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D!Zone 2
0 Steady popularity English Action - FPS | 1 player | 1995
WizardWorks combed the net for another 1000 Doom and Doom II levels to put into this shovelware disc which also features the D! front end.
Dokkaebi-ga Ganda
0 Steady popularity English Action - Platformer | 1 player | 1995
Dokkaebi-ga Ganda is a Korean-made colorful platform game. The player can choose to control either of the two little kobold protagonists, a boy and a girl named Cobi and Comi, respectively. Cobi is armed with a club, while Comi fights using a hammer. Both characters, however, control identically and...
Dungeons of Kremlin
0 Steady popularity English Action - FPS | 1 player | 1995
Dungeons of Kremlin is an obscure Russian Doom clone that sports a game engine similar in complexity to Wolfenstein 3D, being strictly composed of a maze like labyrinths whereas the floor height is consistent throughout.You are faced by enemies such as bats, mutants, wizards, and the like. Weapons t...
Dune III
0 Steady popularity English Strategy | 1 player | 1995
Dune III is a fan-made game set in the Dune universe created by Frank Herbert. The game uses graphics from Westwood Studios' Dune II, however it is not a real-time strategy game, but a turn-based tactics game instead.The plot in Dune III is loosely based on Frank Herbert's books, combining elements ...
0 Steady popularity English Action - FPS - Simulation | 8 players | 1995
The Post-Terran Minerals Corporation (PTMC) digs up minerals on all nine planets of the solar system, employing humans and robots to do its job. Unfortunately, the mining robots are now being controlled by a hacker, and have taken the human workers hostage. The PTMC has tried to get the robots back ...
Defcon 5
0 Steady popularity English Action - Strategy | 1 player | 1995
In the far future, conflict is at an all-time low and outdated defence bases are being vacated and replaced with automated software. You play as an engineer sent to update one such base. Just after uploading the automating code, the base is suddenly invaded by unknown assailants from the air and gro...
Dark Universe
0 Steady popularity English Simulation - Strategy | 1 player | 1995
Dark Universe deserves the attention of any fan of strategies. But that's not all - because in addition to the excellent and exciting gameplay you will find great graphics! Almost every significant event is accompanied by a small animated picture, and the interface is made with such love and so orig...
Deer Napped
0 Steady popularity English Action - FPS | 1 player | 1995
Another game that uses the same 3d creation software as Castaway. In this game, the player is a ninja working for Santa and must rescue his reindeer from the Abominable Snowpeople.
Despair 2
0 Steady popularity English Action - FPS | 1 player | 1995
2nd game in the series. The aliens from the first game are back and they are after you! Fight for your life in this first person shooter. Based on the same 3d engine as Castaway.
0 Steady popularity English Action - Simulation | 1 player | 1995
In this spaceflight 'simulator' / 3D shooter, your race (the Delphins) is sharing a far away planet with the Halons. Your side of the planet is constantly engulfed in total darkness but the Delphins have adapted to this life. The Halons used to live in the light but recent events have caused their s...
0 Steady popularity English Action - FPS | 1 player | 1995
Fight aliens in this fairly generic shareware FPS game. It was made using the Pie in the Sky engine.
Diggers 2: Extractors
0 Steady popularity English Puzzle game | 1 player | 1995
Diggers 2: Extractors is a sequel to Diggers with Lemmings-like gameplay. It includes more levels, more tools, and more challenges. The game objective is to unite the 25 Hanging Worlds of Zarg. There are 3 types of extractors, each with their own abilities: the digger, the strongest, and the telepor...
Druid: Daemons of the Mind
0 Steady popularity English RPG | 1 player | 1995
The world of Navan has many islands, and four of them are reigned by the powerful Druid brothers: Lawson, Curak, Havnar, and Astor. They worship different deities and try to maintain the harmony of nature on their islands. But one day, Lawson mysteriously disappears. Unable to solve the mystery, the...
