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GameBoyBill & Ted's Excellent Game Boy Adventure

Bill & Ted's Excellent Game Boy Adventure

Console : GameBoy

Language : English

Genre : Platformer

Multiplayer : 2 players

Year : 1991

Developer : Beam Software

Publisher : LJN

Weekly games : 1 Growing popularity

By Apharel :
Bill & Ted's Excellent Game Boy Adventure is based on the movie Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. The game follows the movie's basic plot: Bill and Ted, two not too bright teenagers, absolutely have to pass their history paper. Rufus, a man from the future, grants them a device for time-travelling and so they visit the past to bring historical figures into their own time.

This is a single-screen platformer reminiscent of Jumpman. In each level, the goal is to collect a few flashing objects and reach the exit (which is hidden until everything is collected). Of course there are various challenges to master first: platforming (complicated by obstacles like conveyor belts or disappearing platforms) and avoiding enemies with different behaviour patterns. Power-ups like temporary invulnerability or balloons to reach higher platforms can be activated at will after they have been collected. There are overall 50 levels (divided into ten time zones) to visit.

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