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Lands of Lore : The Throne of Chaos 14 Growing popularity
FrenchDownloadable game RPG | 1 player
The Dark Army is on the move again, led by the evil sorceress Scotia. Her goal is obvious: to destroy Gladstone Keep and its ruler King Richard. Scotia herself has recently become more powerful after acquiring "the Mask" from the Urban Mines, gaining the ability to shape-shift. She is virtually unst...
Lords of the Realm II 14 Decreasing popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Management - Strategy | 4 players
Lords of the Realm II is a mixture of turn-based county and economic management and real-time combat. As the game begins, the king has died and 5 nobles (including yourself) are vying for control of the realm, including the noble Baron, the headstrong Knight, the ice princess The Countess, and th...
L'Odyssée des Zoombinis à la découverte de la logique 2 8 Decreasing popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Edutainment | 1 player
Logical Journey of the Zoombinis is an educational game designed to promote logical thinking in children of all ages. When the Zoombinis home, Zoombini Isle, is taken over by creatures called Bloats, they decide to escape to a new home. But they can only 16 at a time, and they must cross many obstac...
Leisure Suit Larry 6 : Tu t'accroches ou Tu décroches ! 1 7 Growing popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Adventure | 1 player
Shape Up or Slip Out! is the fifth game in Al Lowe's Leisure Suit Larry series. All the events from the previous games are forgotten. Larry is once again single, and again his goal is to capture the interest of various ladies. By sheer coincidence, Larry finds himself on a TV Game Show called "Stall...
Lemmingball Z 6 7 Decreasing popularity
EnglishDownloadable gameFangame Fighting | 4 players
Lemmingball Z est un jeu de baston qui parodie les combats de Dragon Ball Z. Votre personnage, un lemming au look de super-sayian (ou l'inverse), doit éliminer son adversaire au milieu d’un décor totalement destructible. Les rayons d’énergie fluo font le quadruple de la taille de votre perso et arra...
L'Entraîneur - Saison 97/98 5 Growing popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Management | 8 players
This was the final update to Championship Manager 2, and it was fully debugged and had the AI tidied up in several areas. The team and player data was updated for the 97/98 season, meaning that Michael Owen has emerged at Liverpool and Emmanuel Petit has joined Arsenal, for example. Nine different l...
La Panthère Rose : Passeport pour le danger 5 Decreasing popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Adventure - Edutainment - Point&click | 1 player
As Pink Panther, you travel all around the world in order to look after the sons and daughters of top international politicians so that world peace remains! Things are getting even more complicated as an evil plot has been set and Pink Panther must beat some spies!You solve puzzles along the way and...
Les Schtroumpfs 5 Growing popularity
GermanEnglishSpanishFrenchItalianPortugueseDownloadable game Platformer | 1 player
Dans Les Schtroumpfs sur PC vous incarnez un habitant du village, désigné pour aller porter secours à trois de ses amis, capturés par le diabolique Gargamel. Tracez votre route à travers les forêts, montagnes, marais et autres grottes dans ce jeu de plates-formes au visuel fidèle à la BD.
Left 4 Dead 2 4 Growing popularity
GermanEnglishSpanishFrenchItalianOnline Multiplayer FPS | 8 players
Left 4 Dead 2 sur PC est un FPS horrifique qui plonge 4 survivants en pleine invasion d'humains infectés par un étrange virus. Jouable en coopération, le titre propose 5 campagnes à traverser en travaillant ensemble. Plus gore que son prédécesseur, le jeu permet le démembrement des ennemis et intègr...
Les Guignols de L'info... Le jeu! 4 Growing popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Adventure | 1 player
Retrouvez vos marionnettes préférées dans ce jeu de 1995. Vous êtes un journaliste débutant fraîchement embauché par WCITV (World Company Incorporated Television), la chaîne dirigée par Monsieur Sylvestre. Vous commencez au sous-sol dans un bureau minable, et devez monter dans le Gigamat pour réussi...
Lure of the Temptress 4 Growing popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Adventure - Point&click | 1 player
The medieval town of Turnvale has fallen into the hands of the evil sorceress Selena. She is controlling an army of an orc-like warrior race skorl, who serve her with devotion. The skorl hate humans and have terrorized the town and the nearby land. Diermot is an ordinary fellow who was captured by t...
Les 9 Destins de Valdo 4 Growing popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Adventure - Edutainment - Point&click | 1 player
The Adventures of Valdo & Marie is an educational game for kids. The player takes the role of Valdo who is aboard a 16th century Portuguese ship heading for Japan. On the journey, they will explore exotic lands and deal with pirates, sharks, and storms. The main objective of the game is to gather th...
