PlaystationDai-4-Ji Super Robot Taisen S Download
Dai-4-Ji Super Robot Taisen S

Console : Playstation

Language : Japanese

Genre : RPG - Tactical

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 1996

Developer : Banpresto

Publisher : Banpresto

By GambierBae :
Super Robot Wars 4 Scramble (aka Dai 4 Ji Super Robot Taisen): The first SRW to feature an Original Character protagonist, along with separate Real and Super paths. First SRW to feature items that can be equipped to a unit to improve its performance or restore its HP or EN. Additionally, most stages contain hidden items or money on the map, which can be collected by moving a unit onto the items' locations. First to allow players to manually decide whether to counterattack during enemy turns. Debut of Shin Getter Robo. Series premiered: Tosshou Daimos, Super Bestial Machine God Dancougar, Dunbine OVA, Gundam Sentinel, Heavy Metal L-Gaim, Gundam Sentinel. Ported to Playstation as SRW4S.

4th Super Robot Wars Scramble: A remake of SRW4, featuring voice acting and CG movies for the first time.

Three months after the Third Super Robot War...

Due to the successive disturbances from the wars, the Earth economics are severely hurt. Angered by increasingly brutal terrorist acts, the Earth Union Government (EUGO) decided to round down all space colonists, in order to promote the Earth supremacy.

Nominated to guarantee the safety of the Earth Sphere, Commodore Jamitov assembled a secret police-like special force, the "Titans". For successfully suppressing terrorist and guerilla-type LICs (low intensicy (sic) conflicts), he was promoted to Vice-Admiral and steadily secured his position inside the Union - while the Titans, composed by former DC members, occupied a major place in the Union Army, substituting the Londo Bell.

In the meantime, the Union Independent External Team Londo Bell was stolen of all its privileges and downsized, under the pretext of their one-month absence during the "La Giars Incident" (Super Robot Taisen EX); only the intervention of Vice-Admiral John Corwen saved the Londo Bell from complete dissolution, and it no longer has the fighting power it once did.

Far from the events on the Earth Union's territory, DC remnant Haman Karn steadily gathered resources (by using Dozul Zabi's posthumous child Mineva) to create "Neue DC" at the mining asteroid Axis. Unlike DC, Neue DC defends the colonies should receive economic relief to compensate the EUGO's despotic ways. Thanks to the cooperation of colonists dissatisfied with the Earth Union's policies, Neue DC has power that could match former DC's.

DC, in its turn, managed to rebuild in a surprisingly short time, despite having lost the colonies' support to Neue DC - thanks to their new leaders, Don Zauser and Korosu. From his Mars headquarters, Don Zauser used miraculous new technologies and abundant financial resources to restore DC to its former glory - its third installment.

On the other hand, after a harsh departure from the Union Army, Captain Quattro Bajina formed the Anti-Earth United Government (AEUG), with financial support of unknown origins. Based at the Side 1's Londenion colony, they rose in revolt against the Union Government.
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