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Power Instinct

Console : Super Nintendo

Language : English

Genre : Fighting

Multiplayer : 2 players

Year : 1994

Developer : AI

Publisher : Atlus

Popularity : 1 Growing popularity

Par RomStation :


4 /5

The time has come for the Gouketsuji clan to celebrate their fighting tournament. Every 5 years the clan (which has spread all over the world) celebrates a one-on-one fighting tournament to see which family gets to rule and now you get to take part in the contest.

Power Instinct is a one-on-one 2D fighting game in the tradition of Street Fighter 2, in which you select your character from a group of unique fighters and attempt to defeat your opponents in successive fashion using your arcade reflexes and your character's unique moves.

Features 8 selectable characters, plus a boss character, and single or 2-player Vs gameplay. Also includes a practice mode, battle mode and time attack and life attack modes for extended gameplay.

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