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0 Steady popularity English Adventure | 1 player | 1997
In robotfindskitten, the name is the game: You are robot, and you have to find kitten. Sounds simple. Problems start with the fact that there are other objects which are not kitten! Even worse: You don't know which objects are kitten and which are not! The only way to differentiate them both is tou...
0 Steady popularity English Action - Platformer | 1 player | 1990
You star as half-robot operative Stryx. Dome City is under attack by KILLER CYBORG ASSASSINS! You navigate Stryx through numerous levels on foot, hovercrafts and some weird round eyeball-type flying craft. It's basic side scrolling action/arcade whackiness. This game was released for IBM PC, Amiga a...
Russian Front II: The Kursk Campaign
0 Steady popularity English Strategy | 1 player | 1990
A shareware game, based freely on Avalon Hill & Co's board game "Panzerblitz". If you know this game, or any similar game, like Panzer General, all the Panzer Campaign games etc, you will immediately recognize the style of this game, and should have no trouble understanding the rules. The map is s...
Serve & Volley
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 1 player | 1988
A tennis game where camera is always static, which means whether you're on one side of the net or the other, the camera will always show both players from the same angle, which seems like a platform game. You can play a single match or full tournament, as well as resume if you achieved some points w...
Rabbit and Turtle
0 Steady popularity English Action | 1 player | 1994
A dodgeball type game where you try and get points by sending all of your balls to the other player's side.
Klondike Pro
0 Steady popularity English Casino | 1 player | 1996
Klondike is a popular card-game, well known by Windows uers. For those who prefer Minesweeper, Solitaire or something else from the same tab of the “Start” menu, I will give the rules of the game in general terms. There is a deck of 52 cards. They are laid out on the table in seven piles ranging fro...
Hansel & Gretel And the Enchanted Castle
0 Steady popularity English Adventure - Edutainment | 1 player | 1995
Hansel & Gretel: And the Enchanted Castle is an adventure game retelling the German fairy tale. In this game, players control Hansel who needs to save Gretel and get out of the candy cottage. One of the objectives of the game is to find Prin, a forest imp who enjoys playing hide & seek and gives pla...
Pinball World
0 Steady popularity English Action - Pinball | 8 players | 1995
Released after Pinball Illusions in the same year. As its namesake, "Pinball World" has nine pinball tables (rather then usual four), based on places around the globe - Africa, Australia, Far East, Germany, Hollywood, United Kingdom, New York, North Pole and South America. Players start the game a...
Combat Checkers
0 Steady popularity English Board game - Strategy | 1 player | 1991
Combat Checkers is a variant of American checkers, with single- or two-player mode, but where the pieces have traits from role-playing games to calculate the outcome of the moves.The checker pieces have are portrayed as individuals with arms and armor, which you can buy at the outset of the game, an...
Boulder Dash Construction Kit
1 Growing popularity English Strategy | 1 player | 1987
Rockford the Ant returns in another Boulder Dash adventure contains 15 new levels, in addition to the easy-to-use game editor. Players can build, save, and play their own levels. The software includes a feature to sequence your levels on a separate game disk. All of the elements and hazards from th...
Eco-Kid: Amazonia Conection
0 Steady popularity English Action - Platformer | 1 player | 1997
A Spanish platform title based around the adventure of Eco-Kid. In this game he sets off to save the Amazon forest.
I Spy
0 Steady popularity English Adventure | 1 player | 2001
When the news of Bill Cosby's death in the town of Reality-on-the-Norm shake the nation, Mika Huy - a tabloid photographer - arrives into Reality in order to make a photo of Bill's corpse. But on her way, she comes across some most peculiar individuals and things, and the discovery of Bill Cosby's b...
0 Steady popularity English RPG - Text-based | 1 player | 1984
This classic dungeon-crawl uses ASCII characters (letters and some symbols) and basic colors to depict a rogue's epic adventure through the infamous Dungeon of Doom. Using a host of weapons and items, he explores the dark dungeons one step at a time in turn-based mode. There are 25 different types o...
