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    Well i don't really have interests but when i do , they are definitely manifested in FPS Games - RTS Games...etc & Anime/Manga & Metal \m/ AND PHYSICS
  1. NaruGoku

    SeiikoOtaku en live (19/08/2018 21:10)

    Omg , how can you play this ? lol
  2. NaruGoku

    SeiikoOtaku en live (19/08/2018 21:31)

  3. NaruGoku

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie

    Well PM me in order to know the cause properly .-.
  4. NaruGoku

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie

    No i don't o.o
  5. NaruGoku

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie

    Because this game is fundamentally supposed to make you mad :c
  6. NaruGoku

    Shadow of the Beast

  7. NaruGoku

    Pokémon Donjon Mystère : Equipe de Secours Rouge

    Vous m'avez touché totalement lol Je pense que je dois jouer à ce jeu aussitôt
  8. NaruGoku

    Battle Stadium D.O.N

    Sure :D
  9. NaruGoku

    Battle Stadium D.O.N

    Yeah absolutely J-Stars is too underrated in gaming community I personally would like to see it being tremendously famous But not everyone is a gamer & otaku at the same time tho :c
  10. NaruGoku

    Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter

    lol same :c
  11. NaruGoku

    Battle Stadium D.O.N

    I know right
  12. NaruGoku

    Battle Stadium D.O.N

    J'aimerais voir Naruto Shippuden être inclué dans ce jeu...ça serait vraiment étonnant :c Mais a été réalisé en 2006
  13. NaruGoku

    Naruto : Ninja Council 2

    Bien qu'étant tellement ancien....Ce jeu est ostensiblement parfait Je suis entrain d'avoir hâte de le rejouer encore une fois AYYYY Nostalgie :D
  14. MUDAMUDA Intensifies

    DIO Legacy :D

    Giorno Giovanna SAYS HI