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Quiz Toukou Shashin 0 Steady popularity
Japanese Reflexion | 1 player
Unofficial PC Engine quiz game where answering the questions correctly removes panels covering nudie anime style pictures.
PC Pachi-Slot Idol Gambler 0 Steady popularity
Japanese Casino | 1 player
It's amazing how video game developers were quick to associate games of chance with hotshots. PC Pachi-Slot first offers two game modes, which is absolutely useless since it is the normal mode and training. At the beginning of the game, you are credited with 100 tokens. You then choose from three...
Kyuukyoku Mahjong II 0 Steady popularity
Japanese Board game | 1 player
Second attempt at marriage between adult games and games of Mah-Jong Games Express, Kyuukyoku Mahjong 2 is not a simple continuation of the first. Indeed, the publisher could have been content to offer us the same game with new girls. Instead, he offers us another variation of this famous game. For ...
Kyuukyoku Mahjong - Idol Graphics 0 Steady popularity
Japanese Board game | 1 player
Certainly, if it is a genre of predilection for Games Express, it is the game of mahjong for adults: three titles derived from this famous oriental board game will be released on PC Engine, and Kyuukyoku Mahjong is the first of them.
Idol Hanafuda Fan Club 0 Steady popularity
Japanese Card game | 1 player
Idol Hanafuda Fan Club is a strip hanafuda card game. The available variant of the game is koi-koi, the most popular form of hanafuda in Japan. Players have to assemble specific combinations by matching cards dealt to them with those displayed on the board. There is no choice of partner; the matches...
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