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Fire Pro Jyoshi - Shoumu Choujyo Taisen - Zenjo Vs JWP
0 Steady popularity Japanese Fighting - Sports | 4 players | 1995
Long before the WWE introduced the Divas wrestling matches, in Japan there was a more serious affair, where wrestling skill was more important than breast implants, and matches were "real" (as far as wrestling goes) instead of pillow-fighting or bra and panties fights. In this game in the Fire Pr...
Formation Soccer '95 - Della Serie A
0 Steady popularity Japanese Sports | 2 players | 1995
Formation Soccer 95 della Serie A is a soccer (football) game that re-creates a season in the top football league of Italy, including licensed players and teams. There is no management element in the game; players simply have to choose one or more (for tournament mode) teams and participate in eithe...
Forty 4 Party
0 Steady popularity English Party game | 4 players | 2005


3 /5

Lots of cute little animals compete in over 35 different mini-games which everyone can play! Enjoy some fun contests with your friends and family! Can you press the buttons really quickly? Do you like thinking things out and have you got a good memory? Are you good at games involving...
First Kiss Monogatari II : Anata Ga Iru Kara
0 Steady popularity Japanese Adventure | 1 player | 2002
A domineering father demands that his son join him in the family business but junior has other plans. To escape the tyranny and familial obligations, the young man runs away and settles in Amagi City located in Fukuoka Prefecture where he grew up. Once there, he proceeds to reunite with girls from h...
First Kiss Monogatari
0 Steady popularity Japanese Adventure | 1 player | 1998
High school senior Kana Orikura, has been feeling lonely ever since her boyfriend Yoshihiko left for collage. When a handsome and attractive new school teacher named Shogo Hayakawa arrives at her school, she immediately falls in love with him because he strongly resembles her father Yuichi Orikura (...
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