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Tommy's Trash!
0 Steady popularity English Board game | 1 player | 1989
Tommy's Trash! is a shareware dice game. It is based on the game Zilch, is played with six dice, and up to nine people including the computer can play. This implementation also contains 'Tommy's Mutant Trash' a two player variant of the game where the player plays against the computer and a Rotary C...
Star Trek: The Kobayashi Alternative
1 Growing popularity English Adventure - Text-based | 1 player | 1985
This is an interactive fiction game based on the Star Trek Universe. The game features dialog and input boxes in addition to the traditional single command-line IF interface. Your mission is to solve the Kobayashi Alternative Command Performance Evaluation. You play as Captain Kirk and command your...
Championship Baseball
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 1 player | 1986
In this traditional baseball simulation, gameplay takes place mainly on a split screen.One side shows an overview of the field, the other showing the batter, with the latter view disappearing when the ball is hit. The game requires you to "draft" a team before play, composing the best possible squa...
Towers of Kublai Khan
0 Steady popularity English Puzzle game | 1 player | 1994
Computer version of a puzzle invented in Asia in deep antiquity, and which came to Europe only in the 19th century - the Tower of Hanoi. There are three platforms and a certain number of rings, minimum three, but more often much more. All these figures are of different sizes and initially on the lef...
The Adventures of Alice who Went Through the Looking-Glass and Came Back Though Not Much Changed
0 Steady popularity English Adventure | 1 player | 1986
As in the Lewis Carroll work, Victorian girlchild Alice Liddell avoids doing her tedious homework ("Could there possibly be" you think "a better day to go out and play and avoid studying Mathematics?") by escaping into a whimsical wonderland filled with bizarre characters. Many of the major characte...
0 Steady popularity English Action - Shoot'em up | 1 player | 1997
In Dactylus - a parallax-scrolling fantasy shooter - you slip into the role of Yarin, a dragon-rider. Evil forces destroyed his village and killed his family. Now it's up to you to take revenge.Awaiting the player are 6-level-parallax scrolling, animated enemies, huge bosses, special weapons (like d...
Tommy's Balloon
0 Steady popularity English Action | 1 player | 1986
Tommy's Balloon is a single player, shareware game. The player pilots a balloon that drifts through a side scrolling cloudy sky. Beneath are mountains that must be avoided and on those mountains are nasty things that randomly shoot lightning bolts upwards. The objective is to survive in the sky as ...
Test Drive: Off-Road
0 Steady popularity English Racing - Simulation | 1 player | 1997
The Test Drive series of racing games traditionally involve driving cars on tarmac. However, a sub-series of games involving hazardous racing on less prepared surfaces was commenced with this title. Choose from one of four monster trucks (Hummer, Land Rover Defender 90, Jeep Wrangler, and Chevrolet...
Football Masters 99
0 Steady popularity English Management - Sports | 1 player | 1999
Football Masters 99 allows the player to control over 50 teams from 15 countries from all around Europe, each with their own different league system, such as the straight four divisions in England, Scotland and Denmark to the the nationwide leagues with a third regional tier in Germany, Italy, Spain...
1 Growing popularity English Adventure - Interactive movie | 1 player | 1994
Voyeur is one of the more ambitious attempts to take advantage of the relatively new CD-ROM technology's immense (at the time) storage capacity. Sporting literally hours of digital movies, Voyeur is unique in premise and style and aims to be the most flexible interactive movie in history. In Voyeur...
Tales of Treasure
0 Steady popularity English Adventure - Text-based | 1 player | 1992
This is a collection of three text adventures with a treasure hunting theme. Perils of Darkest Africa ---------------------------------------------- Can you find jewels from King Solomon's mines? As you trek across the dark continent, you will encounter enough danger and excitement to keep your bl...
0 Steady popularity English Action - Edutainment - Simulation | 1 player | 1995
Lion is a sequel to Wolf: you are now placed in the same simulation environment, but this time you simulate a....you guessed it, a lion. As in the original you take the role of a lion chosen from a pool of 20 different animals, with varying attributes, in existing prides or handpicked groups made b...
