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Imperial Space Command
0 Steady popularity English Strategy | 8 players | 1986
You command the Imperial Fleet of the One True Civilization - the descendant of a legendary Empire which once united mankind in a galactic Golden Age, but perished in a horrifying civil war. As interstellar travel ceased, the struggling, isolated remnants descended into a Dark Age, and the knowledge...
Pinball World
0 Steady popularity English Action - Pinball | 8 players | 1995
Released after Pinball Illusions in the same year. As its namesake, "Pinball World" has nine pinball tables (rather then usual four), based on places around the globe - Africa, Australia, Far East, Germany, Hollywood, United Kingdom, New York, North Pole and South America. Players start the game a...
Scorched Earth
1 Growing popularity English Strategy | 10 players | 1991
It's all-out war in Scorched Earth, a simple, yet exciting artillery combat game! You and up to nine friends can duke it out on hills and in valleys as you nuke each other into submission in this turn-based tank battle. At the start of each round, each player purchases their weaponry, and if they c...
Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds
0 Steady popularity English Action - FPS - Simulation | 8 players | 1995
The evil demon lord Vissuluth has taken control of the realms of the Netherworld. Once prosperous lands have been infested with monsters and several evil wizards, Vissuluth's side-kicks, are up to no good either. Fortunately the magician Kafkar knows a promising young apprentice who may stand up to ...
TV and Cinema 101: Trivia from Talkies to Trekkies
0 Steady popularity English Quiz | 14 players | 1984
Up to 14 individuals or teams can play in this game of TV and movie trivia.
10th Frame
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 8 players | 1987
Leader Board authors Bruce and Roger Carver tried their hand at tenpin bowling, in one of the game's earliest recreations. The process of bowling the ball involves timing a succession of clicks to set the right angle, speed and curve, similarly to Leaderboard's system. Three skill levels are provide...
Gazza II
0 Steady popularity English Management - Sports | 16 players | 1992
This edition of the second game licensed around England footballer Paul Gascoigne combines arcade action and management. A four-division Super League of top European clubs is featured, with the potential for multiple managers to play. You can buy, scout for and sell players, and set up individual ta...
Pete Sampras Tennis 97
1 Growing popularity English Sports | 8 players | 1997
Codemasters used their Pete Sampras license for a second time on this tennis game. Playing as either a male or female in singles or doubles matches, your ultimate aim is to win each of the 8 matches, which represent the finals of 8 tournaments The four Grand Slam tournament venues are unlocked when ...
0 Steady popularity English Action - FPS - Simulation | 8 players | 1995
The Post-Terran Minerals Corporation (PTMC) digs up minerals on all nine planets of the solar system, employing humans and robots to do its job. Unfortunately, the mining robots are now being controlled by a hacker, and have taken the human workers hostage. The PTMC has tried to get the robots back ...
Pinball 2000
0 Steady popularity English Action - Pinball | 8 players | 1995
A pinball game with two tables, Rocket and Graveyard. It was derived from an Amiga game by Digital Illusions called Pinball Dreams. Supports up to 8 players.
NASCAR Racing 2
0 Steady popularity English Racing | 8 players | 1996
The sequel to Sierra's award-winning NASCAR Racing, NASCAR 2 used a new game engine, which improved the graphics, physics, sound, and multiplayer. It also added the official cars, tracks, and drivers of the 1996 season, an arcade mode, mouse interface, and radio spotter. It was also the first ...
Shattered Steel
0 Steady popularity English Action - Simulation | 16 players | 1996
First person shooter which allows you to pilot a Planet Runner (kind of a huge robot). As a mercenary for various corporations you have to "clean" planets from rivaling companies and alien menaces. Single and multiplayer modes possible.
Pinball Illusions
0 Steady popularity English Action - Pinball | 8 players | 1995
Pinball Illusions is the successor to the Pinball Fantasies, using an upgraded game engine. The tables are Babewatch, Law & Justice, Extreme Sports and (on PC CD versions) The Vikings. These contain ramps, bonus areas and combo sequences to set up. All the artwork were produced in true 256 colors fr...
