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GameCubeZoids: Battle Legends

Zoids: Battle Legends

Console : GameCube

Language : English

Genre : Action - Beat'em up

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 2004

Developer : Shoeisha

Publisher : Atari

By GambierBae :
Based on the toy franchise and later the anime series, Zoids: Battle Legends casts the player as one of 17 soldiers with different abilities, controlling one of the giant robots modelled after animals and the dinosaurs. There are 4 main modes: Mission, Zoids Battle, VS and Zoids Fist. In the mission mode the player chooses a side (empire or republic) and fights other giant Zoid robots in different stages, connected by cut-scenes pushing the narrative forward. As an empire soldier, you start as Kouki, a young officer hunting the republicans. On the republican side of things, the game starts with Shomo is search of the Blue Unicorn Team that has gone missing. Most of the modes are fairly identical, but Zoids Fist is played in confined spaces.

There are different characters and robots available while playing, and the Zoids can lock on targets to fire, move around and use boost for quick manoeuvres. Close combat is also possible, in wrestling-style fashion. Every Zoid has different upgrade slots for armor, weapons and shields. The colour can also be defined. The environment is destructible and can be used to your advantage for instance with sniping positions on top of buildings.

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