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  1. "Sonic 3D Blast - Director's Cut" est un hack de "Sonic 3D Blast" de la Sega MegaDrive réalisé par Jon Burton, fondateur de Traveller's Tales et programmeur original du jeu. Ce hack se concentre sur l'ajout de nouveaux contenus pour augmenter la rejouabilité et apporte des améliorations et des ajustements massifs au jeu original, résolvant de nombreux problèmes pour lesquels le jeu a été critiqué.
  2. MDJ

    The Legend of Zelda: The Missing Link

    That is a very very interesting zelda n64 mod !
  3. MDJ

    Final Fantasy III

    لأصدق يوجد ترجمة عربية لهاذه اللعبة لكن للأسف المشكلة تكمن في اللعبة نفسها لدي نفس المشكلة
  4. MDJ

    Final Fantasy III

    السلام عليك هل يمكنك تفسير مشكلتك بأكثر دقة الأفضل أن ترسل صورة المشكلة
  5. Il s'agit d'un romhack de The Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past. Cela change beaucoup de choses, y compris les couleurs des sprites de liens et d'autres personnages pour ressembler à l'illustration originale. Renomme plusieurs objets comme la "Flûte" en "Ocarina" (c'est un Ocarina). Rétablit les graphiques censurés de la version JP (étoile de David, statues de crânes, porte du sanctuaire, etc.). Augmentez le maximum de consommables (bombes, flèches) à 99.
  6. Hello Everyone it is me Again ! MDJ ! As the title suggest i want to share some stuff i'm doing with my romstation to you ^^ Romstation is an amazing launcher overall it may lack some features from other launchers such Picture Mode or Detail Mode or it doesn't look as much beautiful as other launchers but in my opinion Romstation looks way more compact, slick, customizable and simple for novice to general audience yet complex and compelling to the more hardcore collector and emulator users in term of interface and it is the only launcher that offer maximised control and management over all of your favourite emulators. Yet Romstation offers unique features that non other launchers does such as buildin browser, communities, clubs, quizzes, blogs, but the big one is a library full of your favourite retro games from many of amazing goodold consoles available in many regions and in addition to that rom hacks my folks ! and amazing fan games not like stupid shovel-were games from other launchers and consoles alike ! So (After I defend my favourite launcher for the second time lol) i want to share some of my own customizations ^^ -1 : Make good use of links Romstation offers a buildin browser now capable of opening multiple tabs and playing videos So you can make special links to your favourites games like a wikipedia link for games deep info or a link to game's guides or a link to full soundtrack all my games have soundtrack link that when opened it will take me to a youtube playlist of the game's entire soundtrack (mostly i can listen to my fav ost while chatting or doing anything else) and also you can apply simple symbols before the titles like ≡ indicate an info link ✓ indicate an achievement (i will talk about it later) ➜ indicate a link to a guide ♫ indicate a link to a soundtrack ⤓ indicate a link to the download page in case the game is deleted ... -2 : Make good use of tags You can make whatever tag you want for your library but i have a good recommendation ! You can make tags for : Modes : separate singleplayer and multiplayer games so you can quickly access multiplayer games in your library to play with ur friends ! ESRB Rating or other Rating System : separate games based on age recommendation excellent for your children safety Region : Separate games based on their region offset ... -3 : Games Completion/Achievements when i finish a game i simply do this i add "☆" in front of the title if i beat the game but not 100% completed it or i add "★" if i fully completed the game 100% or i add "☒" if the game is deleted but i still have savedata and progression (you can delete the game for space but keep the savedata) also as i said in link section you can make a link to a photo of statistic screen taken from the game to check ur progress without opening the game : -4 : Definitive way to chat about games You can make romstation not only the definitive way to chat in it's own community but also you can open discord without it's own app also including other chat communities i can chat in romstation also chat in discord at the same app winning more ram and room so i made romstation the definitive way to chat about games online So these are my simple customizations i did to my romstation ! i hope you can find them useful guys !! thank you for reading !!!
  7. Yup ^^ that is why i'm dedicating two buttons one to swap the screens and one to change mods (horizontal or vertical or one screen)
  8. I Love DeSmuME ! So i want to share my own optimal settings for you ! Picture 1 - Config - Frame Skip : This settings will help you prevent slow fps by skipping rendering frames (ticking Auto-Minimize Skipping will help skipping frames only when there is lag so when there isn't lag the emu will not skip any frames resulting in smooth gameplay) so increase the frame skipping basing on Your hardware capabilities Picture 2 - Config - Emulation settings : use these settings for fast and safe emulation (disable advanced bus-level timing for more speed) Picture 3 - Config - 3D Settings : make sure to select OpenGL 3.2 Increase GPU Scaling Factor to cater to your screen's resolution and hardware capability (3 and 4 are optimal for 1080p) GPU Color Depth should be set to 24 bit Texture Scaling have variable effects, Increasing it will make majority of games look better but it will cause huge lag in some games like dragon quest (in the overworld map) High-Precision Color Interpolation must be enabled for better color rendering but as for TXT and Line Hack they have random effects per game Multisample Anti-Aliasing is vital to prevent blocky sharp edge of 3D objects, increasing it will make the edge of 3D objects more smoother (cater to your hardware) Smooth Textures should be on if you want smoother and more blinear textures Enable all 4 settings for best accurate 3D emulation Picture 4 - Config - Display Method : make sure to select OpenGL for best 3D outcome possible Select Filter to apply a blinear smoothing filter Vsync may cause fps slowdown (enable it if you want to prevent tearing and optimal sync between the emu and the screen refresh rate) Picture 5 - View - Magnification Filter : Applying these 3D Settings will nullify/reduce Filter Effects and will make the game laggier (you may want to try different settings but i recommend Normal) Miss Settings : Divide the Screens into two parts (one smaller then the other) Done ! here is the outcome : Miss Settings : You can also dedicate two buttons for screen layout adjustment ingame (since ds games can heavily use a screen more then the other or equally both at the same) you can use these buttons in Config tab - Hotkey Configuration (Tools Page) LCDs Layout Mode (to switch between Horizontal and Vertical and OneScreenOnly Modes) LCDs Swap (to swap between screens)
  9. MDJ