Demon Gate: 666 New Levels for Doom & Doom II
0 Steady popularity English Action - FPS | 1 player | 1995
A large collection of DOOM and DOOM II WAD files - Demon Gate was compiled by downloading add-ons off of the internet and then marketed to retail for those who did not have an internet connection. The disc comes with a utilitly called EasyWAD to help sort through all of the files.
Digital Warriors
0 Steady popularity English Strategy | 1 player | 1995
Digital Warriors is a game of Core Wars. The player receives a tank, programming language, and the board on which can be set various obstacles, such as rocks, trees, rivers. The task is to create a program that will win in most trials in different conditions. Tank outside mobility can shoot, lay min...
Dream Prisoner
0 Steady popularity English Adventure - Text-based | 1 player | 1995
Adopting arbitrary plot conventions from both the text and multimedia adventure game genres it builds on, DP casts the player as an modern-day Dutchman somehow (hey, one rarely recalls the precise circumstances leading up to a dream) stranded in a high-tech building where a fancy dinner party is goi...
Dungeon Master II: The Legend of Skullkeep
0 Steady popularity English Action - RPG | 1 player | 1995
Chaos Strikes Back was a semi-sequel to seminal RPG Dungeon Master, but a true sequel came several years later. The game fuses real-time battles with puzzle solving and travelling, although the game now auto-maps. Rain and magic usage effects are incorporated into the engine. The first part of the g...
Dreamworld Adventure
0 Steady popularity English Action - Platformer | 1 player | 1995
Almost indie-game from German developers (but with the support of the English language). There is no specific plot, we have to play for some strange creation in the form of a purple ball on two thin legs.
D!Zone 3
0 Steady popularity English Action - FPS | 1 player | 1995
D!Zone 3 is, like previous titles, a compilation of over 1000 wads for Doom and Doom II. Also contains new graphics, sound, music and more.
D-Day: America Invades
0 Steady popularity English Strategy | 2 players | 1995
Strategic wargame set in the campaign of the American VII corps on the Cotentin peninsula....well, D-Day. Spiritual successor to V for Victory: Utah Beach. You can play in either the allied or german side as you play on a series of pre-made scenarios or full campaign mode using the Avalon Hill's Wo...
0 Steady popularity English Action | 4 players | 1995
Dstroy is a Bomberman-like game. There are several gameplay modes. This includes single player, cooperation, and deathmatch. Up to four players can play on the same computer with split-screen. Dstroy has no network support. In singleplayer (called story mode) and cooperative, the player(s) has to d...
Dawn Patrol: Head to Head
0 Steady popularity English Simulation | 1 player | 1995
Head to Head is a stand-alone expansion for Empire's Dawn Patrol. Features and enhancements include real SVGA graphics, Head-to-Head mode via modem or serial modem-connection, computer opponent steered by an improved AI, several cam-view-options, choice of 13 planes for mastering over 150 levels, 3...
0 Steady popularity English Action - Puzzle game | 1 player | 1995
Another Tetris clone. In the phantasy world reconstructed after decadence, the favourite game was Drak - a game where you have to eliminate lines of blocks flying from the top. This game allows you to practice or complete the Conquest, ultimate goal of Drak, which consist of 100 stages. You have to ...
Doomdark's Revenge
0 Steady popularity English RPG - Strategy | 1 player | 1995
A PC Conversion of the 1985 game. The follow-up to the original Lords of Midnight game uses a similar game system to its predecessor, but the story is now much more complex. Luxor the Moonprince's son Morkin has been kidnapped by Shareth, daughter of Doomdark, the evil ruler deposed in the first ga...
Disney's The Jungle Book
2 Growing popularity English Action - Platformer | 1 player | 1995
Based on the famous animated movie, Walt Disney's The Jungle Book is a platform game where you control Mowgli, the boy who was raised by wild animals deep in the jungles. Your goal is to find the human village so you may you join your kin once again. Mowgli is an athletic individual, and can jump, r...
Deadly Skies
0 Steady popularity English Action - Simulation - Shoot'em up | 1 player | 1995
A very solidly executed project that did not live to see the bright day of its release. Here, two seemingly incompatible genres are successfully combined: fighting game and air flight, and in its extremely arcade implementation. The developers are a well-known Funcom team from sunny Scandinavia (the...
