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Nippon Safes Inc.
0 Steady popularity English Adventure | 1 player | 1992
Nippon Safes, Inc. is the predecessor to Big Red Adventure, both being cartoon adventure games by Italian developer Dynabyte. As in its followup, here players take the role of three different heroes (though, opposite to Goblins series, one at time). They are Doug, the smart safe cracker; Dino, the s...
0 Steady popularity English Casino | 1 player | 1994
Nine is an adaptation of the Russian version of Fan Tan's card game for three persons (one human and two AI opponents) playing with a 36-card deck. After shuffling, all cards are dealt to the players and by turns each player adds a card starting with the "Nine of Diamonds" to the table organized in ...
NFL Pro League Football: New 1991 Version
0 Steady popularity English Management - Sports | 1 player | 1991
A "strategic" football simulation focusing on coaching strategy. Designed for leagues, players could draft from current or classic teams and build coaching strategies for the computer to run or call game plays themselves. There is no direct control over the players.
Nickelodeon Director's Lab
0 Steady popularity English Edutainment - Simulation | 1 player | 1994
What better way to present a classic Nickelodoen Game than with a classic Nickelodean Figurehead, yes Mellisa Joanhart herself helps to instruct you through the many features of this all inclusive Viacom Interactive's Nickelodeon Director's Lab! While the program is of course primitive to that of t...
Night Trap
0 Steady popularity English Adventure - Interactive movie | 1 player | 1994
Five girls go to a party to a nice house on a lakeside. Five girls disappear without a trace... Now another five girls go there, in order to spend the vacation with the Martins, the owners of the house, in particular with the lovely Ms. Martin. This time, you should not let them die a gruesome death...
Nitemare 3D
0 Steady popularity English Action - FPS | 1 player | 1994
Nitemare-3D is a horror-themed first-person shooter and a sequel to the adventure game Hugo III: Jungle of Doom. Hugo's girlfriend Penelope is kidnapped by the nefarious Dr. Hamerstein, who intends to conduct terrifying experiments on her. Hugo has to explore the Doctor's twisted mansion, travel thr...
0 Steady popularity English Action - Shoot'em up | 4 players | 1993
This first-person 3D space shooter that Novell, Inc. released to show NetWare's IPX capabilities has single-player and multi-player modes.During gameplay with mouse or keyboard you steer your ship, accelerate/decelerate engines, shoot enemy ships, and collect satellites to restore the shields or cus...
0 Steady popularity English Adventure | 1 player | 1996
NET:Zone is a science fiction adventure set in the world of virtual reality. You play Newton, son of Zel Winters, the Managing Director of the CYCORP Corporation, who went missing a year ago. The police has returned your father�s belongings and after cracking his VR Interface you find an SOS message...
Nmongo Bongo
0 Steady popularity English Action | 1 player | 1991
Spanish virtual shooting gallery with a rear view, in which you play a powerful warrior of an African tribe. You need to throw spears at the creatures moving at the top of the screen in order to kill them. Javelin throws are done in two stages: first we must determine with what force we want to thro...
0 Steady popularity English Action - Simulation - Shoot'em up | 4 players | 1996
The premise of Nihilist is simple: The player controls a spaceship which has to beat deathmatches in an arena called Kraal. The gameplay is a mix between the classic games Beamrider and Star Wars. In Beamrider the player is on the bottom of a grid and shoots enemies on the upper part. Star Wars had ...
Nitro Racers
0 Steady popularity English Action - Racing | 1 player | 1997
A top down cyberpunk style racing game. The game features 30 tracks, along with a one-trace style arcade mode and a simulator option that plays more like a career mode with money, car damage, sponsors, upgrades and such.
Night Bomber
0 Steady popularity English Action | 1 player | 1988
Your mission is to destroy the enemy cities. All you have to do is enter the angles over which the missiles will be fired. Occasionally UFO's will fly over. They try to destroy either the city or your base. You cannot shoot them. The game ends when you have fired all twelve missiles.