Command Adventures: Starship
0 Steady popularity English Action - Strategy | 1 player | 1993
The year 2127 marked the end of the great interstellar war. Twelve cultural empires declared peace among one another, ending the overt hostilities. In the aftermath, the galaxy is full of planets unclaimed to any particular government. As a starship captain, you have been commissioned to explore spa...
Crime Lab: Case of the Missing Masterpiece
0 Steady popularity English Adventure - Edutainment | 1 player | 1987
Crime Lab: Case Of The Missing Masterpiece is a very short, shareware, educational single player game focused on the forensic procedure of blood typing.The Acme Art Gallery was burgled on April 1st, 1988 and the thief made off with a valuable painting, hence the title. As a crime lab technician the ...
Dark Designs II: Closing the Gate
0 Steady popularity English RPG | 1 player | 1990
Having recovered Grelminar's Staff in Dark Designs I: Grelminar's Staff, a group of adventurers must now journey to Mount Delkeina, traverse the dangerous tunnels there, defeat an evil warlord, and close the dimensional gate he is using to build an army of monsters. This sequel features the same gam...
Big Rig
0 Steady popularity English Management - Simulation | 1 player | 1987
Big Rig is a simulation that lets you experience the life of a long-distance trucker. Your task is to safely drive a 18-wheel tractor-trailer combination from coast to coast in time, trying to make a profitable trip. The gameplay and user interface are pretty basic. The game is played in text mode ...
Caverns of Bob!
0 Steady popularity English Action - Platformer | 1 player | 1985
Professor Bob Jumpalot goes in search of the holy statue of an ancient tribe.
Star Legions
0 Steady popularity English Management - Strategy | 1 player | 1992
Star Legions is the third installment in the Star Fleet gaming universe. Star Legions is much narrower in focus than its predecessors, though; you are charged with managing the planetary invasion forces of the Krellan Empire against the "evil" (good?) United Galactic Alliance. The result is a bit li...
Utopia: The Creation of a Nation
0 Steady popularity English Management - Strategy | 1 player | 1992
This install includes the expansion DLC. Utopia takes the Sim City gameplay concept and adds a military element to it. The game is set in the distant future, where your job is nothing less than Colony Administrator for a new settlement on some far-flung planet. Your aim is to provide the highest ...
War of the Lance
0 Steady popularity English Strategy | 2 players | 1990
Command armies, heroes, and special units against the evil Highlord Dragonarmies. Have your heroes quest for magic to help in your battles, use diplomats to gather nations to your side, and send armies out to the field to do battle or hunt down enemy heroes. Play against a human opponent, or against...
0 Steady popularity English Simulation | 1 player | 1993
A fish and aquarium simulator, El-Fish lets your catch, breed, evolve, and even mutate tropical fish, then render them and let them loose in an aquarium that you design. Except for a few pre-canned graphics and animations, all fish, plants, and even backdrops and floor gravel in El-Fish are generat...
NFL Pro League Football: New 1991 Version
0 Steady popularity English Management - Sports | 1 player | 1991
A "strategic" football simulation focusing on coaching strategy. Designed for leagues, players could draft from current or classic teams and build coaching strategies for the computer to run or call game plays themselves. There is no direct control over the players.
Les Manley In: Lost In L.A.
0 Steady popularity English Adventure | 1 player | 1991
In the sequel to Les Manley In: Search for the King, Les is searching for Helmut the Human Bean. Les' best friend from the first game, Human Bean has been kidnapped from his mansion in L.A. Unlike the first game in the series, this game is a "point and click" adventure; there is no text parser invol...
Sesame Street: Letter-Go-Round
0 Steady popularity English Edutainment - Platformer | 1 player | 1988
The Sesame Street Muppets invite a child player for a spin on the Letter-Go-Round!. By catching and matching letters on a spinning ferris wheel, children practice recognizing and matching letters, simple spelling and word formation.
Match 'Em
0 Steady popularity English Puzzle game | 1 player | 1991
Match 'Em is a shareware, one or two player Concentration style game. It is played on an 8x8 grid and players take turns to reveal two pictures at a time. If they match the player gets another turn. The winner of the game is the player who matches the most pairs. The game is played entirely with t...
Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends: The Collection
0 Steady popularity English Action - Edutainment - Racing | 1 player | 1994
This collection includes Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends & Thomas the Tank Engine 2: Thomas's Big Race. In the first game you control Thomas the Tank Engine as he's got to take special trips he has to organise: Take children to the seaside, medicine to the hospital or deliver the mail. Beware of d...
Turrican II: The Final Fight
4 Growing popularity English Action - Platformer - Shoot'em up | 1 player | 1995
Turrican II: The Final Fight is a platformer/shooter as typically seen on consoles, but designed for home computers from the ground up.Its plot is - naturally - very simple: an evil mega-robot called The Machine attacks the United Planets Ship Avalon 1, slaughtering all who resist. All - except Bren...
Sint Nicolaas
0 Steady popularity English Action - Platformer | 1 player | 1998
Sint Nicolaas has been robbed! The thieves have taken his big sack full of presents and gingerbread cookies. In their run however, they weren't careful and presents started dropping out of the sack. Now Sint only has to collect the fallen cookies and presents and brind them to the right chimneys. S...
Read 'N Roll
0 Steady popularity English Edutainment - Sports | 1 player | 1988
Read 'N Roll is an educational game that is meant to improve the player's reading comprehension skills in five areas: recognizing the main idea, recalling facts, identifying the sequence of events, drawing inferences and building vocabulary. The game consists of five activities. The first four (mai...
0 Steady popularity English Action - Strategy | 1 player | 1993
Nice and little-known shareware-game in which you have to manage from the top view a light blue jumping ball. The task at each level (for the passage of which, by the way, quite a lot of attempts are given, and each new one takes into account your previous achievements within a particular game) - j...
Twilight's Ransom
1 Growing popularity English Adventure - Text-based | 1 player | 1988
Paragon Software, maker of the Twilight series of strategy games, takes a diversion in this surprisingly well-written IF set in the Twilight universe.Suddenly discovering that your girlfriend has been kidnapped, you must deal with the kidnappers who have more sinister plans, rescue your girlfriend a...
Proto Type
0 Steady popularity English Board game - Edutainment | 1 player | 1989
This touch-typing tutorial includes a few games to help players practice when they're not taking lessons. The first, "Touch Typing Tests," simply involves typing sentences quickly. The second, "Tic-Tac-Toe," gives the player a Tic-Tac-Toe board. Each turn, he or she selects a square and is given a s...
Flight Unlimited
0 Steady popularity English Simulation | 1 player | 1995
Flight Unlimited is a civilian flight simulator. You can choose between an Extra 300s, a Bellanca Decathlon, a Sukhoi SU-31, a Pitts S-2B and a Grob S-103. Take part in aerobatic competitions or, if you're a beginner, learn how to fly in 34 lessons. Flight Unlimited stresses reality: All ground tex...
Duke Nukum: Episode 2 - Mission: Moonbase
1 Growing popularity English Action - Platformer - Shoot'em up | 1 player | 1991
In the year 1997, the maniacal Dr. Proton has developed mechanical creatures known as Techbots. Commanding an army of Techbots, the insane scientist intends to conquer the entire world. There is only one hero on Earth who can stop him with his guns and attitude: Duke Nukum. Based on the same game en...
Nickelodeon Director's Lab
0 Steady popularity English Edutainment - Simulation | 1 player | 1994
What better way to present a classic Nickelodoen Game than with a classic Nickelodean Figurehead, yes Mellisa Joanhart herself helps to instruct you through the many features of this all inclusive Viacom Interactive's Nickelodeon Director's Lab! While the program is of course primitive to that of t...
Rambo: First Blood Part II
1 Growing popularity English Adventure - Text-based | 1 player | 1985
Take on the role of Sylvester Stallone's machine-gun-toting action hero in this text adventure game adaption (!) of the movie. Your mission is to free prisoners from a POW camp in Vietnam.