Tommy's Patience
0 Steady popularity English Casino | 1 player | 1986
Tommy's Patience Tommy's Patience is a shareware, single-player card game. This implementation includes the following patience variants: Accordion Klondike Canfield Scorpion
Zakato: Maan
0 Steady popularity English Action - RPG | 1 player | 1995
A modern-day schoolboy wants to play a video game, but his mother gets angry and punishes him. While crying, the kid is miraculously transported into a strange fantasy world populated by anthropomorphic animals and other creatures. He becomes the mighty warrior Zakato, and must save that world from ...
Saban's Iznogoud
0 Steady popularity English Action - Platformer | 1 player | 1997
You are the Grand Vizier Iznogoud, whose one and only aim is to depose the Caliph of Baghdad and become Caliph in his place. To do this, you must face many challenges and enemies in your path.You control Iznogoud in a very colorful platform environment, moving, jumping, dodging and ducking obstacle...
0 Steady popularity English Action | 1 player | 1993
The essence of the game is as follows: at the bottom of the screen run two boys, each of whom is controlled by one of the players. Balls gradually appear from space, into which you need to shoot with some shells tied to the strings (in this case, an arrow and a sucker act as tips). After a good hit,...
Pako 2
0 Steady popularity English Action | 1 player | 1995
Pako 2 is a Pac-Man variant and the follow-up to the original Pako. Just like in the original concept the player's character has to eat all dots in a maze to get a score and move on to the next level. Enemies roam around the maze and need to be avoided. The dots come in different forms and colours f...
Scavengers of the Mutant World
1 Growing popularity English RPG | 1 player | 1988
A classic RPG that describes the survivors of the earth after some apparent apocalyptic event, where your characters in order to survive must gather "vehicle" components (to make a car) so they can reach an unknown haven or place of refuge. The game includes character generation and modification of...
Gnome Alone
0 Steady popularity English Action - Strategy | 1 player | 1992
A rare and unique game that combines both arcade and strategic elements ported to a PC from Amiga, where it was also virtually unknown and does not appear in almost any database. In it we have to play, no matter how surprising it may sound, for the egoist gnome. This gnome hates the whole world, con...
Big Bumps
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 1 player | 2001
Big Bumps is an indirect wrestling game made by indie developer MDickie in 2001.
Putt-Putt and Fatty Bear's Activity Pack
1 Growing popularity English Action - Board game - Edutainment - Puzzle game - Strategy | 1 player | 1994
Putt-Putt and Fatty Bear's Activity Pack contains 15 different games and activities for kids 3-8. This is basically a compilation of the Putt-Putt Funpack and Fatty Bear Funpack, along with a few new games. Most of the games are played against either Putt-Putt or Fatty Bear. Some games are traditio...
Ski King 2
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 1 player | 1997
Ski King 2 is a downhill ski game and sequel to Ski King. You have to race as quickly as possible down the hill and at the same time avoid all of the obstacles in the hill. The trees from the first game are not the only obstacles, there are rocks, water and billboards too. And to make the game more ...
Theme Hospital
0 Steady popularity English Management - Strategy | 1 player | 1997
Theme Hospital is a level-based hospital management simulation where players have to start on an empty building, and then assemble rooms with all kinds of material, from desks and file cabinets for the general diagnosis to the expensive ultra-scanners and x-rays to diagnose such bizarre diseases suc...
2 Growing popularity English Action - RPG | 1 player | 1990
Sorcerian is the fifth game in the Dragon Slayer series. It is set in the fantasy land known as Pentawa, whose inhabitants are in constant need of protection from ferocious creatures roaming the wilderness. The king of Pentawa hires a party of adventurers, and their first assignment is to retrieve a...
The Manhole Enhanced
1 Growing popularity English Adventure | 1 player | 1992
The Manhole: New and Enhanced is a 256 colour graphical update to the game The Manhole with new CD audio tracks in the way of music. The gameplay and level makeup is exactly the same and it contains English as well as Japanese text.
