PlaystationFinal Fantasy Anthology (Final Fantasy VI Disc)

Final Fantasy Anthology (Final Fantasy VI Disc)

Console : Playstation

Language : Spanish

Genre : RPG

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 1999

Developer : Squaresoft

Publisher : Square EA

By TompouceGabriel :
Final Fantasy Anthology is a two-disc collection containing two games:

- Final Fantasy V
- Final Fantasy VI

Each game has new CG introduction and ending movies. Final Fantasy VI also includes an unlockable mode which allows the player to access an art gallery and a monster encyclopedia, as well as view battle history and watch the game's CG movies.

In FINAL FANTASY VI, the opening story tells of an ancient war that took place a thousand years in the past. Battles were won and lost by the power of magic and the conflict came to be called the "War of the Magi." This terrible war devastated almost all of humanity. Now, centuries later, all magic has vanished from the world and high technology reigns in its place. Despite the power and advances gained through technology, there are those who would try and bring back the destructive powers of magic.

As the game begins, you control a group of rebels called the Returners, who will stand against an empire bent on power and world domination. Someone is trying to revive magic and possibly cause another apocalypse. It is your job to prevent this. Although magic is not found in the world it can be channeled through Magicite, the mineral-like essence of an Esper, which is a being of pure magic. Magicite can be used to cast spells to summon its respective Esper for a short amount of time and can even improve the abilities of a character. Since each type of Magicite offers different spells and abilities, there is some strategy in deciding which one will go to which party member.

Final Fantasy VI spans two "worlds" and involves up to fourteen different party members. Being the last Final Fantasy game originally released for the Super NES, it is quite lengthy and will take on average 40-60 hours to complete.

Further information :

This version contains only the second CD (Final Fantasy VI) since only this one has been translated into Spanish.

Translation version 1.0

Thanks to Pablito's for this translation.

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