0 Steady popularity English Action - Platformer - Puzzle game - Shoot'em up | 8 players | 1993
You are an explorer trying to gather green gems from more than 100 small dungeons. You have a jetpack and an electric...tazer, phaser, whatever. Your jetpack consumes fuel and extra fuel can be found over the map. You can also pick up enemy freezers and invulnerability powerups. Your tazer thing can...
3 Conquest Earth: First Encounter
2 Growing popularity English Strategy | 8 players | 1997
This RTS (real-time strategy) game tells the story of a futuristic war between the humans and the inhabitants of Jupiter (Jovians). The player can choose to command the armies of either side. Humans and Jovians have different menu layouts and tactics which they can employ for offensive and defensive...
Air Warrior
0 Steady popularity English Simulation | 50 players | 1992
Air Warrior is an online multiplayer flight simulator. The flight line comes with a stable of 17 WW II era fighters (P-51D Mustang, P-38J Lighting, F4U Corsair, Spitfire MK IX, BF-109F, FW-190, YAK-9D) and bombers (B-17G Flying Fortress, B-25J Mitchell, Junkers JU-88) from 5 nations for your aerial ...
Oil Barons (1983)
0 Steady popularity English Board game - Strategy | 8 players | 1983
Oil Barons is a turn based strategy game for one to eight players. The object of the game is to accumulate the most wealth by locating and drilling for oil. During the game you will need to survey different lands ranging from the arctic to the desert for oil potential, choose the best sites and dril...
0 Steady popularity English Action - FPS - Simulation | 8 players | 1998
As the game begins, you are a proud new tank pilot for the Nataka Corporation's Imperial Armored Cavalry. A Nataka installation is suddenly attacked by forces from Network 53, a branch of the Argus Industrial Corporation and a long-standing ally. No explanation is given and a full-scale war erupts. ...
0 Steady popularity English Management - Strategy | 20 players | 1982
As Fleet Admiral of a newly commissioned starship armada you send your ships from the home planet to explore the unknown resources of the stars. The planets circling those stars may be barren or they may have industrial capacity and will resist your colonization attempts. It is up to you whether to ...
Into the Void
0 Steady popularity English Management - Strategy | 10 players | 1997
Another game of galactic conquest in the same vein as Master of Orion. You choose a race from a gallery of races each with their own special characteristics (there's the technological one, the military one, the fast growing one, etc.) and go at it in an effort to try an colonize worlds, and build an...
Freakin' Funky Fuzzballs
0 Steady popularity English Puzzle game | 10 players | 1990
Freakin' Funky Fuzzballs is a little puzzle game where you step into square worlds defending your Fuzzball from the enemy while trying to get all the keys or cards to enter the next level. In each level (of a total of 15 in five different worlds) you can get different items and goodies which will he...
Fighter Duel: Special Edition
0 Steady popularity English Simulation | 9 players | 1996
This special edition is a re-release of the original game with additional features. It contains: Fighter Duel Improved flight models 9-player IPX network play Radio chat Expanded video card compatibility Extra planes Improved joystick calibration and support Force feedback flightstick support Keyboa...
0 Steady popularity English Action - FPS - Puzzle game | 8 players | 1996
Three distinct characters are on offer in this shoot 'em up - choose from Kamchak the lizard or humans Dan and Eleena. The game's path varies depending on which character you choose. The planet Ioxia is vital to your society, as nowhere else provides the vital element Mazrium. However, its long dorm...
Tank Wars (1990)
0 Steady popularity English Shoot'em up - Strategy | 10 players | 1990
Tank Wars is a shareware game for two to ten players based on the same ideas as Artillery and it's more well known cousin Scorched Earth. Any of the players can be computer controlled and there are seven different styles of computer opponent. The game can be played by keyboard, mouse, and the length...
Ultimate Pinball
0 Steady popularity English Action - Pinball | 12 players | 1996
Ultimate Pinball is an arcade-style pinball game. The game is almost identical in style to the pinball games by 21st Century Entertainment, such as Pinball Dreams.It includes six different pinball tables to play, all based on generic ideas such as sports, horror, Egypt, space, pirates, and the Ameri...