L'Arche du Captain Blood 4 Growing popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Adventure | 1 player
L'Arche du Capitaine Blood sur PC est un jeu d'aventure dans lequel vous incarnez le capitaine Blood, programmateur de jeux, qui se retrouve prisonnier dans une de ses créations. Vous devez retrouver vos 5 clones et les absorber avant qu'il ne soit trop tard afin de pouvoir réintégrer le monde réel....
Lemmings 2 : The Tribes 3 Growing popularity
EnglishDownloadable game Reflexion | 1 player
The sequel to Lemmings has a plot describing how the Lemmings have split into 12 distinct tribes, each of which has their own landscape and their own cultural identity - they include Egyptian, Circus and Highland. However, Lemming Island is now in danger, and you must complete 10 levels for each tri...
Lucky Luke 3 Steady popularity
GermanEnglishSpanishFrenchDownloadable game Action | 1 player
Apprenez à tirer plus vite que votre ombre avec cette adaptation sur PC de la bande dessinée Lucky Luke. En incarnant le célèbre cow-boy, vous parcourez les saloons et déserts du Far West en compagnie de votre cheval Jolly Jumper. Le héros n'a pas le temps de se reposer, entre les évadés de prison, ...
Lode Runner : The Legend Returns 3 Decreasing popularity
EnglishDownloadable game Platformer | 2 players
A resurrection of the original classic platform game with a number of updates such as one and two player options, detailed graphics, character moves, a level editor, and music with sound effects. Beside you run from some red-toga wearing "Mad Monks" that eat you (like in the "Beast Master" movie) if...
Lost Eden 3 Growing popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Adventure - Point&click | 1 player
Lost Eden is an adventure game set on an eerie planet populated with dinosaurs. Your civilisation is menaced. Armies of Tyranns, led by Moorkus Rex, are gathering around your kingdom. Soon they will swarm in, destroy everything and kill your people. However, there is a single hope. There are lege...
Left 4 Dead 1 3 Growing popularity
GermanEnglishSpanishFrenchItalianOnline Multiplayer FPS | 8 players
Left 4 Dead sur PC est un FPS horrifique basé en grande partie sur la coopération. En effet, vous incarnez un personnage dans un groupe de quatre, mais les trois autres peuvent être dirigés par des amis. Échappez aux zombies en veillant donc les uns sur les autres. Pour corser le tout, le jeu offre ...
La Panthère Rose 2 : Destination mystère 2 Decreasing popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Adventure - Edutainment - Point&click | 1 player
After the successful events in The Pink Panther Passport to Peril, Pink Panther gives up his life as agent and gets a job as door-to-door-salesman. But his leisurely life gets interrupted as Nathan, son of the lunatic dentist Dr. Periowinkle, steals utensils from the magician Strangeblood and accide...
Lemmings 2 Decreasing popularity
EnglishDownloadable game Reflexion | 1 player
Votre tâche dans Lemmings sur PC est de secourir les petites créatures aux cheveux verts sur 120 niveaux. Un pourcentage d'individus à maintenir en vie vous est indiqué pour chaque mission. A vous de vous adapter à la configuration du terrain de jeu en assignant des tâches telles que creuser, constr...
Les Schtroumpfs : le téléportaschtroumpf 2 Growing popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Edutainment | 4 players
Les Schtroumpfs: Le Téléportaschtroumpf is a 2D platform game based on the comic by Belgian cartoonist Pierre Culliford (Peyo). The game features two game modes. The first is a typical side-scrolling platform game in which you control a Smurf and have to save Smurfette from the evil clutches of G...
LiEat 4 2 Growing popularity
EnglishDownloadable game Adventure - RPG | 1 player
LiEat is a game created by Miwashiba the creator of Alice Mare. It's pretty short and like Alice Mare it features a diverse cast (including a cat). Unlike Alice Mare it's more of a detective mystery than a horror fantasy mystery.
Le Maître absolu 1 Growing popularity
FrenchDownloadable game RPG | 1 player
Votre groupe d'intervention intergalactique, durant une mission contre les pirates de l'espace, croise subitement le vaisseau spatial Octopus 3. Ce vaisseau scientifique avait été envoyé en exploration il y a 57 ans et avait mystérieusement disparu. Leur nouvelle mission est d'explorer ce dernier. ...
Le Manoir de Mortevielle 1 Growing popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Adventure | 1 player
Le Manoir de Mortevielle marque la première enquête du détective Jérôme Lange (la seconde est Maupiti Island). Ce jeu d'aventure sur PC vous met au défi de percer le mystère qui entoure le meurtre perpétré dans un immense manoir.
