Super NintendoBS Radical Dreamers

BS Radical Dreamers

Console : Super Nintendo

Language : Japanese

Genre : Adventure - RPG

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 1996

Developer : Squaresoft

Publisher : Squaresoft

By GambierBae :
This text-based adventure (with some background graphics) was originally released in Japan over the Satellaview system. The game is a spin-off from the Chrono series, and is the precursor to Chrono Cross. Its main characters and plot elements are very close to those of Chrono Cross; it tells the story of Serge (travelling musician), Kid (thief), and Magil (wizard) as they attempt to steal the Frozen Flame from Viper Manor. The game contains multiple, often humorous endings.

Gameplay is something between a standard text adventure and a visual novel. Rather than having a full array of possible actions, players are limited to the several options it presents at any time. With newly discovered items and information, new areas can be reached. Occasionally battles will occur during the exploration, which are also handled by displaying several possible actions to choose between, such as "Run" or "Jump back as it swings!"

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