Zone Raiders
0 Steady popularity English Action - Racing - Shoot'em up | 8 players | 1995
Zone Raiders is a futuristic hovercar racing combat game set in a 3D environment. The protagonist is a freelance Raider who ventures into the dangerous Free Zone, where rare and expensive items can be scavenged. Getting those items, however, won't be easy: other raiders are headed towards the Zone w...
The Price is Right
0 Steady popularity English Board game - Quiz | 8 players | 1990
GameTek's home version of the classic game show The Price is Right. Bob Barker and the Beauties are not present, but a multitude of pricing games from the show, as well as the wheel and the showcase, have been faithfully replicated. Four (or a maximum of eight, counting both rounds - the programme ...
0 Steady popularity English Action - FPS | 8 players | 1996
SkyNET is Bethesda's last game based on the Terminator franchise. Originally developed as an expansion pack to Terminator: Future Shock, SkyNET eventually became its own standalone product. Its major features are an updated version of the Xngine allowing for play in the sharper 640x480 resolution (a...
0 Steady popularity English Action - FPS | 48 players | 1997
Caleb was once a feared gunslinger, until he met a woman who was involved with a mysterious cult known as Cabal. Caleb, too, is sucked in, and soon becomes one of the Chosen - the most favored worshippers of the evil god Tchernobog. But one day, Tchernobog inexplicably kills the four Chosen, includi...
Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness
0 Steady popularity English Strategy | 8 players | 1995
For the kingdoms of Azeroth the real-time battle between Humans and Orcs continues with Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, the sequel to its highly succesful predecessor... Warcraft II comes with many new features like fighting not only over land but also over sea and air; SVGA 640x480 resolution gr...
Shrak for Quake
0 Steady popularity English Action - FPS | 16 players | 1997
A "Quake total conversion", this game pretty much only has the double-barreled shotgun and the engine to relate it to id's Quake, but what the heck.You have 19 new levels packed with completely new enemies to fight through. New weapons include uzis, a foe-to-friend converter, an inflator gun and an ...
AM's Mini Golf 3D
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 9 players | 1996
AM's Mini Golf 3D is a shareware crazy golf program written for DOS for up to 9 players. After each hole is complete the game shows the shots per hole and the cumulative total of shots taken thus far. The shareware version consists of 9 holes of increasing complexity. A thin blue line shows the di...
MechWarrior 2: Limited Edition
0 Steady popularity English Action - Simulation | 8 players | 1996
This limited edition includes: MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat MechWarrior 2: Ghost Bear's Legacy You are the genetically engineered Clan Mechwarrior. The Clans are invading the Inner Sphere. Join either the Wolf Clan or the Jade Falcon Clan as they pursue their own agenda against the Inner ...
Empire Soccer 94
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 8 players | 1994
Rather than copying Sensible Soccer or Kick Off, this football game features a number of comical and unrealistic touches. Although the view is top-down, the pitch is small and square, and the players appear huge on it. A range of moves including overhead kicks, trapping the ball and quick 1-2 passes...
Winter Games
0 Steady popularity English Action - Sports | 8 players | 1987
Another in the series of Epyx Olympic sports games. Compete in many different sporting events like: Ski Jump, Hot Dog, Biathlon, Bobsled, Free Skating, Figure Skating and more.
Warlords II Deluxe
0 Steady popularity English Strategy | 8 players | 1995
Warlords II Deluxe is an eight player game of conquest and empire. Different worlds are provided as a stage for your ambitions, and as a test of your capabilities. In the quest for final victory, you will assemble vast armies, conquer and loot mighty cities, undertake perilous quests, make and break...
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 10 players | 1994
Caddiehack is shareware golf game for up to ten players, each player gets a different coloured ball. This game is the sequel to Caddiehack CGA Tour. It has been developed to use improved EGA/VGA graphics. Both games come with ARCH � a course architect program that allows players to design their own ...
Rick Davis's World Trophy Soccer
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 8 players | 1989
This football simulation focuses on international football, allowing you to play a tournament or single friendly matches. Up to 8 human players can be involved in the tournament. Options include three skill levels, variable match lengths and a choice of sound or music (or both on some versions). Th...
