Gameboy AdvanceHarry Potter et l'Ordre du Phénix

Harry Potter et l'Ordre du Phénix

Console : Gameboy Advance

Language : GermanEnglishDanishSpanishFrenchItalianDutch

Genre : Action - Adventure

Multiplayer : 1 player

Year : 2007

Developer : Electronic Arts

Publisher : Electronic Arts

Weekly games : 2 Decreasing popularity

By RomStation :


5 /5

Based off the fifth book and movie of the series, players take control of Harry Potter in this adventure as he faces the dangers of his fifth year of Hogwarts, builds Dumbledore's Army, and faces off with Voldemort himself as the prophecy continues to unfold.

Players will navigate through the castle of Hogwarts and beyond, learning fifth year spells, solving multiple puzzles, and even get a chance to play as Sirius Black and Dumbledore himself.

In both the Nintendo DS and GBA versions, the player can walk around Hogwarts in "almost 3D" pre-rendered backgrounds, like in the first Resident Evil games. The gameplay consists in various minigames, which you play by pressing buttons on the right timing.

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