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Racing Simulation 2

Console : Playstation

Language : German

Genre : Racing

Multiplayer : 4 players

Year : 1999

Developer : Ubisoft Paris

Publisher : Ubisoft

Par TompouceGabriel :
Monaco Grand Prix brings Formula One racing to the PlayStation with 16 different tracks and four modes of play. Each track is modeled after its real life counterpart and includes the famous Monaco circuit, Australia, Japan, Great Britain, Brazil, Italy, Canada, Germany, France, Argentina, and Spain. Players can race these tracks in a single race, time attack, championship, or arcade mode.

The time attack option allows players to simply race against the clock on any given track, attempting to achieve the best possible lap time. Additionally, you can turn on the ghost car, which allows you to race against yourself (based on times set in previous attempts).

In the championship mode, players compete on each track in a season-like setup. Points are earned by finishing in a top six position (more points are awarded the higher you get). After every race is completed, the driver with the most points wins the championship trophy. Players also have the ability to adjust the mechanics of their car -- steering, transmission, the gearbox, break balance, fuel level, ride height, suspension, front and rear wings, and tire coverings can all be modified.

If the thought of realistic racing doesn't fit your fancy, the arcade mode disables all real world physics and turns the car damage off. This allows players to put the pedal to the medal and speed through each track without having to worry about a wheel going flat or the car getting smashed up. The arcade option has a competition of 21 computer-controlled opponents with a time limit -- tracks can be unlocked with quality finishes.

Monaco Grand Prix also features a multi-player option in which you and a friend can go head-to-head via split screen. The Link Cable can be used so that two other people can join in on the action -- four in all.

Because no real drivers have been included, there is an option to change the computer opponents' names. Each driver handles and controls like an actual driver, so you'll have to figure out whom they're representing. If you feel like doing this, you can save the drivers' names to your memory card.

* Race in five play modes: Arcade, Single Race, Championship, Time Attack, and Duel
* Test your driving skills on 16 international courses
* Choose between simulation or arcade-style racing

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