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GameBoy ColorZoids - Shirogane no Juukishin Liger Zero

Zoids - Shirogane no Juukishin Liger Zero

Console : GameBoy Color

Language : Japanese

Genre : RPG

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 2001

Developer : Tomy Corporation

Publisher : Tomy Corporation

By GambierBae :
Zoids - Shirogane no Juukishin Liger Zero is a Zoids Game Boy Color game originally released in June of 2001. Being a true Color game, it does not play in the original Game Boy, and features fairly decent graphics for a tie-in game of the era.

The story begins in the frontier of the Western Continent, where a Liger Zero, pursued and shot by an Imperial soldier, is rescued by a scientist named Blue Jem. A second soldier, Solid, returns to claim it, and the skirmish attracts the attention of one of the local boys, Alster. He takes the Zero's controls, and he and Solid's Super Geno Saurer fight. As they battle, the ground opens up beneath them, stranding them in a subterrain world.

Combat is turn-based and one on one, with the player taking their team of three chosen Zoids against enemies one at a time. Random encounters are always single Zoids, bosses may be single Zoids or come with a couple accompanying Zoids they must defeat first. The fights themselves feature both cutaway animations (with unique ones for any Zoids with a special attack) and animations of an attack hitting the target Zoid, both of which can be turned off.

Weapons and customization are extremely simple: a Zoid has a few slots for parts, and all parts work the same on all Zoids. There's a few size restrictions, but they're not very common. You have your choice of four preset color schemes per Zoid, and an oddly high number of them contain pink/purple color schemes. Stats are split between melee, laser/beam, and solid shell/explosive weapons, with each Zoid having attack and defense for both. These can all be raised to a max of 255 with the use of items, meaning any Zoid can be very powerful if trained (though some have farther to go than others). Notably for a Zoids game, melee weapons other than special attacks are unable to hit flying Zoids from the ground.

The game itself consists mostly of adventuring around an overworld map and exploring various caves and ruins. Each of the ruins for the Liger armors features progressively trickier puzzles, mostly of logic and guesswork, and while the Panzer's keycard portion requires reading passwords in kana (or else luck), none of them are particularly daunting or intimidating.

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