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Yie Ar Kung-Fu 2 Growing popularity
EnglishDownloadable game Fighting | 2 players


5 /5

A classic one-on-one fighting game; "Yie Ar Kung-fu" pits a single player against a procession of distinctive, and often armed opponents. While somewhat limited in gameplay terms, "Yie Ar Kung-Fu" introduced a major innovation to the beat-em-up genre as it was the first one-on-one fighter to offer a...
Yosaku to Donbei 0 Steady popularity
EnglishDownloadable game Shooter | 2 players
In this title you play a little farmer guy, who is attempting to shoot down the crows out of his tree. Gameplay is identical to that of "Space Invaders". A large bird replaces the UFO that goes over the top of the screen from time to time. While a lumberjack will chop out a section of the tree every...

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