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Jurassic Park 5 Growing popularity
GermanEnglishSpanishFrenchItalianDownloadable gameOST available Action - Adventure | 1 player
Plunge into a heart-wrenching race for survival! On a tropical island, a violent hurricane rips through the dinosaur preserve, trapping the tourists and freeing the most terrifying animals in prehistory! Two bigger-than-life ways to play: Be a dinosaur! As a Raptor, rampage across the island battli...
Jurassic Park Part 2 - The Chaos Continues 2 Decreasing popularity
GermanEnglishFrenchItalianDownloadable game 1 player
A year has passed. No one has set foot in Jurassic Park... until now. As Dr. Grant, you'll venture back to the island, where more dinosaurs than you could ever imagine await your return - including all-new species. It's a totally different game this time. You'll realize it once the nerve-snapping s...
Jungle Strike 1 Growing popularity
EnglishDownloadable gameOST available Action - Shoot'em up | 1 player
Now the storm hits the jungle! The Desert Madman is dead - now his vicious son plots a nuclear strike against the U.S.A. He's enlisted a powerful ally - a ruthless South American Drug Lord with an army of hi-tech mercenaries. It's YOUR mission to take them out! Turn night into day with your explosio...
Jelly Boy 1 Growing popularity
EnglishDownloadable game Action - Platformer | 1 player
Jelly Boy est un jeu d'action/plates-formes pour Gameboy. Le joueur incarne Jelly Boy, un blob humanoïde gélatineux, à travers des environnements variés telle qu'une fabrique de jouets ou encore un monde de glace. Plusieurs bonus ramassés dans les niveaux permettent à Jelly Boy de se transformer en ...
Joe & Mac : Caveman Ninja 0 Steady popularity
EnglishDownloadable game Platformer | 1 player
Back in the distant past (way back-line when "rock and roll" was just rock and fast food was dinner you couldn't catch), lived two cave dudes named Joe and Mac. Whether it was dinosaur demolition or pterodactyl hang-glidin', life for the boys was pretty cool. Cool, that is, until a bogus bunch of ...
James Bond 007 0 Steady popularity
EnglishDownloadable game 1 player
An arms smuggling ring threatens to create a new world order. The peace and security of the entire planet is at stake. MI6 sent agent 008 into Turkey to dismantle the operation. Soon thereafter, all contact was lost with 008. M makes a decision to send their best agent, James Bond, to investigate th...

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