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WiiPandora's Tower

Pandora's Tower

Console : Wii

Language : GermanEnglishSpanishFrenchItalian

Genre : RPG - Action

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 2012

Developer : Ganbarion

Publisher : Nintendo

Weekly games : 5 Growing popularity

By RomStation :


4 /5

The game takes place in the mysterious Kingdom of Elyria. The player assumes the role of a novice warrior called Aeron, who tries to save a young maiden Elena. In the middle of the Harvest Festival, she becomes enslaved by a curse which slowly turns her into a monster. The only way to reverse the situation is to feed the girl thirteen pieces of an artefact called Master Flesh, which can be found in the wastelands of Okanos. Pandora's Tower is filled with an atmosphere of loneliness and danger. The plot mainly focuses on building the relationship between Aeron and Elena. A few characters are also introduced in the long run, for instance Mavda, a merchant from the Vestra tribe, which help the protagonist during his journey.

The gameplay mechanics are reminiscent of those used in Metroid and Zelda series, but with a much more linear structure. Aeron wanders sequentially into thirteen towers filled to the brim with logic puzzles, challenges and ruthless adversaries. As far as his weapons are concerned, he uses Oraclos Chain and a few optional melee weapons, like Athosian Sword, both used in solving mysteries. The main goal in every tower is to find the chamber with the boss, defeat it and collect Master Flesh, the aliment needed to cure Elena from her doomed fate. During the expedition, the player needs to keep and eye on the time limit. If he exceeds it, Elena will turn into a frightening beast and perish as a human being from the world. Pandora's Tower also makes good use of the console's unique attributes. All actions related to using Oraclos Chain are fully motion controlled.

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User Feedback

Tout simplement le meilleur jeu de la Wii à mes yeux.

Il est passé trop inaperçu en occident alors que pourtant, il s'agit d'une MEGA PEPITE !
Différentes fins alternatives selon l'affinité que vous construisez avez Elena, ligne de dialogue et événement évolutif selon le temps que vous partagez avec votre dulcinée, une ambiance très riche et immersive, un level design très réussi, de graphisme très propre (même pour de la wii) qui ont bien vieilli, BREF, un jeu d'une qualité indéniable.

Le seul point négatif que je le trouve, c'est la redondance qui peut se faire ressentir à force d'enchainer les donjons.

Mais pour ma part, la redondance s'est vite faite oubliée lorsque je me laissais m'immerger dans l'histoire.

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Très bon jeu, même si il manque de variété.


Pour la qualité de la ROM, quelques saccades par moment et des bugs visuels sur une cinématique.

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