Search and Destroy
0 Steady popularity English Simulation | 1 player | 1987
Search and Destroy is a WWII-era naval simulator featuring a series of marine missions, all with the goal of defending groups of friendly ships from enemy sub attacks. Each mission takes the player aboard a Fletcher-class destroyer into a different area, viewed using a zoomable map, where an enemy ...
The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight
0 Steady popularity English RPG | 1 player | 1988
The sequel to the popular RPG Bard's Tale. After your characters defeated the wizard Mangar the Dark and freed Skara Brae from eternal winter, all seemed well in the world. Fortunately for your employment prospects, the evil Archmage Lagoth Zanta shows up and splits the Destiny Wand into seven piece...
1 Growing popularity English Sports | 1 player | 1989
In TKO you can play the career of a boxer. Create your boxer by trading off a mixture of attributes, for example a boxer who cuts easily will not tire as easily, and a boxer whose best punch is to the head will not punch to the body as efficiently The main 1st-person perspective view shows the face...
Stunt Jumper
0 Steady popularity English Racing | 1 player | 1991
Stunt Jumper lets you drive a bike on a ramp and jump over a series of yellow school buses. The player has three lives and needs to keep the speed correct to match the number of buses so as to land on the down-ramp without crashing. Too slow, and you crash into a bus between the ramps, too fast and ...
All-American College Football
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 2 players | 1991
All-American College Football is a football simulator allowing the player to coach a college football team. The game is officially licensed and features over 140 statistical categories for over 80 teams. There are five game modules included: 1.College Head-Up Football: Play a game head to head again...
Pinball Fantasies
4 Growing popularity English Action - Pinball | 4 players | 1994
After the success of Pinball Dreams on several systems, a sequel featuring four new tables was created. The gameplay is much the same as the first game, with realistic physics, multi-player options and a high score table to aim for. The tables are Partyland, Speed Devils, Billion Dollar Gameshow and...
0 Steady popularity English Strategy | 1 player | 1991
L'Empereur is a military strategy game. The game takes place during the violent aftermath of the French Revolution and follows the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte who became one of the most popular and charismatic leaders of France. Gameplay You start as an officer in charge of the military and...
The Palace of Deceit: The Secret of Castle Lockemoer
0 Steady popularity English Adventure - Text-based | 1 player | 1991
The Palace Of Deceit: The Secret Of Castle Lockemoer is a single player text adventure that is the forerunner of the Windows game The Palace of Deceit: The Dragon's Plight. The story begins long ago in a land far away where an evil wizard reigned causing death, misery and destruction for the inhabi...
0 Steady popularity English Board game | 4 players | 1989
Pachisi is an ancient game thought to have originated in India. Modern western variants include the board games Sorry! and Ludo. The game is played by rolling a dice and moving counters around the outside of a cross shaped game area. Pachisi is for four players and in this shareware version the comp...
3 Growing popularity English Action - Pinball | 4 players | 1993
Silverball is basically a commercially published version of the game Epic Pinball. The game engine is nearly the same, only the tables themselves are different. It comes with four tables: Fantasy, Blood, Snooker Champ, and Odyssey. Some distributions (Silverball Plus 2) include two extra tables, ...
Call of Cthulhu: Shadow of the Comet
0 Steady popularity English Adventure | 1 player | 1994
In 1834, in the small New England fishing village of Illsmouth, the distinguished British scientist Lord Boleskine lost his mind. After studying ancient manuscripts of evil repute, he had travelled to this place to observe the passing of Halley's comet. What he observed that night, however, turned h...
Tommy's Nyet
0 Steady popularity English Puzzle game | 1 player | 1989
Tommy's Nyet is a DOS Tetris clone for one to six players. The player uses the numeric keypad to position falling blocks in a pit. Blocks can be moved right or left and they can be rotated too. When the player completes a row of bricks across the pit with no gaps, that row disappears and all remaini...
