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Super Birdo 64

Nintendo 64 Hackrom English

Super Birdo 64

Genre : Action - Platformer - Shooter

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 2024

Developer : MrHovs

By ypmsei :


5 /5

A vanilla edit that lets you play as Birdo!

- Custom model by yours truly.
- All Mario voice clips replaced by Birdo voice clips from modern Mario games.
- A few custom textures (HUD and some addiitonal details)
- A few custom animations.
- An Egg Shooting Mechanic.

By pressing the L-Trigger, you can toggle "Shoot Mode", which allows you to shoot eggs with the B-Button. While in Shoot Mode, all B-Button actions are replaced with Egg Shooting. Eggs can be used to beat small foes, break boxes and collect coins, between a few other things! Feel free to experiment to find ways to make the most out of them.

"C-Up mode" has been replaced with First Person Mode. In this mode, while Shoot Mode is active, a reticle will display, allowing you to shoot eggs wherever you aim it.

Also while in Shoot Mode, pressing the R-Trigger will toggle Targetting, which is represented by a Silver Coin appearing next to the Camera HUD icons. While Targetting is active, Birdo will auto-aim at any enemy marked with a Silver Coin on top of its head., making it easier to shoot 'em up!


Further information :

The game needs the expansion pack to work, don't forget to activate it!

In Project64, click "Options" then "Settings" in the "Options" tab, you need to uncheck the "Hide advanced settings" box. Then you need to go back to settings, there will be many more tabs, click "ROM Settings", and set the RDRAM size to 8MB.

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