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Ryukyu 1 Growing popularity
JapaneseDownloadable game Puzzle game | 1 player
Puzzle game où vous devez déposer des cartes à jouer pour qu'ils fassent des combinaisons au poker valide horizontalement, verticalement ou en diagonale.
Rhythm 'N' Face 1 Growing popularity
JapaneseDownloadable game Action - Puzzle game - Rhythm | 1 player
This is a game developed by Osamu Sato (his most famous games, probably, are LSD - Dream Emulator and Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong Nou) and his team (OutSide Directors Company). Published in 2000 by Asmik Ace. Rhythm 'N' Face is a rhythm game based on the geometric shapes that you can find ...
Risky Challenge 0 Steady popularity
EnglishDownloadable game Puzzle game | 2 players
Here begins the story of Gussun and his buddy Oyoyo. They're a couple of treasure hunters plumbing the depths of the local dungeon when an earthquake strikes. Water from the ocean is now pouring into the caves and they must climb out before it's too late! Every Gussun Oyoyo game plays in exactly ...
Rampage - Puzzle Attack 0 Steady popularity
EnglishDownloadable game Puzzle game | 1 player
Rampage: Puzzle Attack is a Puzzle game, developed by Ninai Games and published by Midway, which was released in 2001.
Rasmus Klump is Saving the Chickens 0 Steady popularity
DanishDownloadable game Puzzle game | 1 player
Rasmus Klump et ses amis travaillent à la ferme. Après une longue journée, ils sont tous fatigués. Mais les poussins sont toujours pas au lit, donc Rasmus doit les attraper tous. Dans ce jeu vous contrôlez Rasmus, qui dispose de 4 plates-formes sur lesquelles il peut attraper les poussins afin de le...

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