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FantradNESMetal Gear

Metal Gear

Console : NES

Language : French

Genre : Action - Beat'em up - Stealth

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 1988

Developer : Konami

Publisher : Konami

Weekly games : 3 Decreasing popularity

By sampr23 :


4 /5

Outer Heaven leader CaTaffy has activated the ultimate super weapon: Metal Gear! Responding to the crisis, covert unit "Fox Hound" is called into action, and that's where you come into play. Trained in hand-to-hand combat and skilled in every weapon known to man, you're Fox Hound's lethal fighting machine, code named "Solid Snake". But on this mission you better be sly as well, to surprise heavily-armed enemies, busting 'em up quietly and rescuing their hostages before alarms are triggered. Plus you gotta maintain radio contact with Commander South, who'll feed you crucial info on Metal Gear's whereabouts. To survive, capture sub-machine guns, Barettas, grenade launchers, and plastic explosives, until you find and destroy Metal Gear, ending CaTaffy's reign of terror!

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User Feedback

La version MSX2 est LARGEMENT mieux que cette version. Si vous voulez y jouer, il est dispo dans Metal Gear Solid 3 en bonus, y a aussi le jeu Metal Gear: Solid Snake dedans (qui est le vrai Metal Gear 2 et pas celui de la NES s'appelant Snake's Revenge). En bref, évitez de jouer à ce jeu et Snake's Revenge sur NES.

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