Navcom 6: The Persian Gulf Defense
0 Steady popularity English Action - Simulation | 1 player | 1988
Commanding a Naval Cruiser, you must work to protect the waters in the Persian Gulf. There are three missions to choose from, Convoy Escort, Patrol, or Dawn of Death. If you choose Convoy Escort, you'll need to protect the convoy from any enemies deciding to attack the convoy. Or patrol the waters ...
Nuclear War
0 Steady popularity English Strategy | 1 player | 1989
In Nuclear War you have to blow the opposition to smithereens - you have four opposing factions. You can either drop the bomb on them using a bomber, fire a missile, or try to lure their population using propaganda. Ocassionally a random event occurs, for example aliens would land on one of the fac...
0 Steady popularity English Simulation | 1 player | 2001
Noctis is a game that is very similar to Frontier: Elite II and its sequel, but it is also very different at the same time. While the Frontier series is focused on combat and trading, Noctis is more geared towards space exploration. Considering that Noctis seems to have been conceptualized and desig...
Neverwinter Nights
0 Steady popularity English RPG | 1 player | 1991
The original Neverwinter Nights was the first Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) Role Playing Game to go online (pay to play), and was hosted by America Online (AOL). Situated in the city of Neverwinter and the more than 20 surrounding regions/areas, the game itself was similar to other official AD...
Nobunaga's Ambition
0 Steady popularity English Strategy | 1 player | 1988
In the 16th century, Japan's Sengoku ("Warring States") period divided the nation into numerous feudal states, each ruled by a daimyo. These daimyos would often go to war with each other. Many dreamt of conquering the land, becoming the Shogun and ruling the entire country. One of those daimyos was ...
Nuclear Sub Adventure
0 Steady popularity English Adventure - Text-based | 1 player | 1987
You are a member of the skeleton crew which has been assigned to test the sub under emergency conditions. Unfortunately most of the skeleton crew seems to have disappeared (not mentioned in the intro) and so it seems as if you're on your own, running around the sub trying to fix everything that does...
Nuclear Bowls
0 Steady popularity English Action - Platformer | 1 player | 1990
We play as a hero who has to go inside the abandoned nuclear power station on the edge of a meltdown to shut the reactor off and to prevent a major catastrophe. We have to find and/or fight our way through the robotic guards gone crazy and many other strange creatures that probably got influenced by...
NY Warriors
0 Steady popularity English Action - Shoot'em up | 2 players | 1991
NY Warriors is a top down action game in which you must face various armed gangs in a post apocalyptic New York and finish various missions. The game is heavily influenced by the movie The Warriors. In each mission the player faces a different gang with distinct outfits and characteristics; Ramboids...
Narco Police
0 Steady popularity English Action - Shoot'em up | 1 player | 1990
In the 21st century, the world is virtually ruled by the drug barons. Your mission is to equip and position three squads of elite cops on the perimeter, and guide them through the enemy's network of tunnels. Once through you must level the factory with explosives. The loadout and starting positions...
No Future?
0 Steady popularity English Management - Simulation | 1 player | 1996
No Future is a fun little edutainment title developed by EGO Software and commissioned by the Federal Environmental Agency of Germany. Take the role of a time traveler / city developer taken back in time to the 1900's to a pristine island called FUTURE. The local populace though living in this para...
NFL Quarterback Club 97
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 2 players | 1996
NFL Quarterback Club 97 utilizes many of the same gameplay elements seen in Madden NFL 97 - including the kicking T-meter, the three-quarter overhead primary camera angle, and the button assignments and controls. Player animations are fluid and realistic, and the player sprites have clearly visible ...
Nine Princes in Amber
0 Steady popularity English Adventure - Text-based | 1 player | 1985
This interactive fiction game is based on Roger Zelazny's fantasy novels Nine Princes In Amber (1970) and The Guns of Avalon (1972). The game begins with you as Prince Corwin forced to compete against your eight scheming noble brothers and sisters for the throne of Amber at the center of the one tr...
