Playstation 2Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+3 Download
Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+

Console : Playstation 2

Language : French

Genre : Action - RPG

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 2007

Developer : Square Enix

Publisher : Square Enix

Popularity : 100 Growing popularity

By BigBoss95 :


5 /5

Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+, only released in Japanese territories, is a 2-disc set that includes Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ an updated re-release of the original Kingdom Hearts II and a 3D PS2 version remake of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories called Kingdom Heart Re:Chain of Memories with extra scenes and voice-overs for particular scenes.

Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ improvements include an English voice cast, tweaks in all difficulty modes and a new "Serious Mode" difficulty, new areas and redesigned navigation maps, new scenes from the Japanese Manga, new boss battles against the mysterious Organization XIII, one of the fights that was a cut-scene in the original is now playable, and all censored parts of the game are no longer censored.

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories improvements include: fully 3D render, Kingdom Hearts II reaction commands system, new cards and boss battles, all scenes now fully voiced in Japanese, and the game save data affects Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+.

Further information :

Many thanks to GovanifY for this translation.

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chobie en live (14/04/2019 22:24)

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Je ne sais pas si c'est l'endroit approprié (en général les détails techniques sont à mettre dans d'autres sections), mais j'ai un "tips" :

Si la partie création du vaisseau Gummi bloque, télécharger la version anglaise du final mix, créer votre vaisseau, sauvegarder puis revenez sur la version française.

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