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PIXLGamingTV playing Dragon Ball FIghterZ finished

[SKY] -J'ai la main verte ou la main morte ? -

TheSkyMiral playing Plant vs Zombie Garden Warfare 2 ! finished

Osu! Tout simplement :3

RanYakumo playing Osu! finished



Pokémon Rouge [Live 1] : Attrapez les tous !

Cyberdonuts playing Pokémon Rouge finished

Mama , Test Splinter Cell

mama80 playing Splinter Cell : Essentials finished

Yoru stream : Dead cells quelques runs HYPE !

Yorubushi playing Dead cells finished

nonoretro live:


Foxnabo - Dernier live ? - Pépèritude

Foxnabo playing The Witness finished

Inauguration pour mes débuts du rétro achievements ツ

Aeraniom playing Street Fighter The World Warrior ツ finished

Ketbiwankenobi : Le jeu de la galère...

ketbiwankenobi playing The Legend of Zelda : Parallel worlds finished

HellSpark sur Shadwen ! [Twitch]

HellSpark playing Shadwen finished

Terraria Modé

Constipette playing Terraria Modé finished

Midokev en live: on reprend mass effect 2 et on embauche du monde x)

midokev playing mass effect 2 finished

S.O.S Fantômes III

shadowmoon playing Ghostbusters : The Video Game finished

Ghosts'n Goblins & Castlevania stick arcade avec Yggdra/Griffont

zanodark8 playing Jeux rétros & Steam finished

[FR] [LA] [zelda finit 11] Marathon zelda (zelda fini = z1/ z2/ MM/ OOT/ MC/ SS/ TP/ WW/ PH/ ST/ ALT

Bolerodufeu playing The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX finished

KokiriGIRLy57 play : Kirby Nightmare mouahaha ! (test de co)

KokiriGIRLy57 playing Kirby : Nightmare in Dream Land finished

ZhouCorp Lord Sur mario WiiU :)


yarox a crash bandicoot warped pegi 18


Final fantasy Reloaded ( Norage-Gaming )


Elina & Arsia - Des énigmes, encore des énigmes! [Norage]

Arsia playing We were here too finished

Sango Indé : Deadlight "Comment suvivre stratégiquement?"

Sangondred playing DeadLight finished

Seika pendant des heures ,c'est du bonheur !

Seikana playing Découverte Paragon finished

PuNii joue a Test

PuNii playing Test finished

{{{servietskyyy}}} " et si on allais tuer quelque monstres !!!" [pegi 18]

Servietskyyy playing guild wars 2 finished

Reviens mois prochain


*Détente matinale* Sword of Mana [RetroAchievements]


[Michnight2511] test test

michnight2511 playing rocket knight adventures finished

Live test - Sonic Mania

Setsky playing Sonic Mania finished

Boom Boom les pistolets

Noubou playing Fortnite finished

[CD1] Final Fantasy VIII : New Game !

Ritaunt playing Final Fantasy VIII finished

nonoretro live : rayman legend (xbox 360) 100% (episode #8)

nonoretro playing rayman legend (xbox 360) finished

test pour le retour de fdp

fessedepoulpe playing ff7 remasterisé sur pc finished

on réunis le duo pour du league of legends en folie

Deadwarz playing League of legend finished

Narco sur overwatch


Mario Kart 8 / a l'aube du deluxe

Phantom72 playing Mario kart 8 finished

De la bonne humeur et du sel! [LoL - Ranked]


FanBoyZ & Syko The Last Fantasy

FanBoyZ423 playing Zombie Army Trilogy finished

[FR] H1Z1 : LE DEBUTANT ! Entrainement !

DYZIE playing H1Z1 finished

[TACOSs_51] Je reviens pour la $$$$$

TACOSs51 playing Playerunknowns Battlegrounds finished

Les doubles ranjangs :°

Jehuty playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite finished

Miaw Miaw Miaw

Crealine playing League Of Legend finished

Yuya joue à The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time Master Quest

Yuya playing The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time Master Quest finished

[Qc/Fr] Pokémon Révolution Online - Région De Johto [www.twitch.tv/cyberjipi02] [Fr/Qc]

cyberjipi playing Pokémon Révolution Online finished

Dakira sur PC

Dakira playing Fortnite (PC) finished

On Essaye De S'amuser :)

StevenLive playing Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver. finished