Dawn Raider
0 Steady popularity English Action - Shoot'em up | 2 players | 1990
In this top-down vertical scrolling arcade shooter player controls an assault plane on its way through mechanized army forces over the Chinese territory. The plane is armed with missiles, machine gun or laser. Machine gun is transformed into powerful laser, while holding 'machine gun' key down. Prog...
Trust and Betrayal: The Legacy of Siboot
0 Steady popularity English Adventure - Text-based - Strategy | 1 player | 1987
Trust and Betrayal: The Legacy of Siboot, also simply known as Siboot, is a unique strategy game by Chris Crawford, designed as a study of the problems of artificial personality and a language of interaction, solving them, as Crawford puts it, "in a pioneering and therefore clumsy fashion". The gam...
0 Steady popularity English Action | 1 player | 1982
Snipes is an arcade style action game. You are in a large maze along with a number of generators. The generators create the enemy Snipes, and to win the game you need to shoot all of the generators and all of the Snipes they create. The game is played using two sets of four keys, one set to move and...
0 Steady popularity English Puzzle game | 1 player | 1990
Expo may be thought of as an exploration-based puzzle game: each level strands the player somewhere within a scrolling overhead map, and the goal is to find a way out of the maze-like surroundings. This is done by finding and collecting the required golden keys (a different number on each level) and...
Elves '87
0 Steady popularity English Adventure - Text-based | 1 player | 1987
This is the original 1987 version of The Elf's Christmas Adventure simply known as Elves '87. While the other version has colors and sound, this is a basic text adventure written for the advint interpreter. The games content is nearly identical, however the 1992 release does have a few small addit...
Dolphin Powerboating Simulator 3
0 Steady popularity English Racing - Simulation | 1 player | 1994
The third and last part in a series of arcade races on sailing boats completely forgotten now (alas, but no trace of the second part has been found so far).
Teenage Queen
2 Steady popularity English Casino | 1 player | 1988
In this interactive poker game you meet in a park the beautiful female roller-skater, who is very interested in strip playing. During the game you come to night club, where the female shows her real body...
Pharaoh's Revenge
0 Steady popularity English Action - Puzzle game | 1 player | 1988
Pharaoh's Revenge is a fast action computer game in the arcade tradition. Using the keyboard or joystick the player must attempt to evade an opponent (computer or human) while solving a complex maze that, when solved, leads to safety.There are 200 levels in the main game, with 50 advanced levels tha...
Inside Trader: The Authentic Stock Trading Game
0 Steady popularity English Management - Strategy | 1 player | 1987
The object of Inside Trader is "to make millions of dollars without being apprehended by the [SEC]." The player starts with $30,000 and makes money playing the fictional stock market, keeping an eye on current events via "the wire service." It is entirely possible to play the game without using any ...
0 Steady popularity English Adventure - Text-based - RPG | 1 player | 1987
The Overlord has enforced unjust laws throughout the kingdom of Braminar -- raising taxes, enslaving villages, and, worst of all, outlawing hamburgers. You are the stalwart adventurer bold enough to emerge from the ranks, accumulating through exploration the skills, experience, artifacts and followe...
Star Ship Attack
0 Steady popularity English Action - Shoot'em up | 1 player | 1982
Your peaceful colony out in space was just minding its own business, when it suddenly came under attack by a marauding, cross-shaped alien vessel. This unrelenting foe seems to have its eyes (and its lasers!) on the colony food stores, which must be protected at all costs; your only defense is a sin...
Bicycle Holiday
0 Steady popularity English Casino | 1 player | 1992
A collection of four card games: bridge, cribbage, solitaire- "solitaire" (in seven variants) and two variants of poker: draw poker and stud poker. The cards have the same shirt, the background cannot be changed either - it is always green; control is carried out by the mouse. Among the names of riv...
Spirit Of Excalibur
0 Steady popularity English Adventure - Strategy | 1 player | 1990
A spiritual descendant of War in Middle Earth, Spirit of Excalibur uses the same engine to tell the tale of what befell Camelot after the death of King Arthur. You play the role of the regent who holds the throne while chaos spreads through Britain. The game is broken into a number of episodes, whi...
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