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NESFire Emblem Gaiden

Fire Emblem Gaiden

Console : NES

Language : Japanese

Genre : RPG - Tactical

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 1992

Developer : Intelligent Systems

Publisher : Nintendo

By Tanuki78 :
There were once two sibling deities on the Valencia continent. Brother Dorma, who believes that power is everything, and sister Mira, who dreams of paradise. After a long and fierce battle, the two decided to divide the land into north and south, with Dorma inhabiting the north and Mira the south.

--Thousands of years have passed since then. In the north, the Riguel Empire, a knight's country which has forsaken kindness because of its strength, was born, and in the south, the Sofia Kingdom, a country of rich and corrupt culture, was born. The two countries were in harmony while following their respective paths.
However, one day, the power of Mira, the goddess of fertility, suddenly vanished, and the power yielding abundant fruit is lost from the land of Sofia. In addition, the ambitious General Dozee of the Sofia Kingdom staged a coup d'etat and killed King Sofia. Taking advantage of the turmoil, The Rigel Empire also planned an invasion of Sophia, and the once peaceful Valencia was about to enter an era of war and turmoil.

Arum, the grandson of the knight Meissen, who lives in the village of Lam in Sofia, is about to leave the village to join the PLA in an attempt to defeat Dozee. At the same time, Celica, who was also raised by Meissen alongside Alm like brother and sister, travels to the Mira Temple to find out why Mira's power has diminished. Alm and Celica. Each of their fates are about to unfold.

In this title, you can move the map freely and adopt a system where the battle starts when you encounter an enemy. Unlike other games in the series, there is no concept of funding, and there is no limit on the number of times weapons can be

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