    [Suggestion] Some Tweaks

    Hello Everyone ! i've been using romstation since that version (that have Final Fantasy SoundEffect in the interface lol) i love romstation and appreciate all the hard work went over it the browser improvement the library appearance the simple yet complex organisations the emulator tab and database over watch it is a huge milestone for this app and i adore it so i want to suggest some tweaks for this app to make it ever better (i hope i don't annoy you with it) - (used in older version) The ability to minimise the app in the taskbar icons on the right instead of closing it - a whole tab dedicated for communication, sharing, streaming, uploading and chatting purposes - (used in older version) The ability to change skins - More Info Mode or big picture mode for the library similar to playnite (what is the use of Descriptions in each game) - Support for nintendo ds and wii as soon as they are not supported by nintendo anymore - (used in older version) it will be added eventually but i love to see both game upload and multiplayer systems back - Adding Microphone and Camera access to the browser Again i don't want to annoy you ^^ anyway thanks so much for Romstation
  10. MDJ

    It is Here !

    i know it is been like 2 weeks since this version was released but since no one is talking about it ... SRB2 2.2 is here and it is better then ever ! the latest entry of this series is the most ambitious and radically improved one, adding and changing some stuff making it similar to our beloved classic sonic while staying truthful to the original, so here is the main changes you will find - Almost all levels in the main campaign has been either remade from scratch or hugely modified (making levels like arid canyon or techno hill act1 less emptier and of-course more fun) - Slops added integrally to almost every level - Textures has been beautifully adjusted to be more colourful and impressive and New decor sprites were added featuring more smooth animation) - Arid Canyon Act 2 and 3 are here and new levels were added - 3 new unlock-able characters (Amy, Fang and Metal Sonic) - Tails AI has been improved (now he can carry sonic without the need of second player) - Almost the entire Soundtrack has been replaced - Now there are 200 emblems (5 emblems hidden in each regular stage and challenge or unlock-able regular stages alike and 2 emblems (time and ring) added to these stages, as for the boss stages they have only Score(Guard) emblem and Time emblem and the NiGHT stages have 2 hidden emblems and Score(Rank) and Time Emblems (score emblem was removed from the regular stages) - Improvements in the core engine (movements, camera, skybox, depth perception ...) - Characters now look at the direction of the input movement instead of being fixed to the front - Tutorial level exists now for newbies - Menus has been greatly improved to be less confusing and simpler to use* - Emblem Hint and Radar are here ! (making finding emblems way easier) I cannot stress how beautiful SRB2 looks now ! it is the best sonic game i have ever played let alone best fan sonic game. What are you waiting for ? start downloading it right now from romstation : Have Fun ! ^^