity English Action - Pinball | 4 players | 1993
Silverball is basically a commercially published version of the game Epic Pinball. The game engine is nearly the same, only the tables themselves are different. It comes with four tables: Fantasy, Blood, Snooker Champ, and Odyssey. Some distributions (Silverball Plus 2) include two extra tables, ...
Living Ball
2 Growing popularity English Pinball - Simulation | 4 players | 1995
Living Ball boasts of "the largest pinball table ever created", and can back it up with the 99-level table "Wasteland", along with two others of smaller size. While the level of quality may be higher in more traditional pinball games, the sheer size of the tables is quite impressive. The game featu...
X-Men: Children of the Atom
1 Steady popularity English Action - Fighting | 2 players | 1997
X-Men: Children of the Atom is a 2D fighting game and the first Capcom title to use licensed characters from the Marvel comic universe. It has six main characters and four of their enemies that are playable. The X-Men are Colossus, Cyclops, Iceman, Psylocke, Storm and Wolverine. The villains are Ome...
Mice Men
0 Steady popularity English Puzzle game | 2 players | 1992
Mice Men is a funny animated strategy game where the objective is to push and pull columns of cheese blocks to get your mice to the other side of the board before your friend or computer opponent beats you to the punch. The funny animated mice will entertain you, but you'll need strategy to win this...
Greg Norman's Shark Attack!: The Ultimate Golf Simulator
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 4 players | 1989
Eight man-years of development resulted in this detailed recreation of golf, endorsed by one of the great players of the 1980s. Two courses are included, with 3D modeling of the effects of ball lie and swing style. You can disable ball effects to make it more straightforward, and weather and wind ef...
Grand Prix 500 2
1 Decreasing popularity English Racing - Sports | 2 players | 1991
You can choose between 4 bikes, 12 tracks (including favourites like Brno, Suzuka and Spa), with 1 or 2 players in this Grand Prix motorcycle racing simulation. You can play a full season including qualifying modes, a single race, or simply practice a circuit to learn it and master the controls. Lik...
ABC Wide World of Sports Boxing
1 Growing popularity English Sports | 2 players | 1991
You play a rookie boxer trying to fight your way to the top. Fight bouts to win money, to pay for your training and manager. Ultimately fighting you way to the title "Champion".
1 Growing popularity English Action - Strategy | 4 players | 1997
Tron is a shareware for one to four players. As each player drives around the game area they leave drive around the game area leaving a solid trail behind them. The object of the game is to cause other players to crash into one of these trails, one of the moving barriers, or the edge of the game ar...
Imperial Space Command
0 Steady popularity English Strategy | 8 players | 1986
You command the Imperial Fleet of the One True Civilization - the descendant of a legendary Empire which once united mankind in a galactic Golden Age, but perished in a horrifying civil war. As interstellar travel ceased, the struggling, isolated remnants descended into a Dark Age, and the knowledge...
Joe Montana Football
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 2 players | 1990
The license in this game is for famous player Joe Montana, but not for the NFL itself, so the teams represent cities rather than real-world teams, and the roster of players is fictional, although they can be fully edited. All the major rules of major league football are intact. The action is viewed...
Wembley Rugby League
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 2 players | 1996
Having previously recreated the more internationally famed rugby union with World Class Rugby, Audiogenic switched their attention to Rugby League, using the same game engine. The main differences in the league game is that a team has to give up possession after being tackled six times � which ofte...
Jeopardy! 2nd Edition
0 Steady popularity English Quiz - Puzzle game | 3 players | 1988
Essentially the exact same game as the original Jeopardy release, but with a new bank of questions.
0 Steady popularity English Strategy | 2 players | 1989
Third entry in a row of historic wargames focussing on the Napoleonic era (the first two were Waterloo and Borodino). This time the player can re-fight the decisive battle of Austerlitz, which took place on Dec 2, 1805. You may either play as Emperor Napoleon or Czar Alexander. It is also possible t...
Pinball World
0 Steady popularity English Action - Pinball | 8 players | 1995
Released after Pinball Illusions in the same year. As its namesake, "Pinball World" has nine pinball tables (rather then usual four), based on places around the globe - Africa, Australia, Far East, Germany, Hollywood, United Kingdom, New York, North Pole and South America. Players start the game a...
War of the Lance
0 Steady popularity English Strategy | 2 players | 1990
Command armies, heroes, and special units against the evil Highlord Dragonarmies. Have your heroes quest for magic to help in your battles, use diplomats to gather nations to your side, and send armies out to the field to do battle or hunt down enemy heroes. Play against a human opponent, or against...