Les Portes du temps 1 Growing popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Adventure | 1 player
Les Portes du Temps est un jeu d'aventure sur PC. En 2112, une équipe scientifique basée en Alaska découvre accidentellement le voyage temporel. Vous allez traverser diverses régions du Monde durant des temps reculés (les Highlands en Ecosse, la Rome antique...) avec un objectif : retrouver votre pr...
Les Voyageurs du temps 1 Decreasing popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Adventure | 1 player
In the year 1989, a simple window cleaner is working outside of a skyscraper. Intending to play a prank on his angry boss, the unlikely hero discovers a secret passage leading to a time machine along with mysterious alien documents. Operating the device transports the protagonist to the year 1304, w...
Lighthouse 1 Growing popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Adventure - Point&click | 1 player
In this game, the player controls a writer who had just moved into a cottage located on the coastal area of the state Oregon. Near the cottage is a lighthouse, inhabited by the eccentric Dr. Jeremiah Krick and his daughter Amanda. One day, glancing out of the window, the hero(ine) notices that the l...
Le Piège Diabolique 1 Steady popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Adventure - Point&click | 1 player
This is an interactive comic book based on the comic with the same name by famed Belgian comics artist Edgar P. Jacobs. Dr. Mortimer discovers a Chronoscaph, a machine for travelling through time, in the labs of his old nemesis, Professor Miloch. Mortimer's curiosity gets the better of him and he...
Logan Kart 8 1 1 Growing popularity
EnglishDownloadable game Action - Racing | 4 players
Logan Kart 8 est un fangame de Mario Kart sous Unity qui parodie les jeux de course avec une physique des véhicules comique. Ce jeu a 8 personnages avec 6 karts délirants, 10 circuits, des items provenant des différents mario karts avec en plus un nouvel item: la "Golden Blue Shell", 6 classes de d...
Le Voleur d'esprits 1 Steady popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Adventure - Point&click | 1 player
This is a horror adventure game for young gamers (ages 8-15 or so) in which players can choose to play as either a boy or girl, though the game is still the same either way. When the game starts, the protagonist is reading a boring story about Baron Saturday, an evil voodoo spirit captain that's tur...
Lost in Time 1 Growing popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Adventure - Point&click | 1 player
In 1992, a woman named Doralice was investigating a shipwreck when suddenly it started moving. Unable to understand what's going on, Doralice investigates the ship and eventually finds out that she was chosen by the Space Time Patrol to travel back in time, to the year 1840. It appears that a man fr...
Lotus : The Ultimate Challenge 0 Steady popularity
EnglishDownloadable game Racing | 2 players
Licensed by the classic British car company, this game featured 2 modes of play - one has you racing against 19 computer rivals (with witty names such as Alain Phosphate and Crash-Hard Banger), and the other pits you against the clock. There are 13 different types of races, ranging from Motorways...
Le Sanglot des Cigales (Demo) 1 0 Steady popularity
FrenchDownloadable gameDemo Other | 1 player
Dans le district de Shishibone, il existe un tout petit village reclus de tout : Hinamizawa. Cet endroit qui ne compte pas 2000 âmes est frappé chaque année. Le Sanglot des Cigales sur PC est un roman sonore d'enquête. C'est à vous, lecteur, de vous creuser les méninges. Vous pouvez abandonner et vo...
L'Aigle d'or - le retour 0 Steady popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Action - Adventure | 1 player
L'Aigle d'Or : Le Retour est un jeu d'action/aventure sur PC. La prophétie dit que celui qui réveillera l'Aigle d'or, une statuette magique, dictera l'avenir. Nahmur, le Grand Prêtre d'une secte, a tenté en vain de contrôler sa puissance. Suite à son échec, il a dispersé les différentes parties de l...
L'Affaire Vera Cruz 0 Steady popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Adventure | 1 player
You are Detective Sergeant in the Crime Squad at Saint Etienne (Loire). As an Officer of the Police, you are capable of leading any criminal investigation. As you took your post up, you were called to investigate what the press are fast terming "L'affaire Vera Cruz"(The Vera Cruz Affair). Prostit...
L'Amazone Queen 0 Steady popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Adventure | 1 player
Joe King is the hero of this point and click adventure. His plane is carrying actress Faye Russell when it crash lands in a remote jungle, and he must battle through 100 screens of adventure and puzzle. The game's feel is influenced by hammy B-movies, and the characters are quite stereotyped and com...
Les Ani'malins numéro 1 0 Steady popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Edutainment | 1 player
This CD-ROM program, designed for ages 5-10, has six activities designed to offer students experiences with a variety of thinking skills: memory, critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity. The Create mode allows students to experiment, explore, and create; and in the Question and Answer ...