Darkside Story
0 Steady popularity English Action - Fighting | 1 player | 1995
The dentist Dr. O Sang Hyun lives in the suburbs with his wife and their daughter Suhee. Everything goes well until one day he disappears without a trace. Suhee must now travel to the shadier districts of the city and use her brawling as well as negotiating skills to find out what happened to her fa...
Don't Wake the SysOp
0 Steady popularity English Simulation | 1 player | 1995
This BBS door game has a misleading name: rather, it should be called "See how much you can get away with bugging the SysOp before he wakes up", the SysOp being (for those of you who weren't online at the time) the system operator of a bulletin board service the player remotely dials in to. Often th...
Dime City
0 Steady popularity English Action - Management | 1 player | 1995
Dime City, a fictitious American town in the last 30 years of the last century, is the scene of this business simulation in the gangster environment. With one of 4 companies you try to reach your aims � being governor and godfather of Dime City. With (bank-)raids, blackmails or prostitution you rais...
Descent: Levels of the World
1 Growing popularity English Action - Shoot'em up | 1 player | 1995
This addon has more than 100 all-new authorized Descent levels created by fans and judged as the best by Computer Gaming World Magazine in a contest plus an all-new level from the creators of Descent.
Delvion Star Interceptor
0 Steady popularity English Action - Shoot'em up | 1 player | 1995
Delvion Star Interceptor is a classical horizontal shooter where you must guide your small spaceship thorough diverse places in the space, meet asteroids, shoot at synchronized columns of enemies to get power-ups, enter spatial cities, etc.You will be able to select from 4 difficulty levels, and to ...
Dragon History
0 Steady popularity English Adventure | 1 player | 1995
Bert is a young dragon that lives with his parents Berta and Herbert in a magical land, where dragons got civilized, started to wear clothes and live peacefully with humans. One day, Herbert suddenly disappears, with rumors saying the he left his wife and son behind to search for a lost treasure. Me...
Despair 3
0 Steady popularity English Action - FPS | 1 player | 1995
Another first person shooter using the 3d game creation engine. 3rd game in the Dispair series. In this installment you must destroy the wind machine before the Earth is blown away.
0 Steady popularity English Adventure | 1 player | 1995
This adventure game puts the player in the shoes of Rincewind, a wizard whose sole purpose in life is to stay alive. He appears to be very good at it as well, because apparently the universe has decided to continuously challenge him. The game takes place in the humorous fantasy world created by Terr...
Davidic Matchup
0 Steady popularity English Puzzle game | 1 player | 1995
Davidic Matchup is a Concentration game, focusing on the teaching of David, from the Bible. Gameplay is similar to Concentration, where you find matching pairs of cards that are facedown. The cards are related to stories of David. 1-3 players can play and the winner is the one who matches the most ...
0 Steady popularity English Action - Platformer | 1 player | 1995
The action takes place on a certain planet, whose population - outwardly completely identical to people - is called burri. For many, many years before the start of the gaming events in this world, there was a terrible (possibly thermonuclear) war that destroyed most of the inhabitants and made the s...
0 Steady popularity English Action - FPS | 1 player | 1995
This is a large collection of over 900 levels for DOOM and DOOM II: Hell on Earth. Also included are a number of utilities, such as Windows conversions to add DOOM graphics to Windows, and a DOOM WAD Installation shell called D!.These levels were gathered from many level designers, they were not wr...
0 Steady popularity English Adventure | 1 player | 1995
Dinotopia is an adventure game designed primarily for children which is based upon the books "Dinotopia" and "The World Beneath" by James Gurney. Players take the role of Nathan Drake, a shipwreck survivor. The major objective is to find Nathan's sister, Constance, who he hopes also survived and wa...
