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Nintendo DSMeccha! Taiko no Tatsujin DS: 7-tsu no Shima no Daibouken

Meccha! Taiko no Tatsujin DS: 7-tsu no Shima no Daibouken

Console : Nintendo DS

Language : Japanese

Genre : Music

Multiplayer : 4 players

Year : 2008

Developer : Bandai Namco Games

Publisher : Bandai Namco Games

By GambierBae :
Meccha! Taiko no Tatsujin DS - 7-tsu no Shima no Daibouken" is a fun, colourful, cute and challenging game you can pit your rhythm and reaction against. You can choose from 3 modes- Easy, Medium, or Hard - to test your skills with. There is even an unlockable level- Demon mode. It is the hardest mode. There are 50 songs you can choose from, with some being unlockable. Beside from these songs you can play for fun, there is a story mode, featuring Taiko no Tatsujin's lovable mascot, Wada Don. Here you travel across islands, beating challenges set by enemies, and here you can unlock new songs and clothes you can dress Don up with. In Don's room, you can even change his face and body colour, and you can choose the costumes Don wears. This game can provide you with great fun, whether you're an amateur with a somewhat slow reaction to scrolling red and blue cirles, or a pro whoes fingers can tap to the doom of the scrolling circles. You can even change the speed of the scrolling, or the instrument you play with. This is the game for you if you want to improve your rhythm, reaction or if you just want to kill some time.

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