HackromMegadriveYoshi in Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Yoshi in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 2017/08/18 624.09KB

Yoshi in Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Console : Megadrive

Language : English

Genre : Platformer

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 2017

Developer : Xenowhirl

Weekly games : 5 Decreasing popularity

By nigraarto :


3 /5

Yoshi in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is a ROM hack which was made by Xenowhirl for the 2010 Sonic the Hedgehog Hacking Contest. The game has been shown during april, 2017.

In this game, you play as Yoshi who's carrying Sonic and going to confront the evil Dr. Robotnik.

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User Feedback

Meilleur que Yoshi Island et que Sonic 2 : le meilleur hack Mega Drive jamais vu.

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