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MegadriveKLAX (Tengen)

KLAX (Tengen)

Console : Megadrive

Language : English

Genre : Puzzle

Multiplayer : 2 players

Year : 1991

Developer : Tengen

Publisher : Tengen

By GambierBae :
Namco produced the first port of Klax to the Sega Mega Drive in Japan. Though that version came first, Tengen decided not to bring it overseas, instead producing their own port. Namco's version of the game has competitive multiplayer. Tengen's version, instead, is more configurable. The object is to catch assorted color falling tiles and create rows, columns, or diagonals of a single color. Each level requires a different pattern to be made, and the tiles fall faster, more at a time, and in an increasing number of colors as the game progresses.

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