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Oscar the Balloonist Discovers the Farm
0 Steady popularity English Edutainment - Adventure | 1 player | 2001
Aimed at younger children (ages four through eight), this educational game joins Oscar the Balloonist as he lands in the quirky farmyard of eccentric animal researcher Balthasar Pumpernickel. Since Balthasar is actually a little uncomfortable being around livestock on his own, the two set out togeth...
OOG: The Object Orientation Game
0 Steady popularity English Strategy - Puzzle game | 1 player | 1995
This is a computer version of Tangram. Tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle with just a few geometric shapes (to be exact, one square, one parallelogram and five triangles of varied sizes). Move and rotate these pieces to build a goal shape (squares, polygons, profiles,...). The program has dozens o...
Over the Reich
0 Steady popularity English Strategy - Simulation - Tactical | 1 player | 1996
Over the Reich is a turn-based strategy/flight simulator hybrid. It takes place during World War II, and you can fly for either the German Luftwaffe, the Royal Air Force, or the USA Air Force. There is a campaign mode and plenty of single missions to keep you occupied. On the harder skill levels it'...
Outpost 69: Lust in Space
2 Growing popularity English Adventure | 1 player | 1996
Take an intergalactic adventure to Outpost 69, where the galaxy's hottest babes satisfy your every desire! This cosmic resort will challenge your intellect, your sexual desires and every erotic fantasy. The babes on this planet are hotter and sluttier than anything you've seen on earth. So come and ...
Operation Odin
0 Steady popularity English Adventure | 1 player | 1996
Berlin 1945, just before the end of the war. The German forces are defeated, the allied troops on the advance. Ordered by Reichsmarshal Goering, Captain Wuerger is supposed to hide away the gold treasure of the Nazis in a Berlin apartment house in a haste. But Wuerger is carrying on his own foul pla...
Opera Fatal
0 Steady popularity English Adventure - Edutainment - Rhythm | 1 player | 1996
Opera Fatal is a musical and educational adventure game. You must help an opera director to find his score, stolen by a thief - a chase through the theatre, solving musical puzzles and learning more about instruments. The graphics were made with Quicktime VR and Macromedia technologies.
One Small Square
0 Steady popularity English Edutainment | 1 player | 1995
The One Small Square CD-ROM series will show you how to take a closer look at the Earth, one small square at a time. There you'll meet a dazzling cast of creatures. And, you'll watch them interact with one another as well as with a supporting cast of plants, soil, rocks, weather- their ecosystem. As...
0 Steady popularity English Strategy | 1 player | 1994
In the first part of the 21st century, scientists discovered a huge asteroid named Vulcan's Hammer headed straight for Earth. A single corporation decided the only way for survival was to colonize other worlds. One ship was launched and as it sat in orbit around Jupiter, Earth was no more. Now it...
Opus 'n Bill Brain Saver
0 Steady popularity English Other | 1 player | 1993
16 Opus N' Bill Screen Savers.
Out of This World
0 Steady popularity English Action - Platformer | 1 player | 1994
A young physics professor named Lester conducts a particle experiment. Suddenly, something goes wrong, a lightning strikes, and in a moment Lester finds himself in a strange alien world. Now he must fight for his life, first with his bare hands, then with a gun he finds. But what gives him courage i...
Office Darts 301
0 Steady popularity English Sports - Simulation | 1 player | 1994
Office Darts 301 is a single player freeware game which has been released on its own to generate interest for a larger game called Office Darts.In this game the darts are thrown by a short backwards and forwards movement of the mouse and their forward and lateral trajectory is shown in two separate ...
Operation: Inner Space
0 Steady popularity English Action - Strategy - Shooter | 1 player | 1994
Inner Space is an arcade-style shooter taking place inside a rather familiar environment: the player's computer. Evil forces have invaded, seizing control of the player's system, and setting loose program icons to cause mayhem. It's up to the player to round up the renegade icons, all the while batt...