0 Steady popularity English Strategy | 8 players | 1990
The first in the Warlords series. Basically, your mission is world domination. This may be played between up to 8 people all on the same machine. It is a medieval type strategy game that requires the player to control 80 cities in the realm of Illuria. In order to do so you must wipe out your 7 oppo...
The Games: Winter Challenge
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 10 players | 1991
An Olympiad game simulating common winter game competitions - the Downhill, Giant Slalom, Luge, 2-men Bobsled, Ski Jump, Cross Country, Biathlon and Speed Skating. The game features a basic 3D engine which allows to simulate slopes with ease, which enhances the gameplay of some events such as the D...
UMS II: Nations at War
0 Steady popularity English Strategy | 50 players | 1991
Sequel to the original Universal Military Simulator of 1988, this release continues the game concept of its predecessor and allows the player total control of nearly every aspect of a battle. In the original program, three scenarios are included: Invasion of the Allies in Normandy 1944, Battles of ...
High Roller Casino
0 Steady popularity English Casino | 15 players | 1983
High Roller Casino is a text-based casino game consisting of a Slot Machine, a Wheel of Fortune, a Roulette Wheel, a Keno Parlor, a Craps Table and a Baccarat Table. The Slot Machine Game / "Computer Bandit [One Armed]" is a one player game. The Wheel of Fortune allows for up to 10 players. The Roul...
Tactical Manager
0 Steady popularity English Management - Sports - Strategy | 46 players | 1994
Following success with the mail-order Football Tactician series, Talking Birds entered the mainstream with this retitled version. It's a football management game, setting you in charge of one of the teams in the top 2 English divisions of the time and giving you control over transfers, tactics and t...
0 Steady popularity English Action | 8 players | 1995
This is a journey into speed Ladies & Gentlemen ... Fasten your seat belts BATTLE RACE, the hardest racing series in the known galaxy is waiting about you. Take the challenge and prove that you can beat the best pilots of the universe in a fight over live and death.But - be careful! Some great caree...
The Alcor Trivia Pro Classic Star Trek (Star-Log I)
0 Steady popularity English Quiz | 10 players | 1992
The Alcor Trivia Pro Classic Star Trek (Star-Log I) is the first of ten Star Trek trivia games by The Alcor Group, Inc.. Each of them offers 150 questions about a special topic of the Star Trek universe. This one is about the adventures of the first Enterprise crew around Captain Kirk. The objectiv...
Race Mania
0 Steady popularity English Racing | 8 players | 1996
Race Mania brings you fast and furious 3D action racing. In this racing game there is no such thing as fair play. Bump and smash your opponent racers off the track. Up to 8 human players can join the racing action. Split-screen mode for 2 players is possible. It includes 20 exciting tracks and 10 d...
Sensible Golf
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 72 players | 1994
Sensible Golf is a 2D golf simulation. Having been quite successful with their cute action soccer game Sensible Soccer, Sensible Software decided that the concept of "No fuss, just fun" could be applied to other sports, too. They chose golf. Sensible Golf is not an accurate simulation of golf, but...
World Games
1 Growing popularity English Sports | 8 players | 1986
World Games is an Olympics-style sports game with arcade-oriented gameplay. The events players can compete in include: Barrel jumping Bull riding Caber toss Cliff diving Log rolling Platform diving Pole vault Skiing Sumo wrestling Weightlifting
Medieval Lords: Soldier Kings of Europe
0 Steady popularity English Strategy | 10 players | 1991
Medieval Lords is a strategic political/war simulator starting in 1028AD and continuing for up to 100 turns / 500 years. Up to 10 players can take part, with the computer controlling up to 6. Limits can be set on how many actions can be performed in each turn, so be wary of over-expanding if there i...
0 Steady popularity English Action - Shoot'em up - Simulation | 8 players | 1992
Spectre is a 3D shooter where the player drives a little red car/tank and blasts away enemies. The gameplay is similar to Battlezone, and obviously inspired by it. There is a selection of three tanks, each with three values (speed; armor; and firepower) balanced out to match its name: Tough Guy is ...
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