Les Ani'malins numéro 2 0 Steady popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Edutainment | 2 players
Explore and learn with this second Thinkin' Things collection. Match up the Fripples in the concentration-game Frippletration. This activity is for one to two players. Explore rhythm notation and match the band members to the lines of rhythm that they played in Oranga Banga's Band. Build up...
La Cité des enfants perdus 0 Steady popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Adventure | 1 player
You play Miette, a character from the movie of the same name. The graphics are the style of 3d characters over rendered backgrounds. You travel through the streets at the whim of Pieuvre, the siamese twins who are your schoolmistresses. You do small robberies for them, but soon a larger plot emerges...
Les Ani'malins numéro 3 0 Steady popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Edutainment | 1 player
This is a collection of activities that require a child to use deduction, creativity, analysis and reasoning. - Stocktopus teaches the player to become a broker to trade items to get the items needed for their portfolio. - Fripple Place asks the player to "solve the mystery of the empty Frippl...
Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2 0 Steady popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Adventure | 1 player
Dans le jeu d'aventure Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2 sur PC, vous pouvez incarner trois personnages différents : un homme, une femme ou un alien. L'histoire se déroule dans les années 50 et vous fera rencontrer plusieurs jeunes femmes aux formes très avantageuses. Le jeu propose plusieurs situations...
Les Aventures de Willy Beamish 0 Steady popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Adventure | 1 player
Willy Beamish is a kid who likes to goof off and have fun. Naturally all the grown-ups get in the way by making him go to school, making him clean his room, etc. But now that's school's out for the summer, Willy is determined to have a good time and maybe even have his pet frog win the frog jumping ...
Les Minimots vont à la fête foraine 0 Steady popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Edutainment | 1 player
This fun digital storybook under the category "Education" is interactive in a way that not only makes reading fun, but reinforces spelling, reading and sight words. The 'lettermen' themselves are simple but engaging cartoon letters with hands and feet. They are very appealing to kids and have great ...
Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny 0 Steady popularity
FrenchDownloadable game RPG | 1 player
In her quest for power and revenge, the witch Scotia accidentally set into motion the revival of Belial, God of Evil. With her dying breath, Scotia gave her son Luther her mighty powers of shapeshifting, but through an error Luther received the powers in a damaged form: he cannot control when he cha...
Le Bus Magique explore le corps humain 0 Steady popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Edutainment | 1 player
In this second Magic School Bus game based on the educational book series from Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen, Ms. Frizzle and her class take a trip inside classmate Arnold's body. From Arnold's head to his toe, the group travels through every system, including the Upper and Lower Digestive System, the...
Luxaren Allure 0 Steady popularity
EnglishDownloadable game RPG | 1 player
Karuna et Aurélie étaient des amis. Puis Aurélie alla et trouva l'armure infernal de Ellicide et est devenu le Seigneur du Mal Darkloft. Karuna est le seul qui peut l'arrêter. Mais Karuna aime Aurelie, même maintenant. Luxaren Allure est un RPG moyennes (8-12 heures) qui suit Karuna et ses alliés...
Le Château magique de Scooter 0 Steady popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Edutainment | 1 player
Would you like to have your own castle? With lots of chambers, secrets, puzzles and activities to do? Well, Scooter now owns such a castle, and he's very eager to see what he can find inside! And he can find quite a lot. Scooter's Magic Castle is an education game where you control Scooter, and b...
Le Miroir sacré du Kofun 0 Steady popularity
FrenchDownloadable game Adventure | 1 player
Chris Young, a top racecar driver and marine technology specialist, is summoned by the Worldwide Heritage Foundation to retrieve the sacred mirror of Kofun, a mysterious Japanese artifact that offers magical protection against enemies. The Sacred Mirror of Kofun is a first-person adventure game, ...
Lollypop 0 Steady popularity
EnglishDownloadable game Platformer | 1 player
Sweet she is and sweets she wants. Young Lolly wakes up and has an incredibly appetite for candy. For chocolate, and for caramel and gingerbread, and for cookies and crisps and marshmallows and lemonade and bubblegum and jelly bears and ice and cream and sugar frosted chocolate bombs. All right, we’...
LeAtIo.EXE 0 Steady popularity
EnglishJapaneseDownloadable game Survival-horror | 1 player
LeAtIo.EXE est un jeu d'horreur où vous incarnez Tails qui veut retrouver Sonic. Tails et Sonic étaient dans un lieu, qui finit par être incendié. Tails survécu mais Sonic fut brulé vif mais il n'est pas mort. Tails veut donc retrouver Sonic qui a disparu. Sonic, pendant ce temps là, voudrait ret...

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