Dawn Raider
0 Steady popularity English Action - Shoot'em up | 2 players | 1990
In this top-down vertical scrolling arcade shooter player controls an assault plane on its way through mechanized army forces over the Chinese territory. The plane is armed with missiles, machine gun or laser. Machine gun is transformed into powerful laser, while holding 'machine gun' key down. Prog...
Race the Nags
0 Steady popularity English Racing - Sports | 6 players | 1993
For one to six players, Race the Nags is a fully animated, full color horse racing simulation. Chosen from a stable of over 200 horses, each race has six horses. You can "bet" on a horse to either win, place, or show... then cheer your favorite on to the finish!
Fatal Fumes
0 Steady popularity English Action - Racing | 2 players | 1996
Fatal Fumes is an overhead racing game featuring 256-color parallax scrolling similar to James Pond 2: Codename: RoboCod at the speed of 70 fps. It is the first project of a small Finnish group which later improved the game after its first release. The full version for registered users contains 35 t...
FIFA Soccer 96
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 2 players | 1995
"Aiming to be the first football simulation that is realistic in the true sense of the word, FIFA Soccer 96 was extremely popular at the time of release. It was hailed as the first really successful FIFA release, and opened the way for yearly revisions of the concept. There were a number of factors...
Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja
0 Steady popularity English Action - Platformer | 2 players | 1991
Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja features the characters Joe and Mac as cavemen ninjas in a multi-level platform area where the player has to jump and club incoming enemies. They can also throw at them from distance using such weapons as boomerangs, bones, fire, flints, electricity and stone wheels. The obj...
Madden NFL Football: Limited Edition
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 2 players | 1996
A port of Madden '96 to DOS, using the extra space provided by a CD to provide improved graphics and animation. Features 3D rendered graphics, 640x480 resolution, and John Madden announcing. Over 500 players, 240 plays, and the ability to create your own playbooks. Trade your players, and sign free...
0 Steady popularity English Action - Shoot'em up | 4 players | 1993
This first-person 3D space shooter that Novell, Inc. released to show NetWare's IPX capabilities has single-player and multi-player modes.During gameplay with mouse or keyboard you steer your ship, accelerate/decelerate engines, shoot enemy ships, and collect satellites to restore the shields or cus...
Armor Alley
0 Steady popularity English Action - Strategy | 2 players | 1990
In Armor Alley you pilot a helicopter through side-viewed terrain. Your job is to take out the enemy forces and their base, initially armed with missiles, bombs and machine guns. Watch out for enemy anti-aircraft balloons. However the game differs from most Choplifter style games by involving manag...
Phrase Master
0 Steady popularity English Edutainment | 2 players | 1990
Phrase Master is a two player game in which each player will take turns trying to guess the phrase. A player can continue his turn as long as he can guess the right letters contained in the phrase. When a letter is guessed that is not in the phrase the next player takes his turn. There are 500 phra...
Batman Forever
0 Steady popularity English Action - Fighting - Platformer | 2 players | 1996
Batman Forever is the officially licensed game based on the 1995 movie. The bad guys this time around are The Riddler and Two-Face.This game is an usual hybrid of side-scrolling platformer and one-on-one fighter. You make your way through levels that include some platform jumping elements, but you t...
Bridge Deluxe 2 With Omar Sharif
0 Steady popularity English Casino | 4 players | 1996
Another game about the card game of Bridge. You can play against the computer (the A.I. has some 20 options for bidding conventions and just card play) or against human opponents (there is even a LAN option). Included are some tutorials for beginner and intermediate players; the tutorials are presen...
World Rally Fever: Born on the Road
0 Steady popularity English Action - Racing | 4 players | 1996
World Rally Fever: Born on the Road is a racing game with simple driving controls and no realistic simulated physics. The emphasis is on speed and arcade-like gameplay; for this end there are power-ups and the cars' ability to jump at the press of a button. Before racing, the player chooses one of ...
Hoyle Classic Card Games
1 Growing popularity English Casino - Puzzle game | 4 players | 1993
The fourth (comparatively little-known) installment in Sierra On-Line's Hoyle series offers a collection of eight popular card games: Bridge, Euchre, Old Maid, Gin Rummy, Hearts, Cribbage, Crazy Eights, and Klondike. In addition to reading the basic rules for each individual game, players can now a...
