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HackromNESZelda Challenge: Outlands

Zelda Challenge: Outlands

Console : NES

Language : French

Genre : Action - RPG

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 2001

Developer : GameMakr24

Weekly games : 2 Decreasing popularity

By NeoKazan :


5 /5

This is probably the best Zelda hack out there. Almost every single thing possible to modify in the game has been modified. This hack exemplifies the talented individuals in our community. Anybody even remotely interested in ROMhacking should give this one a try!

The old world map has been completely overwritten by the new one. You are guaranteed not to recognize any locations from the previous game. All location of dungeons and secrets have been changed as well.

Secrets are now locked according to what quest you’re playing. For example, the rock you push to find a dungeon won’t move on the second quest, so you have to find a new entrance somewhere else in the world. The game allows each secret to be set to 1st Quest, 2nd Quest, both, or neither. So, many places where you can bomb, burn, push things and use the recorder are quest-specific.

Most of the monsters have new graphics (including all bosses) and some even have new colors.

There are 42 possible block, water & statue arrangements for the many dungeon rooms, and all but 3 are brand new.

That’s just a taste of what has been changed and how much work went into this hack!

Further information :

Traduction Version 1.0.

Merci à GamerMakr24 pour ce Hack.

Pour pas galérer car on démarre sans rien.
Dès le Départ, allez à DROITE, à DROITE, en BAS, à DROITE, à DROITE et entrez dans le donjon pour avoir l'épée.

Je vous invite, si vous voyez une erreur ou une correction, à me contacter par mail ou via RomStation et je le corrigerais.

Mail :
RomStation : NeoKazan

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