Nebula Fighter
0 Steady popularity English Action - Shoot'em up | 1 player | 1997
Nebula Fighter is a one or two player, side-scrolling, space shooter in the vein of R-Type. The story behind the game is that all the terrorists in the world banded together to form a single army. World governments were toppled and the terrorists took control of the world which they ruled by terror...
Nyet 3: The Revenge of the Mutant Stones
0 Steady popularity English Action - Puzzle game | 1 player | 1993
At it's heart, Nyet 3 is a Tetris clone. It does however add a whole lot of variation to that venerable classic. The game is divided into 7 sets of 18 levels, and lets the player go through the levels in a set in any order. To beat a level the player usually has to make a given number of rows disap...
Nectar of the Gods
0 Steady popularity English Adventure - Text-based | 1 player | 1987
Starting in a hotel in modern Athens, your goal is to journey back in time to find the secret of immortality. A fairly primitive game. Has a two-word parser that pretends to be a full-sentence parser, but handles "all" correctly. Some bugs - I got into a situation where I couldn't drop things. Conta...
0 Steady popularity English Action - Platformer | 1 player | 1995
An advertising platformer interspersed with mini-games, designed to promote products of the North American company Nashua, engaged in, for example, the production of cartridges for printers and floppy disks. For achievement of record results even real prizes were offered.
Now You See It
0 Steady popularity English Quiz | 2 players | 1990
In this simulation of the famous TV game show, the questions are asked, and players must find the answers, which are hidden in a letter grid. Players win points by finding the answers before their opponents do. The first player to earn 1000 points is the winner, and goes on to play in the Championsh...
NFL Football
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 1 player | 1992
NFL Football is an action oriented game based on the popular sport. It is played in real-time so you have to think and act fast. In comparison to other arcade sports simulations, there are relative many coaching options.It is officially licensed by the NFL and you can choose between about 30 teams. ...
NASCAR Racing 2
0 Steady popularity English Racing | 8 players | 1996
The sequel to Sierra's award-winning NASCAR Racing, NASCAR 2 used a new game engine, which improved the graphics, physics, sound, and multiplayer. It also added the official cars, tracks, and drivers of the 1996 season, an arcade mode, mouse interface, and radio spotter. It was also the first ...
0 Steady popularity English RPG - Text-based | 1 player | 1992
NetHack-- (pronounced NetHack Minus Minus), initially released as NetHack++, is a NetHack variant. It was originally built on the NetHack 3.0 codebase and then ported to NetHack 3.1. While NetHack-- does not introduce fundamental changes into gameplay, it adds over a hundred new monster types, doze...
NBA Live 95
1 Growing popularity English Sports | 2 players | 1995
The first of the NBA Live titles on the PC, NBA Live 95 includes all of the basketball players from the '94 - '95 season as well as the All-Star teams from the East and West. Manage over 300 players using the General Manager feature, new in this edition. Statistics for each player and team are save...
0 Steady popularity English Adventure | 1 player | 1989
Based on the cyberpunk novel by William Gibson. In a grimy future, you play Case, a cyberspace cowboy who finds himself broke in Chiba City. Find yourself a laptop and the right software for it so you can hack into databases around the city to regain your access to cyberspace. Buy and upgrade brain ...
0 Steady popularity English Board game - Puzzle game | 3 players | 1993
Numlo is a Reversi game for three players, like Tribolo. Numlo differs from Tibolo by removing the unplayable squares, the size of the board is reduced to 12�12, and there are random point values scattered across the board which are added to each player's total. As in Reversi, players take turns pla...
Night of the Hermit
0 Steady popularity English Adventure | 1 player | 2001
Night of the Hermit is a fan game based on Ron Gilbert's classic Monkey Island legacy. It is not the first game to attempt adding something to the Monkey Island universe, nor will it be the last one. There are probably hundreds of attempted LucasArts fangames trolling about on the internet. This one...
0 Steady popularity English Puzzle game | 1 player | 1992
The goal of this another Tetris-clone is to clear as many lines as possible, and do not allow blocks stack up to the top. New feature is a 'NOT' activated by player during the game. When four lines are cleared simultaneously the player receives a 'NOT'. For each 'NOT', a notch is cut out of the bor...