Stelcon 2469
0 Steady popularity English Strategy | 5 players | 1992
Up to 5 empires (player or computer controlled) fight for supremacy in this shareware strategy game. Players produce starships and interstellar missiles, then deploy fleets on a starmap grid, in order to conquer planetary systems. Battles between fleets are resolved automatically, with animated resu...
Time Warriors
0 Steady popularity English Action - Fighting | 2 players | 1997
A polygonal 3D fighter, Time Warriors puts eight fighters from eight different times and places against each other: Yrwen the Celt, armed with a long sword, Hysis the Egyptian, wielding two sabers, Molloch the Barbarian with his battle axe, the scimitar-wielding Sultan Iz-Baal, Shodan the Samurai an...
0 Steady popularity English Board game - Puzzle game | 2 players | 1984
Quink is a puzzle game for one or two players. In each round of the game, eight names, places, or objects will appear on the screen that will be associated in some way. Out of the eight items, two to six will not be related to the others. The player needs to identify which item(s) are loners and rem...
Blood Money
0 Steady popularity English Action - Shoot'em up | 2 players | 1990
The speech in the introductory sequence probably sums things up best - "the biggest unanswered question is 'where is the money?" The player has 4 missions to take on, in each case trying to kill baddies for the money they have, which can be spent in the shop rooms to upgrade their craft. Energy is ...
0 Steady popularity English Board game | 2 players | 1990
Aggression is a board game that combines elements of checkers and chess. The goal of the game is to move all your tiles to the opposite side of the game board while your computer opponent or your friend awaiting his/her turn does the same with their tiles. You can use your tiles to surround and entr...
0 Steady popularity English Action - Shoot'em up | 4 players | 1996
Visiting a pub can be really dangerous, especially when not all arguments are solved by bare fists. The participants aim to their places to build the weapons of ultimate destruction - home-made artillery. Also known as... the catapults. Katapult (meaning "the catapult") is Czech action game for one ...
WipEout (1995)
1 Growing popularity English Action - Racing | 2 players | 1995
WipEout is a futuristic racing game set in the year 2052. Racing for one of four teams, the player competes in the F3600 Anti-Gravity Racing League on six tracks. Each team's hovercraft racer has different ratings in speed, acceleration and turning. In addition to high-speed racing, there is also sh...
Super Bubble Mania
0 Steady popularity English Action - Platformer | 2 players | 1997
Super Bubble Mania is a shareware Pang clone. As in the original game, up to two players have to clear the screen of bubbles and other bouncing objects within a time limit. The characters move sideways on the bottom of the gamefield, climbing ladders, platforms and shooting harpoons that divide the ...
The Basket Manager
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 2 players | 1991
In the game you as manager of Basketball team start your career with a budget of $9,000,000. The gameplay includes the economical management of the team and playing the baseketball game itself on the field. In management phase the player has to buy a team of 8 players, and assign 5 of them for a ma...
Journey to the Promised Land
0 Steady popularity English Board game - Quiz | 4 players | 1992
Add It! is an educational game for children who want to learn counting. It presents a mathematical question to the player, and by clicking on a number in a table you suggest an answer for each exercise. When it's right, then you get the next exercise and when your answer is wrong, the program says "...
0 Steady popularity English Action - Puzzle game | 2 players | 1991
Volfied is a home conversion of an arcade coin-op developed by Taito in the late '80s. The game is very similar to Qix -- the player takes control of an object whose purpose is to roam the screen, forming shapes and removing them from the play field. By way of reward, a picture is gradually revealed...
Blue Max: Aces of the Great War
1 Growing popularity English Simulation - Strategy | 2 players | 1990
Blue Max is a World War I fighter plane simulator, where the player may fly fighter planes such as Fokker, Sopwith, Spad, and many other ones. The game allows split screen gaming for two players, cooperatively or competitively, with multiple 3D camera angle features. Missions involve shooting down ...
Bubble Bobble
1 Decreasing popularity English Action | 2 players | 1988
Bubble Bobble is the story of two humans, Bub and Bob who wander into the mysterious cave of monsters and magically turn into dinosaurs. The only way to transform back is to reach the end of the cave...Bubble Bobble is a platform game, with each level being a single screen. The enemies must be clear...
Forgotten Worlds
0 Steady popularity English Action - Shoot'em up | 2 players | 1991
Forgotten Worlds features two characters known as The Nameless Ones, who both look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, one even has a mohawk. It's their job to rid the planet of the attacking aliens. Guiding your character around the screen as they fly with jet-packs, guns on full auto, you control a satell...
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