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Ray Tracers

Console : Playstation

Language : English

Genre : Action - Racing

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 1997

Developer : Taito Corporation

Publisher : THQ

Par TompouceGabriel :
Ray Tracers is an arcade styled combat racer that runs through checkpoint courses. The game features three large, distinctly themed levels. Points are awarded for destroying nearly any on-screen object, including scenery as well as other cars. Powerful end bosses pose the greatest challenges in each level. Players can select from four high-performance vehicles. The storyline and art style have a strong anime influence.

Ray Tracers is an arcade racing game where you have crash into others cars to destroy them. It is a spiritual successor to Chase H.Q. with some differences like a nitro boost system, four cars to choose from and more variety in end bosses.

You can choose Chase or Time Attack mode:
- Chase is arcade mode, where you have to go through several missions, ram into other traffic for extra points and fight end bosses. The bosses include high speed dual tanks, a helicopter and other military vehicles.
- In Time Attack mode you try to set the best lap time on one of four selectable courses, with or without a computer controlled rival.

You can choose from 4 cars, Spanker, Buffalo, Lynx, Hawk. Each of the cars vary in attack power, top speed, acceleration and steering agility.

In "Ray Tracers," players speed through six courses, including sewers, underground tunnels, treacherous canyons and grassy retreats, crashing into any vehicle that gets in their way. While building up points, gamers must also race through tricky courses, saving enough time to beat clever bosses waiting at every turn.

At the end of the century in a coastal town in a great country was built a futuristic city that operated under perfect control system. The first phase of city development should be completed to coincide with the completion of Vestal, a biocomputer in the middle of it.

However, the day he completed the creation of Vestal, a mysterious explosion occurred in the city, destroying everything. A few years later, the city was rebuilt and renamed the Rain City. We used the best technology for the reconstruction of the new city, which then came to represent a role model for other futuristic cities. The fate of the city, as had been originally planned, was about to come true ... until they came.

They called themself Black Kaiser a band of armed riders equipped with six cars, whose leader is Kaiser.And proclamed themself the new rulers and devastated the city. All their machines were engraved the name of Vestal in the body.

The story focuses on Cindy Gibson. His father was one of the scientists of the project in the city, and she is sure that the explosion in the research center of the futuristic city was a betrayal by one of the companions of his father. This fellow sold Vestal to Heldin a criminal organization as a military weapon.

Cindy was adopted by the Gibson family, and during all these years only expected one thing: the opportunity to avenge the death of his father. The legacy that he left to her was four racing cars.

Now Cindy has created the Tracer, with the top four drivers who managed to find. You are about to begin the real battle for the truth.

- Cindy Gibson: Cindy is the leader of the Tracer team and the voice you hear on the radio.
- Jalta Lang: The driver of the Spanker he race agains Sleoteel Raze on a mountain race.He destroy his car and agree to join the Tracer team
- Sleoteel Raze: The Black Kaiser's kidnapped his girlfriend Maki Saitoh and agree to join the Tracer to rescue her.He is the driver of the Hawk.
- Asuka Saitok: He is a race driver and the brother of Maki Saitoh and agree to join the Tracer team because Cindy saves his cat Shin when The Black Kaiser's tried to kill him.
- Raymond Bloody: The only ting that he knows is fight.He spent most of his life enter and exiting jail.Cindy gets him out of the jail and now he works for her.He drives the Buffalo.
- Maki Saitoh: She is the sister of Asuka and a race driver. She drives the Vestal.
- Kaiser: The leader of the Black Kaiser.He drives the B-Vestal

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