PlaystationSuper Robot Taisen F

Super Robot Taisen F

Console : Playstation

Language : Japanese

Genre : RPG - Tactical

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 1998

Developer : Banpresto

Publisher : Banpresto

By GambierBae :
Super Robot Wars F, is part of the Super Robot Wars franchise, and was published for the PlayStation by Banpresto in 1998. Super Robot Wars F takes place after Super Robot Wars 2, 3, and EX.

Professor Bian Zoldark, who had discovered aliens coming from outer space to invade Earth, formed the secret group called the "Divine Crusaders" (DC). He attempted to unify the world through force in order to face the coming attack.

But, a league of nations opposed to this idea fought with the DC in the "DC War". Within the outnumbered league there was an independent group called the "White Base Unit" centered around Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, and the mobile suits called Gundams. At the end of the fight, they were successful in defeating Bian. With his dying words he told the White Base Unit about the coming attack and left the future in their hands.

Some months after the DC War, the splintered and weakened DC began to show signs of reviving, beginning with guerilla attacks. In an effort to combat this, the countries of the world formed the Earth Federation and aimed for peace. The members of the White Base Group were given a special place as the Londo Bell, and entrusted with keeping order.

Only a short time after this, entire armies from the Earth Federation disappeared in mysterious incidents. Londo Bell investigated this, and found that it was the work of the aliens whose coming Bian Zoldark had predicted. They were thrown into battle with the Divine Crusaders, who had the support of the aliens. They fought hard until the aliens were routed, but at the same time they learned the terrible truth. The group of aliens they had defeated was only a small part of their power. These aliens had judged that Earthlings were dangerous creatures good only creating weapons, and they had come to earth to investigate for themselves the extent of Earth's technological progress.

Finally, Londo Bell defeated the aliens. Because they had come to inspect the Earth they came to be known as the "Inspectors".

Four months passed after the Inspector War. Space dwellers (spacenoids) who were opposed to the strongarm tactics of the Earth Federation began demonstrations. There were many destructive and bloody terrorist incidents as well. In the shadow of this was Haman Karn, who had survived the previous war and was rebuilding DC. In order to combat this, Brigadier General Jamitov Hyman created the "Titans", a special unit within the Earth Federation geared towards protecting the peace. Given their might, the Titans became a very influential voice within the Earth Federation.

During this same period, because Londo Bell had disappeared for a long time in the "La Gias incident", they were stripped of the majority of their power and status. Kabuto Kouji, Nagare Ryouma, Haran Banjou and other civilians were removed from the unit, and the leader Bright Noa was reassigned. Char Aznable, who fought against DC under the name Quattro Bagina, was chased away

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