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Le Fabuleux Voyage de l'Oncle Ernest

Console : PC

Language : French

Genre : Edutainment

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 1999

Developer : Lexis Numérique

Publisher : Emme Interactive

Popularity : 3 Decreasing popularity

Par Nanoman6666 :


4 /5

A mysterious quest that encourages a new way of traveling and thinking... Tom the chameleon is in great danger, in order to save him, will you be able to trace Uncle Albert's route to the four corners of the Earth? From Istanbul to Zanzibar by way of Borneo, the Amazon, and many other far away places.

Uncle Albert's album tells of his many voyages, and has yet to disclose all of its secrets... To uncover his hidden mechanisms, players must prove their intelligence, spirit of observation, and dexterity...

Morse Code, latitude and longitude, time zones... A real adventurer needs to know a few things... Players use submarines, airplanes, sail boats, and motor boats. Some require a little experience... Armadillos, toads, caterpillars, toucans... To progress in the adventure, players need the cooperation of many "live" animals that can be handled and move.

Will you be able to make Uncle Albert's strange inventions work? They have been placed along your path and might reveal some curious secrets...

An innovating and captivating creative work:

An original, realistic and poetic world (3D graphics, music, movies…).
A long-playing game including 4 missions.
An original, well-documented scenario.

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