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  1. Hello ^^ I just wanted to do some personal reviews for Romstation 2 (my fav game launcher ever) : + The new interface is very beautiful and edgy and stunning ! i'm waiting for new themes ! + The database is the most strictly organized which i adore ^^ (man it took hours to apply the new modifications to the ported database like adding descriptions for 218 games for both english and french languages and their respective series and so on) ! + The new tabs Database and Emulators are fantastic ! well organized ! + The new profile system rocks ! + The filter system is simply amazing + Adding new emulators is easier and even cleaner + the navigation in whole app both browser and library is quick and smooth - The button pressing prevention trick don't work (well when you accidentally press something but you're still holding the button you can in some apps prevent the action by moving the cursor away from the pressing area) - Lacks the taskbar icon (in the older version when i close romstation it actually hide itself in the taskbar) - Browser lacks some functions (i want to make romstation my gaming social app too but it cannot run discord and cannot run gmail and some other sites) and it also lacks autocorrection and find abilities (i need them !!) and some videos don't work and watching stream is not working for me - Need smaller zoom for more games to fit in the list - Lacks Notification system - Can't launch emulator directly (need to edit the emulator in romstation in order to launch it) * Waiting for Multiplayer ^^ * Waiting for Streaming System * Waiting for new updates and fixes * Waiting for new themes Please share your opinions with me ^^ Thanks for reading !
  2. Hello Readers ^^ This may be a silly thing but please forgive me for mentioning it but when i try to press "launch" button in the emulators list nothing happens but i have to edit the emulator and edit the files then press "launch" in the profile section to start the emulator i don't want to cause any trouble but is there any way to fix ? if there isn't then is it possible to fix this in future releases ? Thanks for Reading Again ! ^^
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    This Fan Game is very amazing!! Combining 3 Pkmn games with MMO features, it is very awesome!!
  4. MedDhiaJebali

    Final Fantasy VIII

    i got 100/100 in 3 mins ... love this game
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    I don't know why i fell like all the actors in this game and Dragon Quest looks like the actors in Dragon Balls Franchise