Dismal Passages: Part I - The Wicked Curse
0 Steady popularity English Adventure - RPG | 1 player | 1995
This 1995 version of Dismal Passages is a remake of the original Dismal Passages from 1992. The remake changes both the background story and location name from the original, and also the controls and gameplay is changed from a turn-based rpg into a more action-oriented adventure game, with graphics...
Duck Hunt (1995)
0 Steady popularity English Action - Sports | 1 player | 1995
This unofficial DOS version shoots for a faithful reproduction of the Nintendo original - that is, as faithful as possible using ANSI graphics, but that is to be expected from an artscene group like CiA. Here, too, the player sets out for the great outdoors with his loyal hunting dog, plentiful ammu...
0 Steady popularity English Puzzle game | 1 player | 1995
French demogroup Eclipse takes on Minesweeper with its own variation on the theme. The 8x8 game grid hides an adjustable number of mines - 10 by default. Each square can be uncovered to reveal its contents, or flagged as containing a mine. If an uncovered square turns up empty, the number of adjacen...
Disney's Magical Quest 3 starring Mickey & Donald
2 Decreasing popularity English Action - Platformer | 2 players | 1995
Huey, Dewy and Louie went to hide in the attic to hide from their uncle Donald's temper when they came across a mysterious book. Upon opening it, hand appears and kidnaps the boys into Storybook Land. Now Donald Duck and his pal Mickey Mouse must go save the boys by defeating the evil King Pete! ...
Dragon Ball Z 5
1 Steady popularity ChineseFrenchHackrom Beat'em all | 2 players | 1995


5 /5

Dragon Ball Z 5 is a pirated platform game for the Famicom, based on the anime of the same name. The game's story cutscenes loosely retell the events of Dragon Ball Z up to the Cell Saga, featuring screencaps of the show converted into an 8 bit slideshow. The soundtrack featured is an 8-bit r...
Desert Strike - Return To The Gulf
0 Steady popularity English Action | 1 player | 1995
The first game in the Strike series. A year after the Gulf War, a self-styled general named Kilbaba (Muababa in the GBA version) takes over an Arab Emirate and threatens to start World War III against his western enemy, the United States. The whole world holds its breath as the President has chosen ...
1 Destruction Derby
6 Growing popularity English Action - Racing | 2 players | 1995


4 /5

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Get down to your local sports arena for some crash 'em up vehicular destruction! Destruction Derby features only one main objective: destroy, smash, dent, bash, and crash your vehicle to put your opponents out of commission! If your car is the last car running at the end of a...
Dragon Quest VI - Maboroshi No Daichi
0 Steady popularity Japanese RPG | 1 player | 1995
You and two of your friends decide to attack the Archenemy - the evil Mudo - in his castle. But as you reach his throne, he attacks you and send the three friends into three different places... Was this just a dream? You have just fallen out of your bed dreaming! It's time to go to the village el...
Disney's Toy Story
0 Steady popularity Spanish Action - Platformer | 1 player | 1995
This game is based on the movie "Toy Story". It sets you as the character of Woody as you jump, swing, and drive to the end of each level. Each level contains familar scenes from the movie. The gameplay consists of the platform\sidescrolling kind. You use Woody's pullstring to defeat enemies like sh...
0 Steady popularity Japanese Adventure | 1 player | 1995
In Dōkyūsei, the player takes the role of a high-school student (default name Takurou) in a Japanese town; his parents have just moved into a large mansion in a good district. The boy has to go to the new school, but his mind is preoccupied with one subject only: pretty girls. Instead of studying ha...
Dallyeora Pigu-Wang
1 Growing popularity Korean Sports | 2 players | 1995
Dallyeora Pigu-Wang, roughly translated as "Run Dodgeball King" is a dodgeball game for the Sega Master System. It was only released in South Korea.
Disney's Aladdin
1 Growing popularity Spanish Action - Platformer | 1 player | 1995
The game from Virgin based on the 1992 animated Disney film is a side-scrolling platformer. The player controls Aladdin, who must make his way through several levels based on locations from the movie: from the streets and rooftops of Agrabah, the Cave of Wonders and the Sultan's dungeon to the fi...
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