Oscar the Balloonist Drops into the Countryside
0 Steady popularity English Edutainment - Adventure | 1 player | 2001
Oscar finds out the answers to questions like, "Are owls really all that clever?" and "Do rabbits paint Easter eggs?" with the help of his new friends Henry Hare, Harriet Hedgehog, Belinda Butterfly, Leonard Lizzard, Bill and Brenda Barn Owl, Dorothy Doe, and Emmanuel Mole. Together they travel thro...
Origin FX
0 Steady popularity English Other | 1 player | 1992
One of Origin's least known releases is a solid screensaver collection that features posters and scenes from famous Origin games (e.g. Wing Commander and Ultima). The screensaver modules are not as varied in style as LucasArts' underrated Star Wars Screen Entertainment-- they are mostly just slidesh...
Oscar the Balloonist and the Secrets of the Forest
0 Steady popularity English Edutainment - Adventure | 1 player | 2000
Carmela, Oscar the balloonist's treasure chest, has gone missing. When he lands his balloon and finds her in the woods, she refuses to leave until he has solved all the puzzles. The forest and its animals come to life in each of the four seasons and you have to learn about their habits to complete t...
Oscar the Balloonist Flies into the Mountains
0 Steady popularity English Edutainment - Adventure | 1 player | 2001
Oscar Flies Into The Mountains is a gentle and accessible introduction to nature. The information on the CD-ROM is provided in a humorous way, and there is a good mix of familiar animals such as bears and cows as well as lesser-known members of the animal kingdom like wood grouse and whistling marmo...
Oscar the Balloonist Dives into the Lake
0 Steady popularity English Edutainment - Adventure | 1 player | 2000
Oscar the Balloonist Dives into the Lake follows the further adventures of the young hero of Oscar the Balloonist and the Secrets of the Forest as he heads to the lake to visit Balthasar Pumpernickel, an animal researcher. Balthasar is afraid of the animals he's supposed to be studying, so he's reli...
Oregon Trail II: 25th Anniversary Limited Edition
0 Steady popularity English Adventure - Simulation - Edutainment | 1 player | 1996
While the number of different Oregon Trail versions challenges any collection to be comprehensive, this edition includes all the major MECC releases since the game hit personal computers. *The Oregon Trail, version 2.1 for MS-DOS, ported to Windows *The Oregon Trail for Macintosh, version 1.2 *...
Oregon Trail II
0 Steady popularity English Adventure - Simulation - Edutainment | 1 player | 1995
Oregon Trail II is a sequel to Oregon Trail. The game follows the basic structure of the predecessor, which is a simulation of traveling through towns and wilderness in the state of Oregon, with adventure-like gameplay elements and educational material. The sequel changes, enhances, and adds many ga...
Off the Tracks
0 Steady popularity English Strategy | 1 player | 1998
This kid's game teaches your children about mapping, using one of their favorite subjects - trains! You have to build a set of tracks to get the train to its shed, while avoiding mountains and crossing bridges. The game is easily mouse-driven for pre-readers. There are four different sets of obstacl...
Oddballz: Your Wacky Computer Petz
0 Steady popularity English Simulation | 1 player | 1996
Oddballz is a spin-off from the Catz and Dogz series, from P.F. Magic. This time, as the title states, the pets are wacky creatures, more alien-like than animal. Now they can make their eyes come out of their sockets and literally scare them to pieces, while retaining a comic look and feel (somet...
One Armed Bandit
0 Steady popularity English Simulation - Casino | 1 player | 1991
One Armed Bandit is a very simple slot machine simulation program. You start with 50 credits; each play costs one credit. Every time you pull the lever by pressing Space, Alt + P or selecting "Play" with your mouse, you'll have a chance to win more credits.Unlike most slot machines, however, you onl...
Otter's Adventure, The
0 Steady popularity English Edutainment | 1 player | 1995
Learn about science and ecology with Ozzie Otter and Friends. It's a fantastic learning game for kids aged 3-8. Have you ever wondered what the world looks like through the eyes of a fly? Now you can find out. Ozzie will guide you and your child through five magical environments filled with colourfu...
Operation: Eco-Nightmare
0 Steady popularity English Adventure - Edutainment | 1 player | 1997
After the happenings in Team Xtreme: Operation Weather Disaster the evil Jonah Rainwater changed himself and became the head of a environment protection group. But something seems to be fishy about their research labs and so the player starts an investigation as a new member of Team Xtreme.In a 360¦...
