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Pokémon Island

Console : PC

Language : EnglishItalianPortuguese

Genre : RPG

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 2011

Developer : FL

Popularity : 7 Growing popularity

By TompouceGabriel :
This is a game with the main pokémon RPG mechanics for the Game Boy/Nintendo DS, but with a different approach on Pokémon Island. There is a new concept of linearity for the franchise because almost nothing is essential to move forward, but still there are many challenges.

- National Dex with 649 pokémon from generation 5 open from the start! All are available and if you don't delete pokémon then you can have as many copies as you want for each pokémon specie. From Bulbasaur to Genesect.
- No GYMs or E4! Instead of them there is the Colosseum.
- 8 Characters to choose.
- Moves until generation 5 with some modifications in the last two generations. There is the Physical/Special division.
- Abilities until generation 3.
- A large majority of the items until generation 4 present and functional.
- Graphics from generation 3 (except battle sprites).
- No HMs! Moves like Surf, Fly and Teleport don't work outside battle, but there are items with similar effects.
- Only one screen.
- There is no real time clock system.

Previously the Pokémon Island was a island only of pokémon. There were very few people, most researchers like the notable professor Oak who studied the pokémon on island. However, three years ago has been proven the existence of pokémon Mew on the island.

Because this was a very rare pokémon, this attracted a crowd with many trainers who sought Mew, so the island was filled with trainers.

Many of them were very skilled and famous, others came in this island to challenge them, the island soon became a great meeting point for battles which led to the creation of many tournaments which also brought many viewers.

Many things happened in the last three years, has created a great battle place : The Colosseum and the trainers were classified according the victories there. Those who won many tournaments and had a high rank gain various kinds of exclusive treatment like better items, pok´rmon, locations, services, etc...

Many new pokémon were discovered on the island, others were released by other trainers, and some even went to stores. Most were discovered by explorers living in places never visited before. Some places are created to increase the diversity of pokémon that grew more and more.

And this is the story of this place, Pokémon Island.

Further information :

Version 1.2h (Complet)

*Added italian support.
*Fixed bugs, especially a Store crash on Pokémon Storage after a certain commands combination.

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