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Canis Canem Edit

Playstation 2 GermanEnglishSpanishFrenchItalian 8

Canis Canem Edit

Genre : Action - Adventure

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 2006

Developer : Rockstar Vancouver

Publisher : Rockstar Games

Weekly games : 30 Growing popularity

By Gh0sT :


5 /5

Bully is a story of one Jimmy Hopkins, whose academic success hasn't been anything spectacular as he's been expelled from various schools. His parents have a grand idea of sending him to Bullworth Academy which -- despite its grand name -- houses lots of other kids like Jimmy. This is the place where future dictators, murderers, and mad scientists reside. With a help of a few friends, some wits and hard-as-a-rock fists, Jimmy has to survive through one year in Bullworth Academy.

Often described as "GTA in high school", the game indeed has many similarities with the famous car-hijacking series. It features a "sandbox" environment, which encompasses not only the vast high school grounds, but also the nearby town of Bullworth. As in GTA games, the player can choose to complete missions in different order, or simply roam the game world, interacting with the environment and the characters.

Naturally, much of the typical GTA-like content has been changed to fit the high school setting. The violence is still present: Jimmy can punch and kick anyone he encounters, as well as use a variety of (non-lethal) weapons such as slingshots, fire crackers, and even self-made guns. It is not possible to hijack cars, but Jimmy is able to steal and ride bicycles. The missions include a variety of gameplay styles: chases, races, shooter-like sequences, escort missions, spying, random acts of vandalism, and many more.

Bully features a plethora of activities and mini-games that can be accessed outside of the missions. Jimmy can simply attend classes and study. Each class is built like a mini-game: for example, language lesson involves composing as many words as possible out of a few given letters within a time limit. It is possible to find, buy, and wear different outfits, get jobs and earn money, and even date schoolmates and buy presents for them.

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Pour ceux qui ont le problème de la bouteille, j'ai trouvé cette vidéo, elle m'a bien aider pour régler le problème.




Peut-être que ça vous sera utile.

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Le 24/08/2021 à 17:40, xander1302 a dit :

GTA version lycée, je me fais respecter dans mon bahut grâce à ce jeu.

Celui-ci aussi est grandiose. L'époque où l'on pouvait encore draguer en fête foraine. 😉

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Le 16/02/2022 à 11:31, leking a dit :

Peut-on utiliser des cheat code sur ce jeu ?

Tu peux le faire manuellement dans le jeu.



Tous les vêtements:

L1, L1, R1, L1, L1, L1, R1, R1.


Santé maximale:

Maintenez L1 et faites R2, R2, R2.


Toutes les armes:

Maintenez L1 et faites Haut, Haut, Haut, Haut.


Le plein de munition:

Maintenez L1 et faites Haut, Haut.


Munitions illimitées:

Maintenez L1 et faites Haut, Bas, Haut, Bas.


Argent supplémentaire:

Maintenez L1 et faites triangle, carré, rond, croix


Tous les mouvements de gym:

Maintenez L1 et faites Haut, Gauche, Bas, Bas, Triangle Carré, croix, croix


Tous les mouvements de combat Hobo:

Maintenez L1 et faites Haut, Gauche, Bas, Droite Triangle, carré, croix, rond

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Le 16/02/2022 à 13:46, akumasan a dit :

Tu peux le faire manuellement dans le jeu.


  Révéler le contenu masqué

Tu viens de refaire mon weekend, merci gros.

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