Odell Down Under
0 Steady popularity English Simulation - Edutainment | 1 player | 1994
You are a fish locked in the desperate game of survival in a small coral reef. As you struggle to live you'll learn about prey and predators in a reef. Controls are simple, you move your pointer to guide your fish and click on fish to try and eat them. You can also move your fish behind coral and in...
Oregon Trail for Windows
0 Steady popularity English Adventure - Simulation - Edutainment | 1 player | 1996
As a covered wagon party of pioneers, you head out west from Independence, Missouri to the Willamette River and valley in Oregon. You first must stock up on provisions, and then, while traveling, make decisions such as when to rest, how much food to eat, etc. The Oregon Trail incorporates simulation...
Opening Night
0 Steady popularity English Simulation - Edutainment | 1 player | 1995
Command 40 actors (Live Actors filmed/photographed and put into the game) on over 100 sets with more than 300 props to create your own scenes. Lighting can also be changed to fit a certain scene along with music and sound effects. Adapt literature or write you own material and put it in the actors m...
0 Steady popularity English Puzzle game | 1 player | 1990
A german game taking the basic idea of "Oil's Well" and expanding on it, with a pretty complex gameplay.
Off Shore Warrior
0 Steady popularity English Action - Racing | 1 player | 1988
Society has become ultra-peaceful, but some retain a lust for violence and carnage. Off-shore racing fills that void perfectly in this behind-the-boat racer, which resembles Titus's earlier Fire & Forget. Four X1 boats armed with missiles tough it out over circuits set up in lakes and lined with ro...
0 Steady popularity English Action - Platformer | 1 player | 1988
Osbit is a single-player, freeware, keyboard controlled, runny jumpy platform game. Osbit is an operating system bit who lives inside a computer. After a power surge struck the computer Osbit found himself a long way from home and must now fight his way, the power surge released nasty bugs, through ...
0 Steady popularity English Action - Fighting - Platformer | 1 player | 1990
As a highly respected warrior, you are attempting to conquer as many regions as possible. This is a three-stage task, as first you must fight through hordes of fighters simply to reach the castle, and then you have to climb the various sections of the castle, before battling with its existing inhabi...
Oliver & Company
0 Steady popularity English Action - Platformer | 1 player | 1989
You are Oliver, a cat from the Disney movie "Oliver & Company". The game is 3rd person perspective arcade scroller.Plot is same as in the movie. Oliver is homeless cat that teams up with a gang of dogs and their poor but good owner in New York. You control Oliver through mouse and keyboard and you m...
Olimpiadas 92: Gimnasia Deportiva
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 1 player | 1992
"Olimpiadas 92: Gimnasia Deportiva" is a control-innovative game grouping the most popular events of the Gymnastic discipline in the Olympic Games of Barcelona '92. There are four options available in the main menu: choosing number of players (from 1 to 4), selecting team (there are 6 countries ava...
0 Steady popularity English Action - Racing | 1 player | 1997
First-person racing simulator. Before the start, you can choose the level of difficulty and adjust the control (automatic or manual). Initially, only two cars are available and only two tracks - “easy” and “difficult”. The police play an important role in the races - if they go after you you will ha...
On Disk Monthly's Circuitry
0 Steady popularity English Puzzle game | 1 player | 1992
On Disk Monthly's Circuitry is a Tetris-style game where the player needs to connect one side of a 'well' to another with a 'circuit' of similar blocks. There are ten kinds of blocks, including 'stopper' blocks which permanently occupy a position on a game field, and 'universal' blocks, which comple...
0 Steady popularity English Board game - Puzzle game | 1 player | 1993
Osiris is a puzzle game for three participants. The game field is a pyramid which in itself is divided into triangle-shaped fields. Each player has a number of blocks in one corner with the goal to reach the middle of the pyramid, representing a treasure tomb. Each turn, a player can move one of the...
