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Wing Arms 0 Steady popularity
EnglishDownloadable game Shoot'em up | 1 player
As a member of the WWII allied air squadron or "Wing Arm," you engage a renegade enemy force in 8 different, challenging missions. Choose your plane, scout the terrain, locate the enemy, and plot the best course of attack. Meanwhile, the enemy force has its own mission -- to shoot you out of the sky...
Wakuwaku Puyopuyo Dungeon 0 Steady popularity
JapaneseDownloadable game Action - RPG | 1 player
A dungeon-crawler RPG based on the characters and setting of the Puyo Puyo series. You take your pick of either magician Arle, priest Rulue or the knight Schezo and set out to loot a series of dungeons based on the Puyo Puyo game world. The game is a 2D action-rpg viewed from an isometric perspec...
WWF In Your House 0 Steady popularity
EnglishDownloadable game Action - Sports | 4 players
Ten body-slamming, mat-pounding, suplex-serving, ring-wrecking WWF superstars, bringing on the killer-combo, combat carnage you crave! Experience a whole new level of hurt with hardcore super-pin finishing moves. Plus every superstar has his own personal fighting venue! With a houseful of superstar ...
WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game 0 Steady popularity
EnglishDownloadable game Action - Sports | 2 players
Take WWF wrestling to the extreme with intense action straight from the arcade smash! It's in-your-face mayhem with punishing head-to-head and team match-ups and grueling World and International title bouts! Pummel your senses with devastating new moves and authentic play-by-play commentary from Vin...

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