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PlaystationMickey's Wild Adventure

Mickey's Wild Adventure

Console : Playstation

Language : English

Genre : Action - Platformer

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 1996

Developer : Traveller's Tales

Publisher : Disney Interactive

Weekly games : 1 Decreasing popularity

By GambierBae :
Mickey Mouse gets a chance to go down memory lane and walk through the timeless adventures he has lived. Mickey Mania is a platformer where all the levels are based on Mickey's most famous cartoons. The levels range about 75 years, starting off with "Steamboat Willie" and going all the way to "The Prince and the Pauper".

The gameplay consists mostly of jumping and marble throwing at enemies, with an occasional puzzle element.

Further information :

Makes the game run faster (at 60hz/FPS) like if it was a US release. This game was only released officially in PAL territories for PSX, so it was slowed down.

Patch version 1.2

A huge thanks to Sakitoshi for this patch.

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