0 Steady popularity English Action - Edutainment | 1 player | 1992
Ortotris is a Tetris variant. The game takes place in the same manner except that the player does not stack bricks but words. The player's task is to choose the correct spelling. The correct spelling indicated at the bottom of the screen needs to be selected from different choices by using the left ...
Omni-Play Horse Racing
0 Steady popularity English Management - Racing - Sports | 4 players | 1989
In Sport of Kings up to four human players can manage a successful horse racing stable. Choose which races to enter your horses into, and which jockeys to hire for them. Details of each horse and jockey's form, plus the conditions, should be used to help you make the right choices. After this, races...
0 Steady popularity English Edutainment - Simulation | 1 player | 1986
Obiter is a space shuttle simulator based on the actual commands and procedures used by NASA. It simulates the experience of launching, landing, and performing the delicate missions required of the NASA astronauts. Random problems such as mechanical failures will arise as you try to complete your mi...
Once Upon a Forest
0 Steady popularity English Adventure | 1 player | 1995
Lots of games are made from movies and also movies made from games, neither often turn out very well in the translation though. Once upon a forest was first made as a movie but I never saw it so I can't really judge it. The game is about a number of forest creatures who are called the furlings, one ...
Operation: Cleanstreets
0 Steady popularity English Action - Fighting | 1 player | 1988
You're Dirty Harry and you need to find and beat up dealers to get drugs and burn them outside the town, which will regain your energy. This is the Silmarils' first game. In 9 screens, you can fight with ninjas, amazons, punks and other thugs and low-lives, and you've only your hands and feets for t...
Ocean Trader
0 Steady popularity English Management - Strategy | 1 player | 1996
You have to build up a trading company in this game. The only way of transport available is by ship. There are 100 harbours wih 32 different goods available. You can design you own ships when you've got enough money for it. But be patient on spending it, a little storm can cost you your existence if...
0 Steady popularity English Puzzle game | 1 player | 1992
You control a black orb that is trapped in a puzzle like labyrinth. A level is called a landscape and there are 200 landscapes to solve. The main gameplay element consists of opening the so-called oxydstones. You can bump against a oxydstone and a colored symbol will appear. Uncover two of the same ...
Obliterator (1996)
0 Steady popularity English Action - Shoot'em up | 1 player | 1996
Funny space 360-degree shmup, where the task is to survive as long as possible (there is no final goal and no division into levels), and for this you need to shoot enemies and avoid collisions with them.
0 Steady popularity English RPG - Text-based | 1 player | 1988
Omega is a new direction in game design. The plot is innocent enough: futuristic tanks battling. There is a twist, however: the tanks are controlled by computers. It's your job, as the player, not to control the tanks in real time, but to learn a programming language designed for the game to build a...
Operation AirStorm
0 Steady popularity English Action - Simulation | 1 player | 1994
A flight sim paired with the Revell model company license. One part of the CD-Rom is videos with assembly and painting tips for a few Revell aircraft models. The game portion is a fairly simplistic flight sim with multiple aircraft and missions to choose from. There is no collision detection, so hav...
Ocean Ranger
0 Steady popularity English Simulation | 1 player | 1989
A naval simulation game. The Ocean Ranger is the first of a new class of frigate sized foilborne missile ships. You are able to track and destroy targets on the sea surface, beneath the sea, and in the air. Missions occur in one of four locations (from easiest to most difficult), the Bering Sea, Sou...
0 Steady popularity English Board game - Strategy | 1 player | 1986
A direct computer conversion of Steve Jackson's board game of supertanks going against superinfantry with superhowitzers. Plays exactly like the board game.
Operation Harrier
0 Steady popularity English Action - Shoot'em up | 1 player | 1990
Operation Harrier is an action game starring Britain's famous VTOL aircraft. It uses an enhanced version of the Rotoscape system first used in Creative Materials' earlier Rotox: the own plane is seen from the top and when steering left or right the polygonally rendered background rotates around it. ...
Othello (1982)
0 Steady popularity English Board game | 2 players | 1982
This is ancient board game of Othello (another name is Reversi). You must capture opponent's pieces, placing your stones on board. Any opponent's stones directly between your new stone and any of your old ones became captured and reversed to your color. You can play with friend or with computer. T...
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