GameBoyThe Simpsons - Bart & the Beanstalk

The Simpsons - Bart & the Beanstalk

Console : GameBoy

Language : English

Genre : Action

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 1994

Developer : Software Creations

Publisher : Acclaim

Weekly games : 1 Growing popularity

By RomStation :
The Simpsons: Bart & the Beanstalk is a retelling of the English fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk with Simpsons characters.

Bart Simpson is sent to trade the Simpsons' last cow for some food and he ends up trading it to Monty Burns for some magic beans and a slingshot. Homer Simpson spits the beans out the window where they grow into a massive stalk reaching into the clouds.

The game is a platformer with some shooter elements. The player, as Bart, must jump between platforms and vines through all sorts of tricky hazards to the giant's castle in the clouds and make it back down alive. Bart can use his slingshot and various weapons he finds along the way to defeat the enemies that block his path. There are seven levels in total.

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