NBA Live 96
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 1 player | 1996
As with all games in the NBA Live series you can draft, trade and edit players. Play a full season, exhibition or just the playoffs. 96 includes 29 teams including the expansion Toronto and Vancouver teams.
NHL 96
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 4 players | 1995
NHL 96 was the first EA Sports game to feature Virtual Stadium technology, which resulted in a 3D feel and multiple camera angles. The NHL license ensures that real teams and players of the era are included, with a full league and playoff system. Many game options can be toggled - the infamous fight...
0 Steady popularity English Adventure | 1 player | 1994
Noctropolis is an adventure game, with game mechanics that will be familiar to anyone who has ever played LucasArts' classic games or any other representative of the adventure game genre. You play the part of a character in a piece of "interactive fiction," and it's up to you to solve the puzzles an...
NCAA: Road to the Final Four 2
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 1 player | 1994
Basketball game focussed on the NCAA college tournament and sequel to the previous Road to the Final Four. In this one you get the entire 64 teams NCAA tournament teams and all the season stats for 1991, 92 and 93. Gameplay modes include exhibition and tournament modes (where you can play in any of ...
Network Q RAC Rally Championship
0 Steady popularity English Racing | 4 players | 1996
Rallye Racing 97 is a racing game which obtained the original licenses from the car manufacturers, allowing the player to drive the following cars: Subaru Impreza Turbo, Group A, Class 8 Ford Escort RS Cosworth, Group A, Class 8 Renault Maxi M�gane, Group A, Class 7 Skoda Felicia, Group A, Class 6 V...
National Lampoon's Chess Maniac 5 Billion and 1
0 Steady popularity English Board game - Strategy | 1 player | 1993
Humorous animated chess game; pieces capture with rude/funny digitized live-action cutscenes. Computer player tries to break your concentration with taunts and distracting animations--will steal a piece if you let it. Victory rewarded with cheesecake/beefcake/mountain-goat cutscene.
No Exit
0 Steady popularity English Action - Fighting | 2 players | 1990
No Exit is a side-view martial arts beat 'em up, similar in style to IK+. Each fight must be won within a time limit. You can specify your character's ability quite precisely, trading off Vivacity against Efficiency and Resistance against Strength. Your character has a special destructive mode, whic...
NBA Live 97
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 2 players | 1996
NBA Live 97 is a basketball game with an emphasis on realism. You can choose from all of the NBA teams, create a team with players you create yourself, or choose a team formed by the All-Star players of the east or West coasts. When you create a player yourself you can customize the player to a high...
NFL Quarterback Club 96
0 Steady popularity English Sports | 1 player | 1995
This game is the next-gen update of NFL Quarterback Club. Every team from the 1996 NFL season is shown here, with real player numbers and stats. 32 offensive plays and 16 defensive plays are available as you play. Options include setting quarter lengths, from one to 15 minutes, and selecting your m...
0 Steady popularity English Strategy | 1 player | 1995
In the year 2104, the Solar Union (the government of Earth and the solar system) faces trouble from three former colonies. Under the guise of negotiations, the colonies' forces attack and capture three mining worlds: Neptune's moon Triton, the Earth-like planet Romulous and the water world Pacifica....
Night Raid
0 Steady popularity English Action - Shoot'em up | 1 player | 1992
A remake of the classic Paratrooper. Kill all of the paratroopers before they reach the ground--and your turret.
0 Steady popularity English RPG - Text-based | 1 player | 1987
NetHack is a text-only (although some graphical versions exist) roguelike role-playing game. The objective is to find the Amulet of Yendor and sacrifice it to your deity. In the beginning, you choose one of the classes - there are some traditional ones, like Priest or Knight, but also unusual ones ...
Napion 3D
0 Steady popularity English Action | 1 player | 1999
Spanish 3D arcade game. The action begins with a man in ancient Greek clothes driving to a house, when he tries to enter he sees a woman dressed as an ancient Egyptian, and an evil magician chases him away. Then he stops at a certain statue, gets out of the car - and suddenly a strange-looking saber...
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