PlaystationHugo : Black Diamond Fever

Hugo : Black Diamond Fever

Console : Playstation

Language : DanishNorwegianSwedish

Genre : Action - Platformer

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 2004

Developer : ITE Media

Publisher : SG Diffusion

By Nanoman6666 :
Scylla the witch is back again, and this time she has in her possession the formula for supreme evil. She needs the rare black diamonds for her formula and they are only to be found on Jungle Island where the Kikurians live. With Don Croco's help, she captures all the wretched Kikurians and forces them to toil in the mines, day and night. This is where the player enters the story. The player must help Hugo free the Kikurians and stop the production of Scylla's evil potion. On Jungle Island you have to watch out for all the dangers on the island. Don Croco has stationed his soldiers all over the island to keep the Kikurians enslaved, to avoid that strangers enter and that they stop the production of Scylla's Black Diamond Juice.

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