Graviton II
0 Steady popularity English Action - Shoot'em up | 1 player | 1993
Like the first Graviton game, this is a physics-based shooter modeled after Gravitar, featuring a triangular spaceship with turn and thrust controls, whose flight is governed by inertia, gravity and acceleration. This time around there are 16 new planets, split up as before into four solar systems. ...
0 Steady popularity English Action - Platformer | 1 player | 1997
Guimo is a 2D platform game featuring several stages full of action. The story is situated in a parallel world called "Bitland", the Earth-brother world where inhabitants are under terrible danger after the invasion of Necterion and his army. To restore harmony between the two worlds, the best train...
Kingdom O' Magic
0 Steady popularity English Adventure | 1 player | 1996
Kingdom O' Magic is a fantasy adventure game spoof - along the lines of Zork but with British humour. Play as either an unintelligible Green Lizard Guy (use subtitles) or the token female - who was intended to be humorously overproportioned although now Tomb Raider has raised the standard. The desi...
Star Trek Combat Simulator
0 Steady popularity English Action | 1 player | 1996
Game set in the Star Trek universe where you will have to select a ship from one of the races (Klingons, Romulans and so on) for yourself and the AI, then select the scene of the battle (open space or planet) and then start it. The whole game is the same background and two small ships who seek to de...
Duracell: Run the Bunny
0 Steady popularity English Action - FPS | 1 player | 1996
Definitely one of the worst promotional games ever made. Through 6 terrible levels you control the Energizer bunny, one of the most recognizable corporate mascots in the world . The goal in each level is to find the two drumsticks, a drum, and a Duracell battery to bring to the Energizer bunny so he...
Bridge Hopper
0 Steady popularity English Action - Platformer | 1 player | 1990
There are gaps in the bridge (three gaps in levels up to 6, four from there on), but does that deter pedestrians from willfully treading on, like Lemmings or Sleepwalkers, to their demise? Regrettably, that is not the case. Fortunately for the player, a stopgap measure is available to instantaneou...
Club & Country
0 Steady popularity English Management - Sports | 1 player | 1995
In Club & Country the player is the coach of a English soccer team and is in charge of the athletic and financial success. He starts in the Third Division and eventually becomes the English national coach. On the financial side he can buy and sell players, expand the stadium and fire or hire other s...
The Last Express
0 Steady popularity English Adventure - Interactive movie | 1 player | 1997
The Last Express is a true real-time adventure set in 1914, just before the First World War, in a concrete historical and geographical environment. As you gain control of Robert Cath, time begins to flow. If you fail to solve a part of the mystery until the train arrives at the next station, certain...
Rolling Jack
0 Steady popularity English Action - Puzzle game | 1 player | 1994
Rolling Jack is a Boulder Dash clone. On each level, the protagonist (a smiling, red ball), who can move freely in 4 directions, must collect all the coins and then go into the exit. There are numerous dangers in the levels: rocks which fall when there is free space beneath them, and which can kill ...
0 Steady popularity English Action | 1 player | 1993
Snaker is a Swedish adaption of the classical concept of snake games.The player uses the arrow keys to control a green snake that is constantly moving through a scrolling labyrinth. The snake has a certain amount of strength at its disposal that decreases by movement and will immediately kill the sn...
0 Steady popularity English Action | 1 player | 1994
Micropede is a single player, mouse controlled, freeware, game based on Centipede. In this game, the player controls a spaceship, which can move freely in the bottom third of the screen, and shoots upward to destroy the oncoming micropede. The micropede is made up of many segments, and when a sectio...
The Game of Yahtzee
0 Steady popularity English Board game | 1 player | 1988
The Game of Yahtzee is an implementation of the classic dice game for between one and five players, there is no computer opponent. The game plays and scores like any game of Yahtzee. It is entirely keyboard controlled so if a player rolls 5-5-5-1-2 and wants to try for a Yahtzee in 5's they enter 1...
Tony La Russa Baseball 3: 1996 Edition
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 1 player | 1996
An update of the Tony La Russa Baseball 3 game, with better graphics, better gamepad control, updated rosters and an improved statistics module.
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