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Playstation PortableStreet Fighter Alpha 3 Max

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max

Console : Playstation Portable

Language : English

Genre : Fighting

Multiplayer : 8 players

Year : 2006

Developer : Capcom

Publisher : Capcom

Weekly games : 9 Decreasing popularity

By TompouceGabriel :


5 /5

Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX is a conversion of the 2D arcade fighter Street Fighter Alpha 3. Featuring a roster of 37 characters, including 3 (Maki, Yun, Eagle) never seen outside of the GBA version, and 1 brand-new character (Ingrid) to the game, all with their own storyline, you can spend a very long time learning the intricacies of all the fighters.

It includes all the novelties introduced in the Alpha series, including finite defenses, the ability to recover and isms to customize special attacks. To help avoid the typical repetitiveness of the game, all the modes available in the previous home versions of Alpha 3, such as Arcade Mode, Training Mode, Edit Mode, World Tour, Dramatic Battle and Survival modes are all available in this version, along with the brand-new 100-man kumite (survival) and tag-team battle modes.

The PSP version also has network games (Ad-Hoc only) for up to 8 players, with four additional modes: VS Mode, Team Mode, Variable Battle (take three players into battle of which you control two, and the computer one), and the Dramatic Battle with multiple fighters going at it simultaneously.

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User Feedback

Street Fighter Alpha 3 est le meilleur de la série Alpha. Cette version PSP est aussi la meilleure car la plus complète. On a droit à de nouveaux modes et également 4 nouveaux personnages : Ingrid, Maki, Eagle et Yun.

Indémodable, du tout bon.

Edited by BigBoss95

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Mon Street préféré, un énorme contenu ultra complet, un gameplay asssoupli, bref du tout bon

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entre la saturn et cette version mon coeur balance! on est loin d' un arcade perfect mais le fun est juste a son comple.un gros +1 pour cette version que vous pouvez règler aisément en affichage crt! j'adore!

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